"The G.B. is neither inspired nor infallible"

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  • minimus

    Since they are gods appointed channel it is necessary for faithful loyal Jehovah's Witnesses to listen to whatever the leadership says. You see even if they are wrong it is showing loyalty to Jehovah God to listen to whatever his representatives on earth have to say.

  • Fisherman

    Nobody, including the majority of JW's even thinks about it anymore.-TD

    I forgot to say, others don't think about it, but how could you possibly forget the memory of your loved one.

  • xjwsrock
    When a JW tells you that the GB are humble men who don't claim to be infallible or inspired, ask them to name one current WT teaching they think is wrong.
    Their silence will speak volumes.


    The mental pretzel goes like this, though. "We know we are wrong about stuff but we have to wait on Jehovah to sort it out in his due time."

    Blind irrational allegiance - and they think it proves their FAITH. It's a diabolical deception. Also they are convinced that their door to door sales activity was prophesied by God. What do you do with that?

    You have to laugh to not cry........

  • AnonVet

    Am I the only one here who sees what is going on?

    My theory:

    The GB published this statement to prepare the followers for "new light".

    My guess is that too many have seen this "overlapping generation" as pure BS and now that has to be revised to keep the masses from jumping from their sinking ship.

  • Ding

    The GB's last line of defense is "Where else can you go?"

    They have poisoned JWs' minds to everything other than the WT religion and convinced them that they will soon have to hide in bunkers.

  • prologos

    not infallible? so, when are they going to fall?

    AnV: "-- overlapping generation" as pure BS

    the real error is in the anointed generation. it does not pass the test. The generation is supposed to survive the destruction. the anointed will not even get close, will be dead, called to heaven before. so, will they go back to the general population generation? at least there will be some 116 year olds overlapping, buy wt another 30-40 years.

  • KiddingMe


  • Vidiot
    "The Governing Body is neither inspired, nor infallible, therefore it can err in doctrinal matters or in organizational direction."

    Perfect response, IMO:

    "So why are Jehovah's Witnesses expected to obey their directives as though they are, under threat of sanctions or expulsion?"

    * crickets, accompanied by deer-in-headlights expression *

  • Heaven

    Interestingly enough, I just received an email from one of my JW cousins. They haven't contacted me in 7 years ... and they knew Dad wasn't well. I wonder what this is all about...

    Edited to add: This is my cousin who lost his sister years ago when she refused a blood transfusion after being in a very bad car accident.

  • tor1500

    Hi All,

    I didn't read all the replies. There is another thread on this as well...but I want to run down the middle .....

    If the Org./GB's are not perfect nor inspired....where do they get they get the spiritual food from...A round table discussion...

    Any thoughts ????


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