It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars (continued)

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  • Thisismein1972
    Plenty has been written about JW's and their history but I can't recall a single work about the exJW community.

    Who shot J.R. Ewing is nothing when compared to this episode, I think it has lasted longer than the reveal of who killed J.R. Ewing.

  • Debra02

    I'm dying to see the documents but I respect your collective disision to withhold them, is he really scrolling through decades old videos to try and find the flimsiest thing he can use lol, around 7 years time (give or take) he will attempt to file another one saying his kids won't talk to him because he was "forced" forced is how he put it to do the livestream confession, to come on you tube and confess all they will Google his name, of course they will it's human nature to do so, and when confronted with his own disgusting words, well what can I say and that's without asking there mother or grandparents anything, just going by his words alone, all he had to say right at the start is what any decent lawyer tells there clients to say "no comment"

  • Debra02


    The offer still stands regarding financial help to the mag 7

  • Thisismein1972
    forced" forced is how he put it to do the livestream

    I'm going to correct you there. He was forced kicking and screaming into doing a Livestream. Some pretty good Soviet Russia propaganda there.

    Who held the gun to his head off camera, it's a conspiracy I tell yah!

  • Pasta_Hour

    "Release the docs… what the hell for? Kim B made it clear that they’re not giving him any clues as to how they are fighting back. Think of this as a famous Phil Collins song and and we’re awaiting the drum solo."

    Indeed. Read Sun Tzu.

    Also, controversial opinion, I know, but I think Nonpoint's version was better.

  • Elmer

    Well, one thing Jake and Lloyd have in common is they are both wanting money from their followers. Jake’s Community Page on YouTube has the details….

  • Elmer

    Jake “hates” to do it, but we need to pay his rent this month. I'm pretty sure this a rare occurrence for him, but this is how the grift starts….

  • Toblerone5
    "Release the docs… what the hell for?

    Totally agree with that. The thing for me i would love to know is how much that Narcissistic Ego trip tantrum cost Him! the lawyer fees, the translation of the documents , the cost of sending this not to one but 7 people, What an Idiot.

    he will attempt to file another one saying his kids won't talk to him ...

    His kids won't talk to him when they realize the reason he doesn't have money to send them to college or university or pay for there wedding (like I'm sure Kim Silvio did for her daughter) Is because he blew all his Patreons money on Prostitutes and that ridiculous Lawsuit .

  • AudeSapere

    The 1st 2 minutes of Kim's (Newly Enlightened') video on page 98 of this thread is a good, succinct synopsis of origin of the lawsuit served upon the Mag 7.

    Great point highlighting that daughter's comments (NINE years ago) were to/about 'John CEDARS' - an anonymous internet bully hiding behind an alias and an avatar.

    About halfway into the video Kim says: "Obviously he doesn't understand legal matters".

    Lloyd doesn't understand most tenents of normal, productive, decent, respectful and responsible adult human life.

    But Lloyd does understand bullying, berating, trolling and harassment.

    He is an expert.

    I don't know anything of KimMikey's daughter's activism. But I do know that she is just one of dozens of exJW activists who Lloyd bullied off of YouTube and other platforms including JWN. It's a shocking shame that this happened to all of them.

    Most of the xjw activists who ceased their public activism did so because they were just too exhausted from 'dealing' with Lloyd. It was not just taking time and attention from their activism but also from the other aspects of their lives (spouses, children, jobs, hobbies, sleep, etc).

    For the past 10+ years, Lloyd really has had nothing else in his life to really focus his attention on and be accountable for.

    A good argument could be made that Lloyd's primary focus and purpose in life is Bullying.

    XJW, CSA, and any other activism is - for Lloyd - merely a platform or cause on which to conduct his Bullying.

    AudeSapere (meaning Dare to Know; Dare to Have Wisdom/Understanding; Dare to Think for Yourself)

  • Thisismein1972
    Jake and Lloyd have in common is they are both wanting money.

    I once tried to grift, I was beaton down by KatyKitten of all people when she was still a fan of Lloyd.

    Looking back on it now, I have to laugh at my pathetic attempt to grift.

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