Regional Convention Attendance

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  • WingCommander

    Just think, Jersey City is near WT HQ. (relatively). So they can't even get JW's within a couple hours to attend Assemblies anymore. This, after closing and combining Congregations to fudge the numbers to begin with.

    WT is circling the bowl.


    I think he meant, there are 2600 people in the "16+ congregations", but actual attendance for the convention where those 16+ were assigned varied between 1400-1900

    Correct, I apologize for the bad writing. Also the stream link is pre-recorded and has to be obtained from an elder. It is not public as it was during COVID. I got it from our Group Overseer due to my wife's chronic condition.


    Also the math was wierd for me as well 2600/ 16 is a lot of publishers but my buddy said that many congregations near "the temple" in Warwick are bursting at the seams 120-180 publishers due to move in's to work on the constantly being delayed Ramapo project. They are also dissolving and merging left and right near the northeast but keeping in relatively on the down low.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim


    I see an eventual '3-day Circus a$$embly' model to replace the Regional(district CONvention) in the near future.

    At a$$emby hall$

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    I wonder what the numbers for the Toyota Arena in Ontario California which seats over 11,000 are and what the numbers for the Long Beach California Covention Center which seats over 13,500 are. These two convention centers are about 50 miles or 1 hour 15 minutes drive from each other.

    I know this past weekend (June 9th thru June 11th) Long Beach Convention Friday had 4,000, Saturday had 4,300+...not sure Sunday. What would be good to know is how many congregations were assigned. I know congregations as far north as San Fernando Valley (75 miles 1 1/2 hours away) were there in long Beach.

    But imagine being at a convention with over 13,500 seats & as low as 4,000 in attendance...2/3rds of the seats empty. What were WT Convention Committee planners thinking?

    Can someone from the above regions fill in the blanks...please?

  • LV101

    Great topic, thanks, XBEHERE. Thanks, Ghost for analyzing - I looked and thought same . . . 162+ not half bad for 16 congs. w/all the negative stats we've been reading about. Made sense reading XBE's 2nd paragraph.

  • Diogenesister
    Correct, I apologize for the bad writing

    You made perfect sense to me!😳

  • Gorb

    Many elderly jw's don't attend anymore. The oldtimers see no reason.

    The conventions have the seize of a circuit now with no old friends to find.

    So what is better then stream in the comfort of the living room.


  • Hellothere

    My pimi mother told me her elder wants to visit her with co. To get her off Zoom. She said she's not interested in having a visit. She started talking about were all money from sold kingdom halls is going and about child abuse cases in org. Yesterday I was talking to another pimi JW friend. And out of the blue he started talking about org and United nations. And why is org pushing vaccin. Seems too be a great waking up among pimis. Like mass upheaval.

  • LV101

    Hellothere - howdy! With so many elderly JW biting the dust where is all the monies from their estates. WT criminal lawyers for all the child pedophilia must be draining them. Between payoffs from Big Pharma for jabs and mammoth collection from estates of elderly WT should be on a roll. I'm sure the elderly still kickin' contributing their normal bucks to WT while they're too ill or tired to drag to meetings -- still ahead of the game IMO. I'd contribute double to avoid meetings.

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