2018 JWBroadcasting "Higher education is useless" video CLIP

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  • Giordano

    As with any number of religions that down play education, the Amish comes to mind, the gone but not forgotten Shakers, actually too many to name......the Jehovah's Witnesses now have the distinction of being the least higher educated major religion according to the Pew religious Survey.

    Even the Mormons understood that education makes a difference as they have four or five universities as well as a number of colleges.

    Even the land and mind blocked Catholic church recognizes the need for higher education......though not necessarily for the lower class.

    The early Russellites were all born in the `19th century' where, on average, an eight grade education was as good as it got.

    These 19th century believers taught the next generation all that they needed to know. People like Franz (who did have two extra years in college) Knorr and just about every one of the Bethel 'heavies' had eight grade educations. Or when the law was changed High School education if they didn't dropout to pioneer.

    But times change and I can say with confidence.........The WTBTS has caught up to the 20th Century and are now comfortably mimicking the 1950's, they by-pass the 1960's as they were too preoccupied with banning long hair, Rock and Roll and grass. The 1970's they totally try to ignore as it was a total embarrassment.

    They emerged in the 1980's with their 1950's thought process intact and carried on becoming, over the next decades, the least educated major religion with the lowest financial earnings of any first world country.

    Their biggest problem is the same problem many forgotten religions faced......they teach their followers how to live in a world that doesn't exist.

    Education? bollocks!

  • Darth FayDehr
    Darth FayDehr

    First he throws bread in a bin - "you're a worthless piece of poop", is the message. Now he throws a glass on the floor, with the same condemnatory message "you're a worthless piece of poop". What will he throw next? Tantrum alert!

  • Betheliesalot

    I suppose tight pants Morris and this fool have been to a doctor that went to a "higher level of education"other than Theo,s cradic school of Spiritism.

  • ToesUp

    There are MANY Elders in the congregations who send their kids to higher education. We saw it in our own area. I wonder what they will be thinking while they are sitting at family worship night listening to this depiction of higher learning.

    It's amazing how many JW's that Watchtower "uses", that have higher education, to build and keep running their billion dollar empire. Their educated Lawyers are very busy right now.

    Watchtower is poking holes in their own boat. People are waking up and this is the stuff that is doing it. I think it is GREAT!!! Keep up the good work WT, your doing a better job than the apostates!!! lol

    They are looking cultier everyday!!!!

  • StephaneLaliberte
    ToesUp: I think it is GREAT!!! Keep up the good work WT, your doing a better job than the apostates!!

    You are right! Imagine someone that did get higher education or made sure their kids benefited from it. How will they feel when they hear that glass hit the floor and being called useless vesel molded by Satan.

    This might very well indeed wake up a few!

    Thank you watchtower for Jehovah's food in its due time!

  • Finkelstein

    Yes higher education has done absolutely nothing to better humanity's living experience.

    I hope these guys when they get seriously sick close to death they dont go to hospital where everyone working there pursued higher education, that would be terribly hypocritical of them and would show a poor example for the rest of the flock .

  • FedUpJW

    I would hope, although I know it will never happen, that every doctor-lawyer-engineer, anyone with an education above the minimum required by law whose skills are demanded free of charge by WT sees this and refuses to give their services or the money received from secular employment for those "useless" services to WT. An effective boycott of WT.

  • ctrwtf

    Ken Flodin here just reinforced the teaching that only those who are baptized, dedicated and in good standing will survive Armageddon.

    Everyone else will be crushed like a glass as useless people.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    I hate how they have used art and music to crush dreams. The child who was denied advancing his skills as a violinist because it would "rob" him of studying about god and put him in with "worldly" children. The use of a skilled artist making glass - even if he went to a master in glass to learn, it's no different from being in a college class.

    It looks like the speaker enjoyed breaking that stupid glass they purposely made wrong.

    One of the last talks I heard at the sunday meeting, was about how people were like Korah when they disregarded the GB's warning about college. "The Society has published so many articles about not going to college and yet, a person will point out one paragraph that says 'it's up to your conscience'" The speaker was fuming and yet couldn't see that he was basically saying that there was no choice at all, you must obey the GB.

  • nowwhat?

    I can see not sending your kids away to college where you won't see them for 3 or more months at a time but every city has a quality local college where they can prepare a career

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