2018 JWBroadcasting "Higher education is useless" video CLIP

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  • steve2

    JW organization is the useless mis-shappen glass vessel and higher education exposes it for what it is: Worthy of destruction.

  • zeb

  • Listener

    That glass may not have been suitable to drink from but the idiot used it to demonstrate his point and then says it was useless.

  • James87

    The sad thing is that their are people who believe this and are throwing away their lives. I understand free will but a person in a cult might not have all the mental facilities to evaluate situations unbiasedly.

  • pokemon55

    According to the San diego U.HP ,

    JW, Scientology, HeavensGate, Aum Shinrikyo are
    all classified as cult and are in the same group. That's why WT dislikes higher education
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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Wow does this guy need a reality check or what ? Is this guy up for governing bodyship or something? Have the GB surrounded themselves with a total bunch of assholes? Thing must be very chaotic back there in the woods upstate New York. How many of these guys are on antidepressant I would like to know? I think quite a few of them they seem very highly imbalanced and I think the Russians pegged them right as extremist and this video is proof.

  • ToesUp

    "He uses a strawman argument by assuming that the reason someone may seek higher education is "to build a base" of wealth in life."

    They think that every person seeking higher education wants to be rich. This is stated by people up in a New York state cult compound who have never had to put in a application and resume in for a job.

    Even if you have years of experience and no higher ed, they typically spit your application and resume out once you tick the box that you have no degree. We have personally experienced this.

    These jokers live in a plastic bubble with zero life experience out in the REAL world. They would be shocked if WT dried up and they had to hit the pavement and find a job. I'm thinking, low wages and hard work may make them think VERY differently, once they had to pay their rent and eat.

  • stuckinarut2

    Well said toes up!

  • slimboyfat

    Oh my goodness that was awful.

    You can see their logic however. They undoubtedly receive countless reports from COs that young JWs who go to college leave the truth en masse. Since they believe that staying in the truth is the most important thing, they draw the reasonable conclusion that attending university is a moral danger. And so they issue these increasingly shrill warnings. The logic is sound. It’s the presmises that are flawed.

    But have they also considered that their warnings against education are part of the problem? Because now, any JW who goes to collage, knows that he is being disobedient. He is being pushed into leaving the truth just by making the initial move because of the Watchtlwer rhetoric. If Watchtower was completely positive and supportive of higher education, would as many young people leave the truth? They obviously think more would leave the truth if more went to university. But I don’t think that’s necessarily the case. Most Mormons go to college for example, yet a high number of those emerge from education with their (nonless) idiosyncratic beliefs intact.

    Fred Franz was half way through his degree when he gave up and joined Watchtower. I can’t help but wonder, if he had got that Watchtower tract in the post a year or two later, when he had competed his degree, might his attitude and the attitude of JWs to education have been different?

  • asp59

    You are wrong when you say videos like this would affect jws so they would abandon organization. They usually don't put that much attention on meetings and such. What JWs don't like is donating or helping other financially. Put like other religions a tilth 10% of salary goes to donations and JWs will run and hide.

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