Back from the Memorial

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  • DanTheMan
    I think outta everyone here you come across as the most misguided and easily led here.

    how so? explain please.

  • PopeOfEruke

    Scooby, your tone is becoming so nasty in this thread, its so obvious you've had recent contact with the JW's.


    "I'm your friend and I'm trying to help you" - Bob Dylan

  • foreword

    I know what you're saying, and I pretty much feel the same way. They are not all bad and hateful. Actually the higher they are in the org., the less love and compassion they show.

    There is this older lady from my area. Most witnesses don't give her the time of day cause she wasn't blessed with much intelligence and is also poor financially, but when she meets me, although she knows I'm disfellowshipped and doesn't know me personally, I get this great smile, so I return it.

    Jesus said that you'd feel the truth in the littles ones. I believe that's where the essence of the truth is. It's the intellectuals that ruin the whole thing with their pharisic rules and yokes. It's all show.

    So love does exist there, but you have to look at the ones without power to find it.

    So I shun the Pharisees, but I empathize with the meek.

  • ScoobySnax

    BigTex....Is two way critisism not allowed here? I'm a nice person and so are many others here who haven't followed the pack, that doesn't stop us get ridiculed or classed as trolls with no brains, come on you're exhibiting "JW exclusion tactics" (your stuff) here. If I want to point out that I'm not impressesed with wasasisters phrase that she's gonna flounce into the hall I will, that ok with you? After all we don't all want to become back slapping individuals here do we, thats what we all left wasn't it?

    Dan the Man..... I've posted lots here, to the majority, (look back) you have answered me in ridicule, and scorn. So I guess thats why I say what I say, stay away from me. Its not all that difficult to grasp. Follow your own path. Stay off mine.

  • ScoobySnax

    Pope.....amazing you say that. LOOK back at what I've said, and then compare it with the majority of posts you see on here. I got the feeling you're trying to lead me down a blind alley. But just try it. Where do you see the hate and bitterness coming from?. You exJWs are such a wily lot! LOL

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    that ok with you?

    To disagree with someone does not mean you have to resort to abusive behavior. If you cannot distinguish between the two, then perhaps you are not as aware of others' "true" intentions as you have said you are.

    In any case, I am done with you and this thread. I have little interest in pointless arguing.

  • DanTheMan

    I'm here to stay Scoob. Sorry, public forum. I find it ironic that in one post you tell me "stay away, there's a good boy" like I'm a dog, then in you're next post your crying about my ridiculing you.

    As far as my request that you explain your comments, you know, be more specific, I guess I should have known better.

    I set my watch by your weekly "JW's aren't so bad/I don't understand the negativity" threads.

  • ScoobySnax

    The Mighty JWD forum comes over so "righteous" when a dissenting voice happens upon them.....LOL this is comical. I disagreed with wasasister earlier about being too "proud" when she attended the memorial she clearly didn't want to, and told Danthe Man, that I didn't want him to answer my posts anymore, as I feel he always ridicules my posts....... and I'm told I'm resorting to "abusive" behaviour" lol, come on get a grip of yourselves here. I started this thread saying how much I enjoyed the company for an hour or so with the witnesses at the hall, is that what really riled you. Look back and tell me where I went wrong, or is it just a case of not saying the right thing here! Answer me honestly before all that "mock" disgust.

  • ScoobySnax

    DantheMan...... in case it escaped your clearly short notice, you asked me "how is that".....and I responded. (check back) Its really that simple Canada Dan.

  • DanTheMan
    The Mighty JWD forum

    Actually, I only see where around 7 or 8 people have replied to this so far. But who's counting?

    As far as my ridiculing your posts Scoob, it's like taking candy from a baby. Too easy.

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