I'm a geeky, agnostic, bi-curious, Liberal who lives in the South Eastern United States and was raised a Jehovah's Witness. I was baptized at 10 and tried my hardest to be a good JW. That is until doubts started forming at 18 when I got into college and learned what real research looks like because when I applied that sort of research to my religion, I discovered disturbing revelations. However, I managed to push those doubts to the back of my mind after I met a JW girl and had a long-distance relationship with her for over year which ended shortly before I was disfellowshipped at 20. At that point, I still believed it to be Truth and was ready to accept my discipline and try to build my "spirituality." My plan at the time was to "fix" my doubts about God and the JW religion through intense study. Having learned good research habits, however, I couldn't in good conscious restrict myself to only Watchtower materials, so I cast my net a little wider and looked at arguments from skeptics and atheists while carefully avoiding "apostates." I couldn't refute their arguments, but I was also reluctant to let go of what I had been taught my entire life, so I decided to begin a study of formal logic. It wasn't very long before I was introduced to the concept of logical fallacies, and as I looked through that list I realized how many of the arguments used by the Watchtower leaned heavily on logical fallacies, and if I had to pick one moment I became an ex-JW, that was probably it. Shortly after that, I began looking at JW Facts and JW Survey before I eventually joined this site. These resources and Lloyd Evan's book "Reluctant Apostate" were instrumental in my decision to abandon the Watchtower completely. I'm currently disfellowshipped with no plans to get reinstated because I can't comfortably live with the dishonesty of that path. I moved out of my parents home in the summer of 2017 and am currently living in an apartment with my loving girlfriend while I get my bachelor's in electrical engineering.