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    Smart woman 👏👏👏
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    Mary J Blige
    Must you belong to an organization or preach the good news alongside an orchestrated collective to worship god in a full and sincere way?
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    Introvert 2

    To the OP : Also look into Captives Of a Concept by Don Cameron.

    You touched on this briefly with 'new light' of Prov 4:18 and how it ties in to Math 24 :45-47 and the Faithful and Discreet slave. This was a rhetorical question posed by Jesus and was not meant to point to any one particular group. The WT don't have a leg to stand on once this is shown. I believe they did this for 'unity at all costs' and even though their reasons may of been honorable at one point long ago, they certainly no longer are.

    Oh and the 'well where will we go, you have saying of everlasting life' spoken by Peter. Well the answer to that is Jesus Christ himself, not the 'organization' that claims to be Jehovah's organization. Actually when you stand back and look at it there whole way about upholding themselves is childish, immature and reminds me of schoolboy behavior and bullying.

  • Londo111

    Please reread Matthew 24:14. Note that it contains no command.

    I believe the geers are turning in your mind. Keep taking in information from all sources.

  • Truthexplorer
    Hi Esmarelda, You obviously are a spiritual person and want to lead your life as a Christian. That is perfectly fine. That's what I thought I was doing when I was baptised 24 years ago. Little did I know how controlling the society was. I joined what I thought was an honest Christian faith group that would help me fill my spiritual needs. As time went on, I experienced the self righteous, superior attitudes by a number of individuals in various halls whenever I wasnt doing well spiritually. NOTE: that once you are baptised, you can not freely choose to leave, if for instance, in the future you decided to join another Christian faith group. You will be shunned. That's the Governing Body policy on the matter. Things get really tricky when you get married, have family in the org. You will be viewed as spiritually weak and frowned upon by some (not all) for engaging in higher education. You will never feel good enough if a little bit wishy washy with field service, meetings etc. You will continuously have doubts about all manner of teachings, policies, written and unwritten rules. I am in good standing in my hall. I have family and relatives who are witnesses. It is now more a social club from my perspective. I have my own 'Christian' beliefs that I feel are in accord with Gods word. I dare not discuss my beliefs openly with others at the hall as know I would be disfellowshpped. I have to secretly celebrate my child's birthday, ( which my totally in wife is happy to do, thank goodness). You need to research before committing yourself to what is basically a publishing company. That's what the Watchtower started out as; simply to edify or build up Christians in their faith through their publications (without the control). 'JW facts' is a good research tool. Allow the holy spirit to guide you in the way of truth. All the best to you. TE
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    @ Truthexplored: Let's say I get baptised, and then get disfellowship for joining another christian faith, how could it possibly affect me? I mean I have no family or friends in the org and (I have a few acquitances, but they're obviously not my friends which is fine for me). I won't even consider coming back. I've noticed that the members who tend to come back are the ones who have left their family members in the org. They don't want to lose the only friends and family they've ever known so they compromise. Someone who has nothing to loose except for their name (wich in my case has already been spoiled as you can tell from my post) can leave the org. with no real consequences. This person won't loose (especially if they never fitted in or were never invited anywhere in the first place). I've witnessed a member being shunned after they announced publically that she was no longer a JW. It was a very sad day. Everybody was griefing. She got reinstated a year an a half afterwards. It's typical case.

  • Esmeralda001

    Hi guys,

    I just want to give you a quite update. The scrutiny which i'm the object of hasn't stopped. It's quite the contrary. From the last week to today, something must have occurred because they're watching me more than ever. Plus today an incident occurred which I think i'll get in trouble for: I attended the theocratic school earlier this evening. During the song I went to the rest room. On my way back to the main hall I encountered the presiding-elder's son who was heading towards the restroom. Since he (along with his mother and his 4 sisters) has been shunning me for months now, I try to avoid any awkwardness by not acknowledge his presence which I failed to do because he padded me on the shoulder telling me that it was nice to see again. Then He asked what was up with me. I didn't have the chance to reply when his oldest sister emerged from out of nowhere. I could see the discomfort in his gesture. He was acting all guilty yet we haven't done anything that could bring shame upon God's name (where doesn't it say in the bible that is forbidden to speak with someone who isn't not a JW?). It was a very awkward situation... I feel like i'm walking on eggshell. Hopefully the sister won't report the incident to her parents... And if she does report it, I hope the brother will have the honesty to say that he was the one who introduced the conversation.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    If the JWs are so anal on trivial things like the one you mentioned then rest assured that it will get worse as the years go by. And it won't be from just that one family.

    By the way, welcome to the forum. Stay around and you'll see the reason why many here are begging you to stay - run - away from the JW religion.

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    Esmarelda, don't get baptised for the wrong reasons. If you get baptised, are you doing it for your love for God and his son Jesus Christ or are you getting baptised to prove to the superfine apostles (aka elderette and others) that you are spiritual? You really need to weigh things up before you commit to the organisation. once baptised, your conscience will be in conflict. Yes there are many genuinely good people within the org, but it is the small number of super righteous ones who will make your experience uncomfortable over trivial matters such as choosing higher education, not doing enough etc. Once baptised, it is very hard to leave. Life goes on. You may meet someone and marry relatively quickly and settle in for years. You may get to where many of us are at this time, quietly go along with things as best you can, staying under the radar, but always wishing the org would budge their finger on so many things such as the shunning policy etc. For me, I am now settled in for the long good night and wait on Christ to come back and bring an end to all man made error. Whatever you decide to do, ensure to pray on it. Best regards TE
  • Alive!


    Keep searching, keep knocking.

    Remember those words?

    Do you want to settle for an imperfect package of beliefs - having your conscience messed with as doctrine changes 'just like that'....

    It's up to you...you know something? I'm prepared to have faith that a spiritual education from our own very God is not dependant on forced inculcation.

    I've been a witness for a mere 25 years, I have joined in congregational prayers, thanking our God for 'new truths' - they weren't truths - they were false teachings - my religion - the 'one and only true religion' taught me these false teachings and insisted that I believe each one at that time - or else surely I'd be out of step with my God.

    You have just started - take no notice of the actions of other witnesses in your congretion, it's just life - and these people are full of.....a culture of deceit and lies - please, take notice of the organisations method of teaching.

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