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  • minimus

    The Witnesses are the best! They are sincere and kind hearted. They love all those wanting to know about Jehovah God. They should not be judged in a negative way. They REALLY care about people's lives. They really, really do. They are the most self-sacrificing people on earth. They have no hidden agenda. They just want people to have the very best life possible in this system, while it lasts. Why persons might not be able to see these simple truths, I'll never know! I'm so glad that sites like these are forbidden amongst Jehovah's Witnesses. People on these sites are like poison. They always try to corrupt the minds of the weak. Following Jehovah's organization is such a protection for us all. It enables us to stay away from the "spiritual pornography" that forums such as these inundate us with. Once you see the difference between these forums and boards and God's "faithful and discreet slave class", it is a no-brainer to understand why these sites are off limits for those that are supporters of the truth. I am so glad that no real Watchtower supporters post here. Any that do post here are obviously corrupt. They are like leaven. Thank God ONLY those considered "apostates" come here and spew their poison. And I hope that if any feel that the posters here are wrong for not supporting the organization, that they never post or gaze upon this site again. For it would be a sin.

  • DanTheMan
    DantheMan...... in case it escaped your clearly short notice, you asked me "how is that".....and I responded. (check back) Its really that simple Canada Dan.

    What I was asking you to explain to me is, why do you say that I come across as the most misled and easily guided person here?

    To which I received your standard, to-be-expected non-answer.

    I anxiously await more of your "intelligent viewpoints" Scooby.

  • NaruNaruChan


    Look, I dont wanna argue with your logic... but before you get too offended by what people say on here... realize that not just a few, but over a million XJWs have experienced this LOVE BOMBING... or they were raised in that environment. We all went through it, we all got baptized or didn't, and we all either DF'ed, DA'ed or faded out.. and lost a lot more.. these so called "loving people" may be loving, hell, none of us were with you... but none of us want you to go back, and that's why you get a harsh response from XJWS about active ones.. because they were nice only because you were there... if you spoke about anything other than what they believe, the niceness fades quicker than clothes washed in cheap detergent.

    Most people on here are negative because they are victims of terrible terrible things... abuse both mental and physical, shunning (which is a terrible form of abuse), etc. Some people have been alienated from their family and friends for decades because of this religion, so using the words "Loving" and "JWS" in the same sentence heats the temper.

    IMHO, Glad you had a good time. Just remember the love bombing and be careful listening to them. Was it good to see old friends?

    PS, if I came off as condescending I'm sorry. I had a few beers. ^_~ You know how we apostates like to ring in the memorial. Woo hoo Smirnoff Triple Black! ^_~

  • lost_and_searching

    Well Folks, I just got back from Memorial myself. Walked in my front door, kicked off my high heels, and grabbed another vodka to celebrate the fact that I don't have to set foot in that building again for anotehr whole year!!! YEAH!!!!

    I gotta admit, the smile of happiness on my parents' faces made it worthwhile, and since I walked in as the first song was starting and we left immediately after that final prayer....I didn't have to put up with too many fake smiles or hugs from people. LOL

    Now, is it just me......or are the prayers getting LONGER and L-O-N-G-E-R? I swear...each one of the brothers asked to give a SHORT prayer, gave his own mini-talk. I think one lasted an entire 5 minutes!!!!! Are they upset because they didn't get asked to give the main talk and want to get their own voice in? Geez.........that is one thing (among many) I really don't miss. The LONG prayers.

    ~Bobbi (who is just so HAPPY to have that over with for another year!!! )

  • ScoobySnax

    Well basically DantheMan, it goes something like this.........I think you are. Is this a non-answer? maybe. Is it what I think judging from your replies to all my other posts? OH Yes. On the whole, I think you're cranky. Thats just my personal opinion though, I'm sure many love you here.. I don't. Hows that for one of my "intelligent viewpoints"? typical?..... yes I bet. I stand by it though.

  • ScoobySnax

    thanks others....

    and back to my original post. I went to the memorial tonight, and it was great to see brothers and sisters I hadn't seen for years, they didn't come across as controlled or false, just loving. That they couldn't have put on, I've known some of them since I was a kid, and there they still were, giving me a hug. There was nothing "controlled" or "directed by the elders" just warm people happy to see me and my mum and sister all inactive. You can paint them in the way you want, I watched tonight and saw them as people who have stayed in the faith, close to Jehovah, where I haven't. I just can't knock them for that. OK 'nuff said. Night. ;-)

  • jelly


    I glad you had a good night. I dont believe I, like most here, would get the same greeting if I wandered back to my hall but that does not mean your experience was false. Maybe you just belong to an exceptional cong. and have exceptional JW friends.


  • jelly

    I so far out of the org. I did not even know tonight was the big night. They dont bother even asking me anymore. Oh well guess I am going to hell.


  • LyinEyes

    You know what I just thought of , I mean this very minute..........Even thou I am d/a , my dad didnt even try to save my soul today, or the day before. I know all of you will say, well he is just doing what he thinks is right , you made that choice etc. etc. Yeah I did, but if you would have seen all the rules he bent while I was growing up....... even thou he was an Elder he spoke , work with and held hour long converstations with many d/f and d/a people. He was always trying to be the one to get them to come back and maybe it would make him look even more special .

    It just hurts to know that he didnt even try, not even a mailed invite or to call and see if Jake wanted to go, our oldest son. I guess when they say you are dead to them you really are.

    I guess Scooby's experience would have been so much different if he/she was d/f or d/a,,,,,,And now I see how very sad that is. IF someone d/f or d/a goes to the trouble to go to the Memorial knowing they will be ignored, shunned and alot of times looked down on as trash,,,,,,,,,it is even sadder just shows how humble a person could be, yet they are not deserving of all the love that Scooby got??????

    How can they judge that, the JW's?I dont think Jesus would ever shun anyone who showed up at his house, ever.

  • DFWnonJW

    As this is the only memorial related topic I seen when I came on I'll post my ramblings here.

    I haven't been to a memorial in some 15 years. Don't plan on going to anymore either. I doubt that the routine has changed all that much. Passed the local hall (Irving,Tx - on Rock Island Rd) on my way home from visiting a friend in the hospital. The road in front of the hall was a clogged with those leaving and a long line of cars just showing up (two memorial times? or men picking up their wives after the big shew?). Ah, the big shew. That's what memorial is you know. All love and kindness and put on a big show. That's not to say that some of the kind emotions and words are not genuine. I think they are. It's just shall we say more allowable during the big night. Recruitment night in a sense. Bring your studies and all those prodigal would-be apostates. Drag 'em all down to the hall for a yearly reunion. We'll show 'em good lovin'. (smiley go here)

    As I said, I was out during the evening but when I got home I had a message from an old friend in Ohio. He went to the memorial at his old hall (his yearly due). Said they got mixed up on which song to play and after a couple or three tries had to forgo the song due to time restrictions. Must be them longer prayers I heard tell of.

    ba-deeea ba-deeea that's all folks

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