2018 JWBroadcasting "Higher education is useless" video CLIP

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  • Cadellin
    Ironically, it is those "disobedient" JWs who actually went to college and have decent jobs who will be providing the spare rooms and menial jobs that those middle-aged ex-Bethelites will depend on.

    Ha, yes. My still-in elder husband's cong. is chock-a-block full of good JWs who avoided college and now don't have two pennies to rub together (with one or two exceptions). Every month, they run into the red just paying the most meager of operating expenses. He often comments that we are viewed as "rich" (we aren't) simply because our income is higher, we have health insurance, live in a nice house, etc. Why? Because I left thirteen years ago, got higher education AND a decent job. As an elder, he feels compelled to "top up" the congo shortfalls and it is the height of irony that he only has the freedom to do that b/c of his inactive wife's good job in higher ed!!!

    And yes, I do point that out to him. (Sidepoint--makes me ill that even a penny of our household income is going to these bozos, even on the local level, but we have an agreement that we are each free to contribute to personal causes)

  • amiable atheist
    amiable atheist
    FedUpJWWell they ARE mostly full of s--t y'know.

    If you'd drain all the sh*t out of this guy, you could bury him in a matchbox.

  • HiddlesWife

    And still WT uses physicians, attorneys, communication specialists, electricians, plumbers and the like to help them operate their corporation. Persons with the above listed were able to obtain these skill sets because=> THEY WENT TO COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY and/or ATTENDED A SPECIALIZED SCHOOL (sorry for the ALL CAPS, everybody)! Their mandate is now seen by many persons in and outside of Borg as stupid/ridiculous, especially since they have to employ people with those skill sets to help run their business!

  • FedUpJW

    And still WT uses physicians, attorneys, communication specialists, electricians, plumbers and the like to help them operate their corporation.

    And until they totally quit doing that I will believe they are willfully hypocritical.

  • Awakenednow

    🤯 well.... I just drove both of my kids to universities last month. Thank God they will learn some critical thinking skills to avoid that 💩 . I guess we are 3 broken glasses huh? According to that ridiculous line of reasoning so i’ll Just say War Eagle and Go Broncos! Shout out to Auburn University and Boise State!

    A little story...(my family are all active except me. I married a successful in every way worldly guy after an unscriptural divorce from an asshole. my family leave my hubby and I out, but still try a bit with my 18 year old son and 21 year old daughter) .... my son graduates high school and is off to Alabama (from California) and they want to have a grad party for him. My kids both go.... my sister’s family are all “born-in’s and all married as teens”, and they are actually saying how they don’t even know how to do basic math while my kids are discussing calculus. My kids come home mortified that that could have been their fate! Dodged the bullet! 😂😂😂 lol while my brother-in-law prays thanking jehovah for their good association for the kids and how they can’t wait for paradise when everyone will be like them. They are great kids and very well rounded with high morals and intellect, open minds and able to thrive among people with differing views and beliefs, in other word - tolerant; the opposite of the broken glass rhetoric. Higher education is a gift and blessing and the only pain felt is in our wallet!

    Gosh I love you guys for posting all the blatant idiocracy....maybe if tight pants Tony had a bit of higher education......🤔

  • Vidiot

    The GB will never soften their stance of "higher" education (hell, at least one of em's a high-school dropout, for chrissakes).

    It makes young people too smart for the WTS's own good.

  • LongHairGal


    I also agree with Sir 82 who said that it’s those who were “disobedient” and got careers, etc. who will ironically be helping out those JWs who followed the religion’s dictates and are now poor.

    It is pathetic that you are viewed as “rich” when in fact you are not.. I would also feel ill if it were my husband giving money to these hypocrites.

    I’m glad I’m not in the religion anymore because these idiots are all turning their attention to the very people they criticized for having decent jobs! I was treated like typhoid Mary because of my job so I would NEVER tolerate being targeted for money and would run from these people!

    I’m not interested in hardluck stories of ANY of them:..pioneers who didn’t count the cost and caved in to peer pressure and/or liked titles and adoration from idiots; fired bethelites; terminated COs; anybody else in the Jehovah’s Witness religion who didn’t plan, couldn’t ‘hack’ the real world or was too lazy to get education and was waiting for Armageddon to save them et cetera.

    Let all the “spiritual” people, brothers with businesses and those who invited them to all those special gatherings help them materially and financially!!!

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