What is your opinion of the news media?

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  • DJS

    minimus, you put the IG in IGnorant. I've asked you to provide evidence, DF. But like your hero The Orange One you bluster and blather and writhe about.

    But no facts. No evidence.

    I rarely get engaged in any OP you are interested in because my IQ level drops a few points. But that's ok; it's still about 50 points higher than yours and your homies.

    But sometimes I get nauseated by you and those like you who don't have a job, don't have any interests in life other than waiting for your SS check to be auto deposited and keeping hour dentures clean and sparkly, get your jollies off by posting the most ridiculous crap ever on this site.

    Put up or shut up. And if you don't have enough humility and self control to shut up, I will keep posting facts and evidence and challenge you to support your opining and whining, which never fukking occurs with you and those like you.

    You and your homies are an echo chamber; the sound of your shrill voices is the sweetest sound ever. To you. You're like a circle jerk, all of you with flaccid members flailing about forever with no completion in sight.

    So yes, I'm more than kinda sick and tired of the likes of you who can't control themselves, have too much pride, are lazy brained to conduct any research and seek to spread your infection.

    Again, deconstruct the media responses to The Orange One's lies. If you can't - and you can't - silence is always an option.

  • WTWizard

    It is blatant that the lamestream "media" is terrible. They are telling people that everything is all well and good. 4.7% unemployment? Has anyone tried finding a job with a "4.7% unemployment rate" lately? Dow 20,000--of what? I don't feel any wealthier with the Dow at 20,000 than I would with the Dow at zero.

    And, I heard parts of the election. Now, I do not like either of the candidates. But one of the lamestream stations was whining when Donald Dump was threatening to take the election away from Killary. They were mourning as Dump got the electoral votes to win. They were blatantly biased toward Killary winning. And they are professionals?

    Also, this "Black Lives Matter" crap came from Soros, who controls the lamestream media. The truth is, ALL lives matter, save for those scumbags that are scheming to enslave the whole world. Those who create infinite debt based on a single incident, real or imagined, and then use this debt to enslave the whole world, are all scum--THEIR lives do not matter. But, Soros (among those trying to enslave the whole world) is pushing the crap that only black lives matter. This is race baiting, which the lamestream media has been doing way too much of in recent years.

    Alternative media is not perfect, either. You get disagreements--which is to be expected, unlike where everything is scripted (and if the script is wrong, they are all wrong). You get a certain amount of lies, fake stories, scams, and so on even within the alternative. But, at least you can think--when the stories have differences. Even as imperfect as they are, they are better than the lamestream. For instance, Alex Jones warns about the global agenda but is not accurate on the source (and he is a Christian, pushing the LIE-ble too much). Info Stormers is less politically correct, but they still push Christ as the solution. And the banks keep thwarting Silver Doctors' prediction from coming true by smashing silver prices down (and increasing the danger of hyperinflation down the road each time).

    However, I would rather put up with a few lies, scams, and bogus stories than a scripted source that is set up to enslave the world. The bad ones will fail, unless they are excellent entertainment (like the tabloids). The best ones will come to the fore, unless they are infiltrated by xians or silenced by Soros or the ADL, or the whole Internet is taken away. As I see it, today you have to work if you want the real truth.

  • DesirousOfChange

    3,000,000 illegals voted. No evidence provided and even his own party says put up or shut up.

    I believe it's been argued that it was only ONE MILLION.

    (I feel so much better about it now.)

  • freemindfade

    U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is pushing back on media reports that President Trump has unleashed a mean-spirited national raid on immigrants, noting that it rounded up over 350 percent more during one sweep under former President Obama.

  • minimus

    DJS ... i'm not the one complaining about Trump you are. I have stated that the news media a biased. I think the left is biased and I think the right is also. I know it's difficult to understand that your side lost and we won. You continue to try to delegitimize Trump because that's all you've got to do. You're a very disrespectful person and I will treat you like I do Facebook so called friends that act like that and tune you out.

  • DJS

    Thank you FMF,

    That is an example of unfair reporting. Obama was the king of deportation but we didn't hear much about it. Having said that, the Orange One did take credit for these events and crowed that this is what he promised.

    Now minimus, it's your turn. I've given you 5 or 6 examples. Deconstruct them if you can. Treat me as you wish; I avoid you on this site so I guess you could say I've been shunning you. Ha!

    Playing coy that you weren't talking about the Orange One is pathetic (Trump word), lame (my word), and no one on this site is buying it. From CNN this morning and the grist for your mill little one: "On Thursday, President Trump held a press conference in the White House East Room that ran for more than an hour. It started with him briefly introducing his choice for labor secretary, and then embarking on a long monologue about the successes of his presidency and the evil of the media."

    I'm not on FB or any other social media. But geesh man, you are un-friending me. Cruel man. Just cruel.

    Once, just fukking once, I would like to see you and the other septuagenarians and octogenarians on this site conduct some actual research before posting.

    Just once. Sadly (Trump again), the sound of your own voices and the 'Likes' you get from the "like minded' DFs fuels your lack of self control and your abject laziness.

  • Londo111

    Can we really trust the media? Isn't the media owned by Satan? When a number of media sources challenge our worldview with 'facts', we have to remember that!

  • freemindfade

    You are welcome DJS, as always I appreciate your comments even when we don't agree on everything I think you are one of the few sound ones.

    I think the media is if it bleeds it leads most the time. You can get some sampling of truth from a lot of it, but the spin (for left and right) definitely go harder on the fringe extremities which are what people looking for an echo chamber are more likely to gravitate too. So you have a huge boner for Clinton, Inc and the democratic party has become, CNN is amazing, if the GOP gets you all hot and bothered you go Fox for further into extreme Breitbart. Most of these news outlets I have no respect for whatsoever because of the hard spin. In some way's I think Trump knows it too and is playing into it because it is keeping him top of the headlines. The furthest left and furthest right will publish things that are factual that you

    Most of these news outlets I have no respect for whatsoever because of the hard spin. In some way's I think Trump knows it too and is playing into it because it is keeping him top of the headlines. The furthest left and furthest right will publish things that are factual that you won't find in the other, but when you actually read what they right or just the headline you feel the propaganda. BOTH WAYS. So I don't trust them, many stories I have seen against trump based on the headline, once I read I was like that was extremely over sensationalized. And the more the CNN's and Hoff Posts engage in this

    So I don't trust them, many stories I have seen against trump based on the headline, once I read I was like that was extremely over sensationalized. And the more the CNN's and Hoff Posts engage in this low level nonsense, the more credibility they give to the orange one as you say. What happened to the Michelle Obama & Clinton Inc motto," they go low we do high"?? That idea is long dead and gone from the moment everyone woke up and realized Trump could win and then did, since then the left has been more vitriol and underhanded than I have seen in my 37 years. They have gone way low

  • DJS

    WT Wizard,

    One of mini me's homies. You're another one that never fukking fact checks anything. Trump's idiotic statements about the unemployment rate:


    The Bureau of Labor posts monthly unemployment rates, about 6 of them, which illustrates a complete picture of unemployment. For decades the government has used the one that best reflects the issue - people without a job who want a job and are looking for a job. It is now at about 4.8%.

    Other rates exist to paint the overall picture, but no one seriously questions the rate posted by the government. WT Wizard, do you EVER use your browser to actually find out ANYTHING???

    Your'e worse than Spicer and Conway. For god fukking sake, all of us have smart phones that allow us to fact check crap people say. Do Spicer, Conway and The Orange One EVER think about this?

    But thank you for pointing out yet another Trump lie.

    How's that flaccid member circle jerk working out for y'all. Carpal tunnel yet?

  • rebelfighter


    In total agreement with you. Until I read the actual court transcripts or hear the news from the actual participants from their own mouth I don't believe a word of what the media has to say.

    Here is a very true story as I knew several of the participants in this event. There is a very large mall in Washington DC (everyone is familiar with, it is the one they used for that how many attended Trump's inauguration picture). Back many years ago my husband and a lot of my friends were United States Park Police Officers, one day there was a demonstration on this same mall. Under normal conditions this entire stretch is only grass there is nothing but grass solid grass from end to end. This demonstration got out of hand and the police had to take measure to stop the fighting. There were horse mounted officers and officers on foot.

    The sustained damaged to officers were as follows: one nearly lost his eye, one had to have major surgery on her elbow, one had to have major surgery on his leg from several breaks and many other officers were injured not as seriously. According to the media the protesters grabbed what was laying around to defend themselves and that was construction 2X4 with spikes driven through them. There are NO construction sites for miles around this mall. These protesters went to jail and did time.

    I believe nothing in the media!!

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