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  • Alive!
    Baptism should never involve a pledge to an organisation - it is not scriptural and is 'adding to the things written'
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    Bienvenue, vous avez bien écrit l'anglais. C'est dommage votre situation, mais il y a certains gens qui se croient plus supérieur que les autres. Peut-être ils se sent menacé pour votre présence à cause de leur fils et le fait que vous n'êtes pas baptisée. Il faut faire des recherches avant de se baptiser.

    Best of luck in your research!

  • Esmeralda001

    @ A.proclaimer

    merci pour cette réponse. Je continuerai de progresser dans mes recherches avant de poser un geste irréversible. En attendant d'en arriver à une conclusion, je demanderai à être transferrer de congrégation, car cet environnement m'est insupportable. Je vous tiendrai au courant.

    bisous, bisous.

  • Alive!

    Sadly a transfer of congregation will not change the reality that you will possibly face this situation again.

    Then what?

  • Cook My Socks
    Cook My Socks
    Hi - I have not been on this forum for a long time (as a member anyway) but one thing seems obvious to me. No matter which side you are sitting on - you love JW's or you don't.. You don't seem ready to make the commitment. Let's be honest - if you were then you wouldn't be here?
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    @ Alive

    I figured that switching congregation would give me the opportunity to start over again. Although there's no garantee that i'm going to become a JW (yes i'm still investigating), moving to another congro will facilitate my integration. The congro i'm thinking of is mainly composed of eldery people and mature couples. I can't be a treat to these people. I won't be a problem for no family. The members will just see my as a weird bird at worst. There isn't no single brothers , So I won't have to worry about being someone's stumbling block.

    Again I'm just here to do what God requires me to do. I'm not asking anyone anything. I don't mind not being invited to JW events. I don't mind not being friend with the brothers and sisters. I just want a peacefull environnement where I can find God and deepen my knowledge of the bible without all the drama.

  • Esmeralda001

    @ cook my socks

    "You don't seem ready to make the commitment"

    would you commit to a religion without knowing what you are getting yourself into?

    "You love JW's or you don't"

    Do I love Jehovah God? Yes absolutely (otherwise I wouldn't be enduring this mess). Do I love *JW's*? Well it depends on the individual.

  • flipper

    I cannot understand why you would consider joining this organization.

    They are wolves in sheep's clothing.

    Mrs. Flipper

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  • truthlover


    If you feel guilty because the sister "caught" you with her brother, think how you would feel if someone gave you a hug... you don't want to feel guilty because of an innocent act.... actually, it has been said from the WT that even married persons should not hold hands in the hall, nor should one hug the person of the opposite sex, even though many nationalities have expressions of greetings such as this....

    Just a thought - don't feel guilty..

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