2018 JWBroadcasting "Higher education is useless" video CLIP

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  • pale.emperor

    Wonder what thought was running through his mind when he threw that glass to the floor?

    That's a face of hate right there...

  • ToesUp

    He has that same hateful face and attitude that Lett had on his face when he was claiming that child abuse in the borg are "apostate driven lies."

    I hope this broadcasting episode wakes many up. We know of many JW's who may have an eyebrow raise on this one. Sadly, so many turn a blind eye to it and some do not even watch these broadcasting episodes. They are too busy getting a higher education. lol

  • sir82

    That's a face of hate right there...

    Or constipation....

  • Saethydd

    Yeah I know right, I go to college with all these people that want be useless shit like “doctors” and “engineers” who just want to “make the world a better place.” What a bunch of pathetic creations of Satan huh? Why didn’t they have the good sense to do something worthwhile with lives like join a crazy religious cult that would take an unhealthy level of control over their lives?

  • sir82

    Yeah I know right, I go to college with all these people that want be useless shit like “doctors” and “engineers”

    who just want to “make the world a better place.” What a bunch of pathetic creations of Satan huh?

    Not to mention the ones who enjoy a life of wealth, fame, and prestige due to their nursing degree, or education degree.

    The obscene wealth of Kindergarten teachers just makes we want to hurl

  • mikeflood

    Yeah, yeah ..he seems to have an Alzheimer's early onset breaking that glass....but seriously...if wordly institutions are so evil....why don't WT put a nice college to form doctors, engineers, lawyers, etc.? It's ironic because they need qualified people, as many in this thread have said...and don't tell me that there's no money.

  • Betheliesalot

    Philip said he spent 4 years to get his law degree. From what Iv googled, it takes 4 years of undergraduate and another 3 years of law school. Even in an interview, you can't trust these "snakes", Especially a Washtowel trained lawyer who has perfected the art of lying, because of his close proximity to the liars den.

    Why do they bury lawyers 10 feet under instead of 6 feet under?
    A: Because deep down they are really nice people.


  • EverApostate

    Is insurance provided for the GB members.

    Where do they if they get sick. Do they heal themselves with prayer and careful consideration ?

  • Saethydd

    I don’t know about the GB but several years back the CO’s wife for my circuit needed an operation and they flew her to a South American country (Brazil I think) to have it performed cheaper than it could be in the states.

  • sir82

    Is insurance provided for the GB members.

    The WTS is "self-insured", i.e., they pay 100% of any medical costs fully out of their own coffers.

    Of course, there are Bethel doctors, dentists, etc. who provide routine care for Bethelites, so there is no payment for those services.

    Anything expensive, though (hospital stays, cancer treatments, etc.) is paid 100% "out of pocket".

    Which at least partially explains why thousands of Bethelites have been let go over the past 10 years, nearly all between the ages of 40 and 60. They are just getting to the point where their risk of "expensive" disease is climbing, so better to let them go before they potentially cause a big financial drain by getting cancer or heart disease or whatnot. People under 40 have a lower chance of serious disease, and the optics of releasing senior citizens "to the field" is bad *.

    * Note that the issue is not that it is bad to cut loose your most loyal employees, after decades of service, when they need you the most and will depend entirely on the kindness and pity of the congregations they get dumped on; no, the issue is that it looks bad.

    Ironically, it is those "disobedient" JWs who actually went to college and have decent jobs who will be providing the spare rooms and menial jobs that those middle-aged ex-Bethelites will depend on.

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