Back from the Memorial

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  • be wise
    be wise

    Just give them a few more weeks scooby and when they've 'got you' they will soon ease off and talk about you behind your back.

  • JamesThomas

    I think the essence of this thread is: You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. JamesT

  • ScoobySnax

    Too true James T......too true.

  • anti-absolutist

    Wow scooby, I think you really have to deal with some issues in your life, dude.

    One post you are saying that you are sorry for insulting anybody and the next minute you are lashing out at Maverick again, taking offence to something that you insinuate he meant.

    I think the point that most people are making is that the individual people are not really jerks at the KH, the structure of it just causes them to do mean things they wouldn't normally do if they were separated from it. You, it seems, have proven that point very well. I'm sure you feel that you are not a sarcastic arrogant jerk, but your comments tend to prove otherwise. Go ahead and blame the organization like the rest of us. Once you do it will be the first step in realizing that you DO have an individual spirit, SEPARATE from the WTBS.

    Trust me, IT IS better on the other side.


  • anti-absolutist

    Another thing that is amazing to me is how condescending and ignorant JW's tend to be when JUDGING others. Max Divergent and Donnie Drako prove this in their quotes.

    It is TRULY HYPOCRITICAL of JW's to insult people who believe in war, when they are anxiously waiting (and have been for 120 years) for their interpretation of God to come down and KILL 6,000,000,000 people.


  • kilroy2

    and when the senator went to meet Jim Jones in Guyana he got tight hand shakes and a warm welcome at the peoples temple. If you cant see the forest thought the trees you gots problems mate. besides every one knows that doctors are really god

  • Francois

    Scooby, I've been reading your posts and your reactions to other people's posts ever since you've been on here. And I've known several people on the board here that I thought could never, would never, be taken in by crap. Unfortunately, you're not one of them. A more gullible person I don't think I've ever known. You just don't stop and analyze what's going on around you; and lord knows it taks a sharp tap with a landscaping timber to get your attention.

    Listen up sport, there are people here trying to help you.


  • Gopher

    Everybody, all together now:

     This is the thread that never ends It just goes on and on, my friends Some people -- started posting it, not knowing what it was And now they'll keep on posting it forever just because...
    (repeat ad infinitum)
  • ScoobySnax

    Thanks Francois for your insight about my mental state. I have to agree with Gopher though (singing), this thread is just dragging on now. Damn Freeminds for linking it from that site! (and there was me wondering why the were 2k plus hits)

  • teenyuck

    Scooby, since you are were recently in the borg, what is the stance on Bone Marrow?

    I put up a thread and I am trying to get info; the WTBTS site has nothing on it..

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