2018 JWBroadcasting "Higher education is useless" video CLIP

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  • tiki

    I didn't watch it...I cannot stomach their bull dung.... but given the topic...I will say being anti-education is deplorable to say the least. Obviously they fear critical thinking skills....plus if parents send their kids to college expense are taken on....and that can mean less $$$ going into the worldwide pedophile fund.... In this day and age though...even a 4 year stint in college does not necessarily translate into a viable career. It takes perseverance...finding ones true niche...and yes a post grad degree. These bozoes either are complete idiots or its a deliberate scam for their own crooked business.

  • flipper

    What a fucking idiot this guy is, good god. I felt like taking that glass and breaking it over his bald egg shaped dome. Stupid ass. I agree with other posters it's an extremely ignorant way of using fear to scare JW's into not going to college by breaking the glass at the end. What a perverse thing to do ! Even more perverse to say that higher education is useless and good for nothing . This WT organization is criminal and stealing away young JW's future's one by one. Sick stuff. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • ttdtt

    BOY !! DID I SEE HOW SATAN WAS AT WORK - When I went to college for engineering!
    All that MATH! All that figuring out how many trucks of concrete are needed to make a foundation.

    I am so happy I listened to the elders and my pioneer friends and got out of Satans workshop!

    Who needs a career and money.

  • dozy

    Judah Ben Schroeder ( son of Albert Schroeder of the Governing Body ) and his wife Amber got law degrees from Columbia State University but , of course , that was sponsored by Watchtower. So I guess that's OK....

  • VIII

    They are completely off the rails wacko! I, too, was lucky that I was able to go to college when it was a "choice". They didn't encourage it, yet, the internet hadn't been invented so video's like this hadn't come about. Just the locals warning you of "bad associations".

    Why isn't this out in the public domain?!

  • Vidiot
    slimboyfat - "...They undoubtedly receive countless reports from COs that young JWs who go to college leave the truth en masse. Since they believe that staying in the Truth is the most important thing, they draw the reasonable conclusion that attending university is a moral danger. And so they issue these increasingly shrill warnings..."



    ...and maybe a bit of causation/correlation confusion... but not much. :smirk:

    Makes you wonder how the Mormons manage to do such a better job of keeping their edumacated young 'uns in the fold.

  • sir82

    Why isn't this out in the public domain?!

    JW Broadcasting is available to anyone nitwitted enough to want to view it. Just go to the website.

  • LongHairGal


    I could hardly watch this stupid shit.

    I have posted on many JW anti-education threads. All I can say now is: thank heaven for the internet and this forum because there will be fewer young JWs who fall for the religion’s detrimental advice.

    If somebody doesn’t get an education or career training - they are going to be poor and will be working at physically backbreaking work when they are in retirement years. AND..If they are too LAZY and don’t WANT to get this education/training because they are hoping “Armageddon” is going to save them - they’re gonna be poor and struggling. I know a 45 yr old guy who felt this way and he’s struggling with shit jobs scraping by!

    Anybody who imagines somebody is going to support them is seriously mistaken. I’d never give money to some fool who didn’t want to work!! Nope, not after I got criticized for MY job..Wanna pioneer and live on the edge and not work? Then starve to death.

    The people making these videos have no idea about real life and I’d LOVE to see them out there pounding the pavement looking for work with no higher education - especially at an older age!

    What nonsense and I’m so glad I’m long gone from this stupid religion.

  • steve2

    Makes sense: The lower the education, the higher the commitment to the GB’s directions.

    Yep: should work: The uneducated should be totally impressed with the mishapoen glass analogy.

  • sparky1

    "I never went past the 10th grade and look at me. I'm on the Writing Committee!"

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