Back from the Memorial

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  • ScoobySnax

    Thanks for so many replies to that post. Theres so many questions asked I don't even know where to start. Firstly though, that pic of the Lion in the arena with Scooby Doo sat in the middle made me laugh my face off.... that was a cracker!! Was it Nan that posted that? ha ha!!

    Wasasister, I admit I'm ignorant, as I haven't ever bothered to take the time to read your previous posts, I hope you can forgive me for insinuating that your daughter or family could be anything other than proud of you.....I was well out of order. Sorry. I was just a bit fired up when you started criticizing going to a "boring cracker and wine memorial repetitive talk", yet I jumped the gun. Sorry again.

    Am I angry? as someone else stated...... well I guess to an extent I am a bit, even if I don't like to admit it. I think I did look at those loving people last night (who I still maintain were genuine) and did feel a bit crap about myself in that I don't think I can ever see myself having there convinction of faith again, to be able to attend 5 meetings a week and go out on the work again. To me I think I'll always call it the truth, as thats what I genuinely believe it to be, despite being out for a while.

    I am inactive, never been D/F or D/A, just drifted away, I would expect to be treated differently were I to become either of the other 2 definitions, and as someone said in quoting one of my previous posts, yes I now get up to "allsorts" that would surely land me in that position were the congregation to know. I do appreciate that some here have been through painful seperation because of the D/F procedure as regards family/loved ones etc, and I've said that before.

    Would they have treated me different had they known I posted here? Hmmm....yes I think they would, but they sure would want to arrange to talk to me about it!

    Do I feel like a hypocrite? Yes.

    Sorry if I came across as "highly judgemental" that is never my intention, Infact my critisism of a few here I think pales into insignificance compared with some of the vitreole (sic?) I've see towards a pro JW that may occasionally post.

    Am I trying to start a flame war? NO Not ever, my posts just get people that way sometimes and afterall, they're bound to, this is a forum for EX-Jws, not a Forum for JWs as the header of the site says, but I do recognise that I'm gonna get flamed, and I hope most of the time I take it without getting to worked up!

    Do I think EastEnders is better than Coronation Street?...... thats a tough one, I'll have to give it some thought...

    Laters. Scott

  • Realist

    hey scooby,

    if you really think the WTBTS is the true religion than noone can stop you!

    enjoy the dream!

  • DarkWolf

    I didnt' go to the memorial. An elders wife told me at last years memorial that if I didn't bother coming to the other meetings, what was the point in coming to the memorial. I decided she was right, so I won't go back.

    I had pretty much decided that on my own last year anyway. As I sat there listing to the stuff about eating jesus body, drinking his blood, the little flock that would acend into heaven, etc, It occurred to me that it all sounds a bit too much like something out of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And not the good bits either.

    There were alot of loving people at last years memorial, but there were just as many who turned their back on me. I'm not D/A'd or D/F'd, but my best friend is D/F'd, and that is as good as the same thing. Anyway, I'm happy for anyone who had a good experience. I don't think I ever had a good one that wasn't overshadowed by a bad one

  • gitasatsangha

    I put scoobydoo in the middle of Gerome's "Final Prayer of the Christian Martyr's" glad you liked it.

    However I cannot take credit for the idea. This is the image from the Depressionist Art Museum's Jerome Gerome exhibit: "Sacrifice of the Last Devotees of the Wholesome Breakfast"

    I have to rave about that site.. another of my favorites from there

  • ScoobySnax

    Well thanks Realist!!

  • ScoobySnax

    Gita......that second pic looks right STRANGE........what a creepy looking cow

  • ScoobySnax

    Thread finished I guess!!!!

  • jillbedford

    Even Nazi's could put up a good front.

  • Maverick

    Hey Scooby, you went to ONE meeting! In 23 years I went to about 5500 meetings. I had some good ones too. Get to really know these people for a couple of years, work for them, loan money to them, have them rent from you. Then we'll talk. Maverick

  • ScoobySnax

    Crap..... Maverick, don't you think I just only went to just 1 meeting in almost 33 years!!....don't try to oversimplify me to prove your point! Come back and talk to me too when you get your head round that as you say !!! LOL oh and by the way, as in before, I really did get to know these people.

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