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  • Max Divergent
    Max Divergent

    Hi Scooby - I'm glad you had that expereince. I went to a wedding not so long a go and had a similar experience. I'm fairly sure that if I went back to one of my old congo's it'd be the same. JW's are generally very nice, decent people (though misled into sometimes indecent actions).

    Some (many?) here are outspoken, opionionated folk (not critisising, just observing) who would no doubt have stirred up the nest on the way out and wouldn't hesitate to do so at any opportunity. You and I probably didn't and would be accepted on face value back there again.

    Also, many American's tend to take things like this incredibly seriously compared to the British who tend to be more convivial on the whole (and get less done in life coz they're busy chitter chattering about nothing over cups of tea or pints of best bitter).


  • rocketman

    Scooby, you obviously hd a nice time there, and were won over by the same thing most humans are - seemingly warm, caring people coming over and saying hello, etc. We all respond to that. We're human after all.

  • teenyuck

    Scooby-Your love fest is now over. Go back on Sunday and tell the elders you have been hanging (just for fun) on an Apostate Website (AW) and see how much *love* you are shown.


    Well scooby, you have to remember that your in a forum filled with xjw's. If they didn't leave the org, then they were booted out for one reason or another. Ifyour not an xjw with the obligatory "here's my story" then be prepared to be shunned and ridiculed here. It's all part of the game. Most here despise the jw religion and try desperately to integrate back into "normal society". That's why many begin to celebrate all the holidays and re adjust back to into "wordly-mode" Ultimately, they assume it's easier to burry the pain and then re-establish a link with the world. Reading some of the "experiences" of some of the posters on this forum you have to wonder whether they ever had any real faith in Jehovah or was it more of a faith in the org itself. When I started reading posts about being pro-war, joining the military, taking up smoking and all other forms of debauchery that's when I realised that any faith in jehovah that these people may have had all but disappeared long, long ago. I suggest you stay on this forum, scooby. It's interesting to read and understand what your NOT missing by dumping your faith in Jehovah.

    Ah, another one who is here to *save* us perhaps?

    Frankly, integrating into *normal* society (You acknowledge the dubs are not normal) is very easy. You go about your life and you don't have some old, wrinkled, casterated dumb-Fucx telling you how to live your life. Try it. You will like it. Especially the oral sex. Much more fun than *missionary*.

    Faith in Jehovah or faith in the org....what a choice. How about neither. As noted above, the wrinkled old men in Brooklyn, telling average people how to live the most intimate details of their lives is insane. If you must pledge your allegiance to the borg in order to be accepted, something is wrong.

    Debauchery---Please look the word up and understand what it means. There is a wonderful book, called a dictionary, that might help you.

    BTW, I like being debauched. It's fun.

  • xjw_b12

    Chuckling at wasasister's triple posts. You go'll make Jedi in no time at that rate !

    ScoobySnax said:

    oh wasasister, I forget to add, don't look so proud as you flounce in, you're not the centre of attention here tonight. Have a nice one though.

    Excuse us, Oh Haughty One !

  • Francois

    Scoob, glad you had a good experience. Statistically you're in the Twilight Zone, but I'm happy for you anyway.

    Why don't you go back permanently? You could report monthly on how you're being treated. Anything can happen once. Go on back and try them for the long haul. And do keep in mind that you've had one good experience at a memorial meeting. How does that change their pedophile protection policy? How does that affect 120 years of false prophecies? How does that change their doctrinal U-turns; their theological flip-flops; their spiritual arrogance; the "death sentences" they've enforced against loving people whose only flaw was not agreeing with a teaching today that very well might be changed tomorrow? I wonder about these and many other questions that might apply in what you've seen on the one night in the year when JWs everywhere are on their best behavior. Are you able to see your treatment in its proper context?

    My only motivation in pointing out these things is concern for your burgeoning hope. I've seen so many have their hope dashed, including my own.


  • undercover

    I went to the memorial and experienced much what Scoob experienced. Everyone was so glad to see me. All the elders said hello, good to see you, without sideways looks. Pioneers smiled, said hello, good to see you. Old friends I haven't seen in a while came up and talked. No one sneered, jeered or shunned me(I am not DFd, DAd, just completely inactive). It was enough to make you think, ya know, these folks ain't so bad. They're just people. I actually miss some of em. But then the talk starts and you realize this guy doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. He trys to explain the 144,000. He trys to explain how the anointed know that they are anointed. He reads from 1 Corinthians about how to partake in the evening meal but doesn't read the verse that says "keep doing this till the Lord arrives". Guess he didn't have time to explain/rationalize that one.

    Even though everyone was so friendly, whether just love bombing or actually sincere, it doesn't matter. The stuff spewing from the speakers mouth made me not want to have to deal with this stuff week in and week out. And make no mistake, you start going back to meetings, then you're gonna get hit with the elders wanting you to study again. They will expect improvement in meeting attendance and then service. It starts all over again. The friendliness of the friends wans also. You will go back to your cliques and they to theirs. I can handle a meeting here and there just to see some friends/family. I can zone out an hour or two once every 3-4 months. But I don't want to be regular enough that they expect me at every meeting again, or that I'm going to put on a suit and tie on Saturday morning, peddling magazines.

  • integ

    I went to the memorial as well last night, and I know what scooby snax is trying to relate. There REALLY ARE good and decent people in the org...Which is why I have developed such an abhorrence for the FDS et al. When I see some of these old timers who have been touting the end of the system for so many years, only to have these dashed with a single penstroke of an old man who has been granted divine favor of bringing us "new light" it makes me a little upset. There are some very nice folks at the hall. But you can only take this stuff in very small doses. (once a year for memorial). Scooby likes the "love". I understand that. But what about the doctrines, control, df'ing, etc.? Does that even matter to Scooby? A lie is a lie....No matter how many "nice" people believe it.

  • gitasatsangha

    Quit persecuting us, Scoob!

  • cruzanheart

    I think Scooby sounds very angry inside, very conflicted. I think he's at the crossroads of recovery where he has to make a choice: go back to the old familiar or take a stand and think for himself. I think he is angry about being put in a position where he has to make that decision, and it's spilling out to some innocent people on this board.

    I know a lot of JWs who are truly wonderful, sincere people. I want to keep them as my friends. I also know that Memorial is a time at the KH that feels just a little bit special (and JWs have so little they are allowed to celebrate) that everyone has their party face on. I'm sure Scooby's friends were thrilled to see him again, and that's great! However, to apply that attitude to the entire organization, which they serve, is a pipe dream. To belittle other people's feelings on this board, especially people who have been terribly hurt by this organization, is an inappropriate placement of Scooby's anger.

    Wasasister, I think you did a really nice thing for your daughter last night. Big Tex went to Memorial with me for many years, just because he knew how much it meant to me. His kindness in doing that is something I will treasure for my whole life. Hugs to you!!!!!


  • JT
    How does that change their pedophile protection policy? How does that affect 120 years of false prophecies? How does that change their doctrinal U-turns; their theological flip-flops; their spiritual arrogance; the "death sentences" they've enforced against loving people whose only flaw was not agreeing with a teaching today that very well might be changed tomorrow?


    CAN you see a reporter saying," i spent an evening with Hitler and he was most kind and treated me well-

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