It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars (continued)

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  • Diogenesister
    LMsA I think the judge should see this. Dismissal on jurisdictional grounds would actually be doing Lloyd a favour.


    It's also easy to see why Lloyd focused on Cora for doing literally nothing. A beautiful woman, happily married.

    Johnathan has more vitriol aimed at him than almost anyone, despite being very peripheral....ok he was first to give Kim a platform, but that doesn't account for it all. me it seems clear jealousy plays a part in his grudge against Johnathan - aside from good looks he had Lloyds dream life imho. ;)

  • slimboyfat

    The so-called lawsuit is a complete nonsense and has been from the start. It’s so ridiculous at every level that a formal response seems like an altogether unnecessary compliment to pay to this drivel that he has apparently been cutting and pasting in his attic, or wherever he is now. He is a child. I realise that receiving a so-called legal letter can feel threatening no matter how imbecilic and lacking self awareness the accuser, but it’s really not worth any energy beyond a good laugh. There is no way any judicial system in any country will take any of it seriously.

    Meanwhile on his channel he seems to be doing what I predicted months ago: add very occasional videos and sit back and let the money keep rolling in for as long as the suckers keep paying. He clearly hates doing JW videos to the point where it physically repulses him. He can manage a few minutes every few weeks and that’s about it. But as long as people keep sending their donations he’ll happily take them. This could go on for many months or even years. I wouldn’t be surprised if he stops videos entirely by allows the Patreon donations to tumble in regardless without making any public comment. Not bad having hundreds of pounds coming in every week for doing nothing while out looking for some other employment or means of income to replace it.

  • TonusOH

    LMsA: I think the judge should see this.

    I suppose the defendants can file documents of their own, but as slimboyfat said, it's unnecessary. And that is what Lloyd is counting on. He knows he will never have to deal with the suit in an actual courtroom. He won't have to deal with discovery requests (although...). He won't have to face cross examination. He won't have to see others -including his wife- face cross examination. He is making his case to his patrons, not to the court. And since it will be dismissed, he can stick to his narrative.

    Of course, that won't go well either. Once the case ends, the real trial can begin. The seven have been gifted with page after page of evidence content. Maybe there will be videos carefully reviewing all of the claims and discussing why those claims were made. Maybe have a lawyer browse the evidence and point out what a mess it all was. Have them explain why the case was doomed from the start. Make in-depth videos explaining the timeline of Evans's bad decisions over the previous two or three years. What can he do? How can he claim vindication when the humiliation has gotten worse?

    That video. Tsk, tsk. Shouldn't have made that video...

  • Teddnzo

    So could someone really take someone else to court if they said something not nice about someone else? Yes this is as ridiculous as it sounds.

    Lets take the hypothetical situation that Lloyd never actually visited sex workers regularly and never admitted to that, then someone accused them of this very thing.

    Could there actually be a court case where there is a trail to see if the accusations are true? If the person never saw sex workers what is the actual crime? Defamation? Then what?

    this is playground stuff

  • Ron.W.
    That video. Tsk, tsk. Shouldn't have made that video...


  • Toblerone5
    Lloyd focused on Cora for doing literally nothing.

    It was bad enough that he sued her husband but he had to sued her too? Why ? The same with Kim Brooks.😠 He had to sued not just Mikey but her too ? Come On ! To be fair I will like to say😉It was all the smell of the chemical he put in his hair that affected his brain , but who are we kidding here...What Brain? You really have to be a vindictive jerk to do that ! Well suing 7 people for just repeating His own words , is pretty insane to begin with , then again look who I'm talking about...

    He's lucky Marc or Mikey don't go all Will Smith on him...Now that's a video I would love to watch 😁 Oh and why not... He should have a big slap for each lawsuit he files ,so 8, Kim Silvio gets a double one for what he did to her, Let's see 🤔 another one for the hole Raynond Franz book thing, his tantrum video, the way he treated his wife , the way he treated the ex-jw community ...Oh boy, I bet I could also make 64 pages of how many slap he really deserved ...

  • TonusOH

    Teddnzo: So could someone really take someone else to court if they said something not nice about someone else?

    It depends on the legal system in any particular country. But it's also a bit more complicated than that.

    In the USA, you can file a lawsuit for just about anything. But there are usually certain requirements that must be met in order for the court to agree to hear the case. If you don't meet the requirements, the case is likely to be dismissed before it gets to trial. In some cases, it can be dismissed with prejudice, in which case it cannot be filed again. The US tries to walk a line between giving people the freedom to use the legal system while also trying to prevent abuse of it. But most of our lawmakers are lawyers, so...

    The reason Lloyd's suit will be dismissed is because it is a criminal suit and there have been no crimes committed, much less committed on Croatian soil. I think he either saw it as a useful publicity stunt (which has gone horrendously wrong for him) or was driven by such anger that he reacted foolishly and was too proud to rescind the action (which has also gone wrong). Should be decide to ignore the lesson and file civil suits, those will go just as badly. The bright side would be that the more he drags the whole thing out, the more opportunities there are to watch him step on rakes.

  • Simon
    Lets take the hypothetical situation that Lloyd never actually visited sex workers regularly and never admitted to that, then someone accused them of this very thing.

    That's the key thing - no one would have. This is all because he did those things, told other people he'd done those things, and then broadcast a video to tell the whole world he'd done those things.

    "those things" being "used prostitutes on a regular basis"

    Could there actually be a court case where there is a trail to see if the accusations are true? If the person never saw sex workers what is the actual crime? Defamation? Then what?

    It's irrelevant. There is a public confession that he did those things. What he's calling "defamation" is people simply reporting on his own admissions. i.e. it isn't defamatory at all, because it isn't untrue.

    If he hadn't regularly visited prostitutes, who would invent such a thing?

    If someone makes such an accusation with no basis whatsoever, to damage a persons reputation, then that is defamation and you can sue them into oblivion. But all most normal people would have to do is tell the world that it's a lie, and as long as their reputation isn't that of a dirty grubby little shit, the world knows it would be out of character.

    Being of good character is no worthless thing.

  • Simon

    And a periodic reminder: what lawsuit are we talking about?

    AFAIK there isn't one. No one has been served any papers.

    Someone please correct me, but as far as I see it the story so far is:

    Lloyd told his female volunteers what he'd been doing. They quite rightly quit and said why.

    Lloyd made a YouTube video admitting everything was true. We're not talking "genius" here, remember.

    People went "OMG, did you see what Lloyd admitted to? It's all true!"

    Lloyd then went to his closest local lawyer to get them to send out some lawyer-letter-headed threatening letters that they would be sued if they didn't send him some $$$.

    Everyone effectively, and quite rightly, told them to fuck off.

    Lloyd then filed papers, but didn't provide any details to the court and wouldn't tell anyone what he claimed was defamatory.

    The court finally looked at his submission and also told him to fuck off if he didn't provide details within a certain period.

    He didn't. But then just dumped a shit-ton of random social media screen-shots, thinking that the court is going to piece everything together and make a case for him? I expect another "fuck off" for him sometime soon.

    IMO the faux lawsuit isn't for the purpose of winning any litigation. He's spending the absolute least amount of money and effort he can on it.

    But what he has put a lot of effort into is publicizing it and fund-raising off the back of it. He's tried to make himself into a victim, instead of the victimizer he's been shown up to be over many years.

    That is the main purpose of it AFAICT, plus it is a way for him to harass the people he blames for reporting on his misfortune. Because he lacks the ability to self analyze, and the moral character to accept and apologize for his actions and shameful life-choices.

    As I said right at the beginning of all this: what he should have done is admitted he'd fucked up, that he'd let his supporters down, and then disappeared.

    Lloyd will always pick the dumbest option.

  • ExBethelitenowPIMA

    Should I or should I not be that worried if someone took me to court for defamation? Even if I did indeed accuse someone falsely of visiting sex workers how on earth could they prove that they didn’t? Especially if they have admitted to it on a record

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