It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars (continued)

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  • nicolaou

    Slim' is right about the inertia of many patrons. Subscriptions are a fairly typical business model and it works well in no small part because of this non-response by subscribers. LE can probably bank on this for a while but with the typical lifespan of a credit/debit card being 2-4 years the trend will inexorably decline unless he steps up his game.

    He's circling the drain but it may be a while longer before he gets flushed away.

  • slimboyfat

    Since his patrons found him on YouTube the best way to reach them on YouTube. I am no good at making video but if someone who makes good videos puts out an update on YouTube about the current situation it could be very effective.

    It should be short and to the point. No longer than 10 minutes and simply point out:

    1. Well over half his supporters have deserted him since the confessions in his livestream in 2022. (Include the graph that shows this)

    2. Psychiatrist Dr Sohom Das analysed his behaviour and described him as a narssisitic psychopath and journalist Andrew Gold described him as like a manipulative cult leader - that’s why nobody will work with him any more.

    3. Despite still collecting patrons’ money he hardly makes any videos at all, never mind fulfil any of the promises he made to his supporters during his begging campaign. Wealthy donors have given him money for multiple holidays instead.

    Short and to the point. Since his own channel is dormant, the YouTube algorithm might well pick up his name from the title and send it to his subscribers. If it’s well done it could shake off a few dozen of his remaining brain dead (sorry) patrons.

  • Toblerone5

    🤢 From the attic ? so he's back ?

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Slim' is right about the inertia of many patrons.
    Imagine if there was some sort of massive Patreon data breach and all Patrons either had to re-enter their CC/Debit or create new accounts altogether? Lloyd would make another “urgent” video of course, but he’s not getting his 401 Patrons back. He’d be extremely fortunate to get 300 of them back. I’d say if he had to start over right now, we’re talking about 100-200 re-pledges and that’s after making yet another begging video.
    if someone who makes good videos puts out an update on YouTube about the current situation it could be very effective.
    Take a look at the comments on his “Aftermath” video that was still trickling in and he’s still responding to. Also check out the replies to his comment about the lawsuit on his Community tab on YT. The problem is not that we don’t have contrary info out there about him. It’s also not that people aren’t finding it either. Enter his name into a YT search browser and you’ll see what I mean.

    Some people actually believe him when he’s going off about lawsuits and criminal defendants. So someone can make a comprehensive video about all the facts and how ridiculous the lawsuit is, but it’s worth pointing out the mentality of the recently exited and the mentalities of exJWs in general. Like Thomas, they need visual proof. Not commentaries of how this is supposedly going to go.

    They think they know Lloyd so he’s given the benefit of the doubt and then some, as many of these comments echo his sentiments precisely about how laws were broken and his tired old trope about “justice being served no matter how long it takes”. The uneducated are suckers for these courtroom dramas on TV where justice prevails and the jury delivers its verdict to deafening applause. That’s the trap Lloyd has set for himself.

    So don’t just talk about Christ returning, bring him close to these people’s faces and show them these wounds.

    By that I mean the FINAL word on this entire Lloyd Evans defamation claims by means of the dismissal document the Sisak court will issue.

    The impact of that verdict would be massive given that he keeps beating that drum. It’s a ticking time bomb of truth that’s going to humiliate him. He’s going to immediately retaliate once it is dismissed, you can count on that. That’s when you go for the kill.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    If Croatia is anything like Germany and Austria you are supposed to let the authorities know where you reside. You can’t just come and go as you please without letting the police know, as you can pretty much in the UK.

    It’s like that especially in the former Eastern Bloc where being registered at a certain residence was necessary to establish rights of tenancy and later, ownership.

    Dijana wasn’t born in “Croatia”. If you were to take a look at her birth documents, you’d see the stamps of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, both in Latin (Croatian/Slovenian/Bosnian) script and in Serbian Cyrillic.

    It’s fair to say that the police coming to her and her parent’s residence looking for a man who hadn’t lived there in almost two years made an impression on them, given cultural norms.

    Here’s a question for Kim, though not sure she can fully answer it due to it being in Croatia, but here goes:

    Police are dispatched to the in-laws/estranged wife’s home looking for Lloyd regarding a court matter. Specifically, mail sent to him at that address was not deliverable to him and returned to the court.

    So that would mean that Dijana (or perhaps the parents) refused the mail and did not forward it to Lloyd personally, but sent it back via postal service, right?

    She told them he’d be back on the 27th. Back where? To the house or his new place? I also think it’s fair to say the police questioned whether he lived there or not given that the mail was returned.

    I ask because if all she said was he was returning on the 27th and left out the crucial piece of info that it would be to another residence, that could be considered giving the police false information, right?

  • Tamalam

    No offence to any Croatians out there, but your judicial system is completely batshit mental.

  • Toblerone5
    She told them he’d be back on the 27th.

    But now we know he came back before the 27. He just did a video about the beard thing ,in the attic ..Which means he lied to her . Hope for him he contacted the police to tell them that he's back in Croatia. But why do I have a feeling he won't call the police, he's arrogant enough to think well the ex told them i would be back the 27, so I still have 7 days to take care of MY business, like taking care of MY Patreon post, making a Youtube video then off course there's Christmas with the girls ...But what would happened if the police find out ,by just looking at his Passeport ,that number one the wife lied to them ? and that he never contacted the police as soon as he came back from his trip ?

  • Debra02

    A question for Kim because I'm stupid lol, what mail exactly was returned to the court? was it to do with his lawsuit towards the m7 or was it a lawsuit against him by the m7? Surly if he is still counting on having his day in court against the m7 then he would want to ensure the court has his address?? and wouldn't his clown of a lawyer novo know exactly where he is? I guess I got a little lost following this somwhere along the way

  • Ron.W.
    brain dead donors..

    Lloyd's followers remind me of my jw family who constantly say:

    'Even if you prove what we believe is not the truth, we will still go on believing we have the truth!!!'


  • TonusOH

    He also works hard to scrub the YT comments on his videos. It's a relatively minor thing, but it can enforce the sense of a tight-knit community sheltering against its enemies.

    Speaking of relatively minor things, I'm not so sure the Croatian police will make much of an issue of Evans not being home or having the wrong home address for his legal correspondence. That is probably the sort of thing that can be ironed out quickly and painlessly most of the time. If the courts in Croatia are that manic, I don't think they'd be able to get anything done, spending all of their time tracking down deadbeats both real and imaginary.

    And I am sure that they will be sensitive to his concerns over his mental health.

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