Breaking News: Anthony Morris III no longer serving on the Governing Body

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  • Fisherman
    Do you think that nothing has value unless it its eternal?

    If God didn’t exist, how does anything have value? —A tasteless, giftless device of evolution. Turn off love, an autopilot and steer the ship yourself. Wild beasts with brains with no meaningful purpose except vengeance. Sons of death in exchange for a sweet epicurean meal. —A fallacy, an illusion, a worthless, meaningless —lie.

  • cofty

    Samcats - Why bother preparing a beautiful meal, you will only get hungry again? Why go on a holiday with family or friends? It will soon be over and memories will fade. Why accept medical help? Any improvement in health will only be temporary and you will die one day?

    No theist actually lives like they believe life is pointless unless it is eternal.

    I would like to discuss it with you further but don't want to hijack this thread.

    Fisherman - you are a caricature of a crazy dogmatist.

  • Fisherman
    Why bother

    That is right. You realize there is no meaningful purpose.

  • cofty

    Fishy are you familiar with the concept of a rhetorical question?

  • Fisherman

    To Cofty

    Onus is on you to show a standard of value.

  • Fisherman

    Getting late here mate.

  • cofty

    Start a new thread I will happily discuss it with you both

  • ozziepost
    I think that the problem is that there is a governing body at all.

    There is no problem, there is no evidence for a Watchtower inspired governing body at all.

    Reading the scriptural record in Luke’s Acts of the Apostles we read that there was a dispute between the church of Antioch and the church in Jerusalem. Judaizers from Jerusalem had visited Antioch and sought to impose adherence to Judaizer compliance.

    The church in Antioch sent Paul and Barnabas to the church in Jerusalem to seek a resolution.

    The record in Acts clearly records what occurred.

    The Watchtower Org (Borg) has distorted the NTrecord to reinforce their teaching of a governing body authorority.

    The truth is that there never was a governing body.

    Tony Morris has inherited a position that can only be traced back to the mid 2000’s; even the popes of Rome have more history!

  • TheOldHippie

    Appearances .............

    When watching the recent GB, four of them look very much alike (Morris, Jackson, Sanderson, Cook), they are more or less overweight, not tall, they are very "buddy-like" towards each other, joking.

    Then in come Fleegle and Winder, and they are totally different. They are taller, slim, glasses, very short hair, look as if they come directly from the gym, and their eyes/look are very alert, sharp, no fuzz. My first impression, of course of no importance whatsoever, but still ...... they look like two who can bring new vigour, new outlook, something different into the group.

    And by the way, one of them DID come from Service dept. - Fleegle.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    And by the way, one of them DID come from Service dept. - Fleegle.

    i thought he came from the farm !
    Sounds like an implement used on sheep.

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