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  • never a jw
    never a jw
    As previously advised, do a lot of research. Becoming a JW is a huge commitment that can have lifetime negative consequences, or positive if you happily and unquestioningly are willing to follow human orders and decrees that are designed to control every aspect of your life.
  • Diogenesister

    What an odd post. You claim difficulties with language "influent, 18teen" then make grammer 'mistakes'only an extremely fluent people make, knowing they do so eg "good of a person". Oh well, I guess you have your reasons. Also does any newb JW attempt to dress "sensually?" too?

    Ps it's 5 yrs to become an MD

  • silvia

    They are worried that you're there to take one of the men. Elderette has increased her judgmental behavior due to you leaving and now coming back. She was probably nice the first time around thinking her son and you could be a match. You left and I bet she saw this as rejection. Now this time around she deems you spiritually weak. You have no family in and you're super educated and put together. I'm not sure why you want to join a group that views you as a threat. You don't fit the mold. That's a problem to them. Save yourself the heartache.

    Your name sounds so familiar by the way. ;)

  • BelleStar

    Esmeralda001 I was a born-in and still experienced constant criticism until I was old enough to break free, My hair was too long/too wild/to sexual , my make up always wrong, I dressed in stylish but unusual clothes to suit MY personality but that was always commented upon, and it was always the Elders wives that had to make the comments. I never felt good enough for them so believe me when I tell you that this will NEVER change. If you moved to another congregation someone would soon treat you this way. The fact you are still at University is enough for them to think your heart is not with the 'Truth'. Continue your bible study if you wish, but please be aware that this type of treatment is not unique to you and will continue.

  • LisaRose

    In the bible Jesus says, "by this all will know you are my disciples, that you have love for one another". Think about that. It's not the preaching work, but love that identifies true Christians. Now think about what they teach at the Kingdom Hall. Do they talk about showing love? Do you feel that love? Or do they talk more about the preaching work?

    What you are experiencing is what we all experienced as well, this kind of judgmental and critical behavior towards any who are different in any way. They do not approve of higher education, so that sets you apart, they are jealous because you are smarter and better educated. There are some very nice Jehovah's Witnesses, but there are also a lot of petty, mean people, and the religion does nothing to motivate them to be any different, in fact they encourage this judgmental behavior.

    You should think about whether you want to spend your life with these people because the reality is that it will always be like this. Your education and income will always set you apart and make people suspicious of you. It's a religion that hates and devalues women, and they do not know what to do with a strong, intelligent woman who is not married.

    I suggest you look into this religion more before you commit. There are a lot of things wrong, this is just the tip of the iceberg. They will tell you it's all lies, that we are bitter, angry apostates, but there are things they don't tell you about their history and practices that you can verify, so don't take our word for it, do your own research.

    These are the things you should look into:

    Their harsh Disfellowshiping practices. If you decide to leave you will be shunned by everyone you know. They say that you can just leave and it's not a problem, but that only works if you don't do anything they consider a sin, like celebrating Christmas, voting or taking a blood transfusion.

    They have a history of covering up child sex abuse. Google Candace Conti, or the Australian royal commission on Jehovah's Witnesses and pedophiles.

    They have predicted the end of the world many times, most recently in 1975, but also many other dates. They base their chronology on the date for the fall of Jerusalem being 607 BCE, when no reputable biblical scholar supports that date. They used to teach that the generation that was around in 1914 would not pass away before the end of the world. When that didn't happen they redefined "this generation" to mean overlapping generations, which is patently ridiculous.

    They are not open about their finances, there is no accountability, if they are honest why are they hiding this information?

    Their members have a high rate of depression and suicide.

    You are obviously very intelligent, I think if you do some basic research you will figure this out.

    Lisa 🌹

  • Finkelstein

    .To make a long story short I was introduced to the Truth when I was 18een

    You didn't find the " The Truth " you found the corrupt Watchtower Corporation which exploited the Gospel of Christ Jesus to proliferate its own printed publications and further exploit people fears , insecurities and ignorance of what the bible really says. In short the WTS interpretations were deviously corrupt.

    There is very little of the truth in this organization to be truthfully honest.

  • Esmeralda001

    I just had a look at the website you guys told me about (jwfacts), and to be quite honest with you my heart is aching. I feel betrayed and lost . If the JWs don't have the truth, who has it?? How can I worship Jehovah? Something really bad happened to me this summEr (I don't want to go through the details because i'm still recovering). I was going through a difficult time, and God helped me getting on my feet. I felt his presence in presence in my life. I know I might sound foolish but I really think Jehovah God is real. Words are not powerful enough to describe how GOOD he has been to me!!!! I have to make him a very important part of my life. I really want to serve Jah even if that means that I have to be affiliated with a strange group of people... I'm not trying to have a close relationship with the members of the organization by no means. I'm well aware of the love bombing part. I also understand that I might be seen as a bad association to some. I don't expect everybody to get along with me, nor do I want to get invited to JW events. I actually think it's best for me to keep my contact with the brothers and sister at the bare minimum. Like mentioned above, i'm a quiet introverted person and I don't like people getting their nose in my business. The only thing that I demand is to be treated with some respect at the kingdome hall. If the members of the org want to limit their interactions with me outside the hall, that doesn't concern me.

    As for the elder's wife I was talking about, she is well known for her bratty attitude. Yet everybody turns a blind eye on it... Why?! She shunned an entire family just because her younger daughter (age :19) has had a beef at school with another young sister. I remember her being particularly spiteful towards me at the last convention. I was sitting on a bench in the parc reading a book and enjoying my sandwich. It's was during the break. Her son saw that I was alone, sat next to me, and started to cheat-chat with me. When the elderette saw him, she yelled at him to go back to the assembly hall, she gave me a dirty look, and then walked away. She is very wrong if she thinks i'm after her son. First of all he is the one who always try to introduce a conversation (never the other way around). And the last thing I want to do is to date a 26 years old man who is unable to stand for himself. What I find weird is that sometimes the elderette will have her older daughter (age: 28) to ask me questions about my education and my job. Why would you give some much attention to a person that you don't like anyway? I'm so tired of being suspected that I started to wear my mother's engagement ring. It went to my ears that some brother from another congro asked the elders if I was a suitable choice for a courtship. They said no... Hopefully with a ring on a my finger, I won't be the center of their gossip anymore.

  • Finkelstein

    I really want to serve Jah

    Why don't you involve yourself in Judaism then, that's where this God originated after all. ?

  • OneEyedJoe
    Take it slow and don't hurry to join any group. Examine things for yourself and don't let anyone presume to tell you what is truth and what is not. If you trust in the god of the bible, and you believe the new-testament version of god, then he is all-loving, just, and can read your heart. In spite of what the JWs teach, a god with such qualities would never punish you for taking your time in order to be certain of how best to worship, if that is indeed what you decide to do.
  • Vanderhoven7


    Why don't you try a few churches; look around; find a Christian home church that will not exploit you, but build you up in the Christian faith.

    Remember the truth is a person. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Don't settle for religion. Look for a church that preaches the Bible, not man-made speculations.

    God loves you and will help you as you call on Him.


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