What is your opinion of the news media?

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  • freemindfade

    trolling the left is much more fun than the right because they go absolutely ballistic these days

  • Berengaria

    I too am curious just what fake news stories CNN is pushing?

    What lies by Hillary and her surrogates are you referring to? It's so easy to make these blanket statements without talking fact checkable specifics.

    Trump and his have done their job well. Now any negative reporting on Trump is just the media lying. My gosh you'd think at least a bunch of ex Jws would know better.

    Just to clarify, all politicians deceive and embellish.

  • bohm
    trolling the left is much more fun than the right because they go absolutely ballistic these days

    Well, we on the left have it even easier, the right goes ballistic all on its own

  • Berengaria

    "That's fanning the flames Outlaw. They advertised it . A good journalist would check the source rather than report on unsubstantiated error. Once again, if I said Outlaw has urinated with hookers on the bed that Obama slept in and it was OBVIOUSLY UNTRUE, and all CNN did was simply report to the world these unsubstantiated reports,pardon the pun but I think you would be pissed"

    CNN did not advertise. They reported on Trump receiving a synopsis of memos that were circulating in Congress and the intelligence community. They said several times they would not give the details because they could not be corroborated by independent sources. This is not fake news. It is journalism. It's the Free Press spoken of in the First Amendment. It's up to us to be discerning about what we believe. Trump and the GOP have been poisoning the well for a very long time, and you are falling for it. You have now decided the only information that you will consider is only information that is complimentary to Trump. How do you expect to get to the truth like that??

  • bohm

    Berengaria: My thoughts exactly. Also worth noting that some details of the dossier have now been corroborated...

  • mfrederick

    I think all media has bias. This is reflected in all media outlets, both on the right and left.

    I apologize for not reading all the comments in this thread, hope I'm not covering things already said. Bias can also be subtle - If I'm biased against politician A, I report only negative things about him / her, never anything they said or did that might show them in a positive light.

    This is done by both sides, right and left IMHO.

    I'll put in a plug - I subscribe to the Economist magazine. They aren't overtly political but my opinion is that they praise and criticize both sides when they see something good or bad. They don't like Trump at all; they endorsed Hillary for the Presidency. They have also criticized her because of some stands she has taken. As for Trump, they have praised some of his nominees, not all of them.

    It is a difficult read, usually about 100 pages long in a weekly magazine. Covers the entire world. And best of all, it's not an American publication. You need to have something other than a short attention span to read it. And they actually state what their bias is. They favor Liberal Democracy. Google "Liberal Democracy traits" for the definition. It doesn't mean democrats control everything.

  • Berengaria

    "Also worth noting that some details of the dossier have now been corroborated..."

    Indeed. I was going to link to some news articles on that very subject (also the missing ex MI6 and his suspected collaborator in Russia who was found dead in the back seat of his car a likely victim of the Kremlin). But..........it will change no ones mind, even IF they actually bothered to read.

  • Landy
    The bottom line is: we haven't had a real free and impartial press for some considerable time.

    The press has always been free, but you're right, it's rarely impartial.

    To some extent you take your poison from the one that fits your perspective on the world.

    As long as you maintain your internal filters it's not necessarily a bad thing.

  • Spoletta

    No matter how slanted the MSM may be, a lot of their reporting is simply pointing out obvious lies from Trump and his administration. If I watch an unedited video of Trump I don't need anyone to tell me that he's an inveterate liar.

    Some people on this site obviously get all their information from Fox, Breitbart, Infowars, and various social media, with no attempt to verify any of the information before reposting it and disseminating it to others just like themselves.

    I don't care if Obama and Hillary did things in the past that people don't like. I've researched enough to satisfy myself about their innocence or guilt on the various charges against them. But that's in the past. Get over it.

    Trump is undoubtedly the most unabashed public liar we have ever seen in the White House. The size of the crowds at his inauguration, the millions of illegal voters, biggest Electoral College win since Reagan, I could fill pages with his fantasies.

    If all the media did was post his speeches and Tweets verbatim, then fact check them, many on this site would call that bias. I'm not even going to bother arguing with you.

    If you want to defend Trump using his actual words and actions, I'll be glad to discuss them with you. If you bring up Obama, Clinton, Benghazi, emails, Clinton Foundation, or anything not pertaining to Trump, then you're not worth my time.

    Trump has promised more things, and signed more EO's in a shorter period of time than any President in our history. He's also sent no legislation to Congress. The only real action was a poorly thought out ban on immigration that created chaos.

    So, if you want to debate, then debate on the merits of his words and actions. I don't care if someone else was worse.

    I don't hate Trump, I just believe that he is the most incompetent man ever elected to the office of President, and I think totally unbiased reporting will prove it.

  • bohm

    Re. a biased press, yesterday we learned that ca. 1000 Russian operatives were spreading propaganda during the election.

    ...and that Donald Trump thinks it is the MAINSTREAM press which is the "enemy of the American people".

    The mind boggles.

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