It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars (continued)

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  • Toblerone5

    Wonder what will come first ,in 2024 ... the begging for money video or the blaming everybody else, snarky condescending tantrum one...😁

    Let's see, so far in 2023 : Begging to some private donors for some money βœ… Begging to all his Patreon for more $ βœ… Begging video on Youtube βœ… Begging for more paying subscribers on Youtube βœ… Subliminal Begging banners on some Youtube videos βœ…πŸ˜

    What's next ? What creative ways is he going to come up with ,in 2024 ,for scamming, sorry , extort? Rippoff? Squeeze of ? Anyway ,I know he will come up with something new again , will it be stupid ? Is the pope catholic ?

    will there be ,a lot of post on this forum about it ? πŸ€”πŸ˜œπŸ˜

    Well not for me. That's my new year's resolution in 2024 , not to post anything sarcastic about LE...

    Then again, his Patreon drop will be Jan 2 though...Ok after that ...

    πŸ˜‰ya resolution should be to stop lying ...

  • Toblerone5
    happen often only in special cases do they send someone from the branch.

    Since were still in 2023...

    Just got an aha moment ...So I was thinking of all the Ex-JW ,who got disfellowshipped for apostasy , Ex-JW who have started a Youtube channel that is .Now I assumed that Kim&Mikey got DF for apostasy but not sure if they started there Youtube channel after being voted out of the Watchtower Island ( reference to the usa tv show Survivors ) or after ...

    So I will use Jake Vaughn versus LE .example here.

    (AltWorldly ) started his Youtube channel in Oct 2020, got DF in 2021 for Apostasy, for starting a Youtube channel taking against JW cult. Lloyd Evans started his Youtube channel in June 3 2012 ,got Df Dec 29 2013 also for the same reason . Yes LE come second .cause I don't like him and because for me he will always be number 2...πŸ’©

    Jake did secretely recorded is JC ,Lloyd did not. Jake JD lasted almost 2hrs ( if we used the timeline of his Youtube recording of his JC video) Lloyd JC lasted only 30 minutes ? Wait? Mister big activist ,number one savior of the EX-JW community (according to his devoted followers ,affectionaly known as Flying Monkeys) Df was only 30 minutes?

    By the way Lloyd video( 9 years ago) , where he just narrated his DF so far got 97k views ,and is number 56 in his list of most popular or watch videos ? 56 ? Jake video ,on the other hand , of the actual audio recording of his DF 2 years ago ,so far got 100,823 views and is number 2 of the most popular or watch videos on his channel ! ....I wonder in 9 years from now , how many views jake videos will have , Maybe Lloyd would know that😁 Never mind Mister Evans ..😁

    Jake his an americain, got Df in the USA , Lloyd his Brithish DF in Croatia,in a little town in the middle of nowhere Sisak. But only one of them got a Bethel branch coordinator to assist to there Judiciary committee. ( i was not sure of the proper Watchtower Title here ,but you all know what I mean ...I would have said Watchtower Gestapo SS they send ,but that's just me )

    So let me see if i get this straight ... the Watchtower branch ,what ever , send someone to a little cong in Croatia for a 30 minutes apostasy DF but not for someone who did the exact same "JW Sin" where hello ? there headquarters is situated in the U.S , and that JC lasted almost, again 2 hours ?

  • Ron.W.
    Christmas Patreon Dates!19 December Hello patrons! There's still a little bit left of 2023 and before the year is over I'm determined to spend some time with you amazing folks...

    Has he made good on this promise yet?
  • Simon
    Moving forward, earning at or slightly above the national average is the best case scenario for him for the little work that he does. It will carve out an existence in Zagreb for him but little else. That’s what he’s so angry about and why he had to get out of town for as long as he did.

    Who thinks Lloyd is a wise and sensible person who puts money away for retirement, instead of just living for the "here and now".

    Yeah, me neither!

    It appeats that when he has money, it immediately goes on hookers, travel, lego toys, childish t-shirts and generally living-large.

    It's going to be even funnier when life really catches up with him.

  • WingCommander

    Why, if life really catches up with this slob, he won't even be able to afford a razor!

    Oh....wait......the Gluttonous Bodies have now declared that even JW's no longer have to shave. Winning!

    WatchTower is so desperate, I bet that if Lloyd-e-boiz went back and repented, put on a cheap JC Penney suit, and groveled hard enough, they'd let him back in and he could work his way up to MS, Elder, maybe even CO! He could have them all the greatest "Prodigal Son" to have ever returned!

    Think of it'd be Convention parts up on shedding tears of remorse, and then of happiness at God's "Undeserved Kindness." You could really get off on playing the victim card, as Satan is the greatest scapegoat of them all! It'd be "Green Handshakes" he suckers the Sheeple at every new congregation he visits. Yep! In 5-10 years he'd be sitting pretty.....and even his Father would have a tear in his eye......

  • Toblerone5
    .it'd be Convention parts up on stage.

    An appearance on a broadcast , if he's lucky done by a GB , too bad his favorite one is gone now. Maybe get his guitar , and dedicate his song ,I'll be your (jw) Guinea pig , to them now🐹

    Oh and real tears this time , Mister Evans . Not like those fake one you had on your video... Just a little tip, just think of all the money you lost that should help... your mariage , your Flying monkeys and your Income... Your compagny , your Patreon drop...and your income, mental health breaks , sex-workers Girlfriends ...and your Income . ALL GONE ...Or if that still doesn't work and you can't shed one real tears , just squeeze your private parts real hard this time , that should work...

    He could go back in the field service ,do they still used those words? Think of all the "return visits" he could write down ...Oh right they don't do that anymore...

    And maybe if he's really lucky , maybe the next big thing Watchtower will allow will be masterbation ...

  • Toblerone5

    😲 3hrs ago , for fun I made this twitter pole ...didn't think nobody would click on it but so far...

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    @Toblerone5 Yes, we got disfellowshipped for apostasy after Mike's mom called her elders & told them we were speaking aginst the organization. I never did at that point. We were D'fd when we did not show up for the judicial hearing because Mike was out of town hunting. That was Sept 2013 a month later we started doing videos.

  • Toblerone5

    Thank you for the info Newly Enlightened 🫢

  • Toblerone5
    Has he made good on this promise yet?

    (Hello patrons! There's still a little bit left of 2023 and before the year is over I'm determined to spend some time with you amazing folks..).

    I don't know if he did, but he also put on his patreon page that they have to give him there voted video for January ? that's going to be the Patreon zoom meeting he's planning for January? just him playing an old Youtube video he made ? wow.

    well because I'm not a Patreon member, I can't see what was the 3 videos choices he give them but since now there's only 400 Patrons left , ( oh no! and the first of january is tomorow ...😲😒) I hope the 3 choices were these ones

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