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  • rebelfighter


    I am sorry you went through some very tough times this past summer, I am happy you felt the presence of Jehovah.

    I am not a JW but I am much older then you and I know how it feels to go through those tough times and know that God is walking every step with you. On my wall in my bedroom, each morning when I wake and each night before I go to bed I read "Footprints in the Sand" . I have had my share of challenges in life but God and I have walked this path together. Many times there were only one set of foot prints in the sand and I know if it was God and my trust in him seeing me through some of the really bad spots.

    Before you go any further look up all the child abuse issues. I had an Elder spend 5 years lying to me before I found out the truth about this religion and he knew that I am a very strong child advocate.

    There are much safer places where you can serve God. Please please run the other way.

  • Esmeralda001

    Why don't you involve yourself in Judaism then, that's where this God originated after all.
    true chistians are required to preach as it is mentioned in Mat.24:14
  • LongHairGal

    Hi Esmeralda:

    Please, I implore you, get the hell away from that religion and those people!

    There is nothing that Witnesses hate more than a single woman who is attractive/educated with a good job or career. They will do everything in their power to undermine you and derail you from your academic career. They will also try to separate you from your family (the only people who really love you)!! Don't let this happen!

    This is no brotherhood and the attitudes there are pretty sick. The hypocrisy is monumental.

    They are motivated by envy and jealousy and it was MY feeling that they sought to ABASE any woman who they felt was educated and/or with a good job. This was my experience and observation. I was on the "fringes" and wasted time there when I should have walked early on. Thankfully, I never listened to them and kept my full-time job and am retired now!

    You deserve better in life and have the right to pursue your dreams and goals without being looked down upon. At best, you'll get phony smiles. You won't be invited much anywhere (except by an elderly person here and there) and will always be a subject of scrutiny and will feel like a hologram on the wall.

    Don't waste any time there. Walk away and live your life and be happy!

  • FayeDunaway
    I completely understand you turning to God at a very low point in your life and finding him and feeling grateful and close to him...that is how I felt after being raised a JW....went through a low point, opened my heart to the true meaning of the Bible, and turned to Christ. Now after years of transition im in a mainline Christian church and I am so happy to be there and among true friends. You do NOT have to settle for the witnesses as the only answer. They have manipulated the bible towards what they want you to believe. Please keep an open mind about this. There are other ways that will not make you miserable. Why join a legalistic religion that is so built on superficial things? Research their doctrine! You will be happier, I promise, and you do not have to betray the God you have come to love.
  • Finkelstein

    true Christians are required to preach as it is mentioned in Mat.24:14

    A true Gospel according to Jesus Christ and his direction, not the transcribed Gospel according the Watchtower Corporation .

    There is a difference if you care about that.

    A true devoted Christian would have nothing to do with this organization of false prophetic charlatanism and stay clearly away from it at all costs and concern.

  • Alive!

    Esmeralda - Pete Zahut made a couple of points:

    'People are just people everywhere, JWs are no different, they just think they are.'

    I was a convert - I can't tell you how true this turned out to be....

    Just be aware of this.

    You will be required to defer to their position of what makes a spiritual person.

    And this involves 'stuff' that is at odds with scriptures.

    What is the good news that is to be taught?

    This is your journey - do take care and look before you leap....

  • Dold Agenda
    Dold Agenda
    Sweden here talking..
    "God helped me getting on my feet. I felt his presence in presence in my life. I know I might sound foolish but I really think Jehovah God is real"

    No! You felt some energy or something that wanted to help you. That may be true... but don't asume that it is the JV:s "Jehova┬┤h" that wanted to help you....
    Please investigate that origin further before you take any decisions.

    I was a "born in" in 35 years+ so i know what i talk about to get out of the cult... my wife and i have lost half of each others relatives to get our selves and our kids free... but it was worth it, any day!
    Don't get your self fooled by idiotic promises of some "paradise" in the future!

    Ask your self where the millions of the people are today after the book that was released to them 1918 that promised "Millions Now living wont ever die!"

    I'm sorry.. we have all got on a scam....

  • truthlover123

    The sister is probably mad at you because you are getting a good education to be a medical professional, hence making more money than her kids, more security pension wise, better furniture, better self esteem than what her children are going to obtain as they are being told to pioneer and get a part time low end job to support themselves in these "last days"---- and you are a shining example of the opposite - so she has some axe to grind against you.

    There will always be those types in the congregations - the love that is mentioned is apparently a choice for those who feel entitled to discredit others.. Tread carefully. This is from someone who is in a congregation. They will smile, pat you on the back, etc. but you are a single person - if a male you will get a wife, if a female you will search for a JW husband who can tell you what to do as he will be your head- male JWS are in short supply.

    You appear very spiritual, this is a good thing, however, please do some fact checking about the Australian Royal Commission report that is on the Internet. Read it very objectively. You will gain some insight as to what you are getting into. But on the other hand, this may be what you want and if so, it definitely is your choice to make.

  • truthlover123
    I also meant to mention, you do have to be thick skinned if you want to get along, as those who hurt you are to be your brothers and sisters and you really have to be forgiving and loving and accept apologies or try to forget they have hurt you. They go on their merry way and probably will never change but Hey!! aren't we all imperfect?? (sarcastic remark)
  • alwaysthinking
    Once you get in you must marry a brother, not just a brother, but one with good stand. What gonna happen if you reject somebody who pursue you? Think through everything before taking any action, it's easy way in hard way out.

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