Ever have an affair????????????????

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  • Jesika
    Oh go to the sex store/shop, It's obvious I did!

    Ok Big Tex, you tell me then!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Big Tex
  • Jesika

    Hey Big Tex,

    Copy and paste can be a bitch huh??? LOL

  • Big Tex
  • Prisca
    I agree with Jes, if you are hard up, go get what you need to fix it (and the necessary batteries)

    Batteries are only so-so, even the size D ones... but if you put them in a vibrator you get much more satisfaction..!!

  • Jesika
    Batteries are only so-so, even the size D ones... but if you put them in a vibrator you get much more satisfaction..!!

    Really Prisca???

    Do tell.

    Nevermind, I still have to get that pic out of my head!!!!!!!!!

  • Abaddon

    asleif_dufansdottir Yup, it is so. The old 'men are not monogamous by nature' arguement is valid in biological terms, but irrelevent, as the same arguement applies to women in biological terms. Your name looks Icelandic (Aslief daughter of Dufan), do you come from Iceland?

  • jurs

    Beautiful Garbage,

    Your post hit the nail right in the head. Leaving is hard because it is scary to stand on my own 2 feet. I've never had to do it before. I've always been taken care of.

    Alot has happened the last 24 hours. My husband and I have talked and it looks like a divorce is in the making. Were playing around with who keeps what and how we'd divide up our assets. Its so unemotional. I feel numb,excited,sad and scared all at the same time.

    Billy Goat

    thanks for your response. It looks like Grand Lake is where I'll go. That is if I can find a job there.

    To those thinking that batteries are the answer to my dilema........................I wish it were that simple! But what the hell, it can't hurt to give it a shot!


  • JT
    There is a tendancy, or at least I have found, for former JW's to be like springs, compressed for so long, finally set free.

    You must establish a firm moral code after JW's to live by. One that you believe in and makes you happy and with a clear educated mind.

    yep some times former jw if not careful can go BUTT WILD and for some there is a high personal pricd to pay- as i tell folks once a person leaves wt they don't have to become the POSTER CHILD for what happens when one leaves "The Truth" jw expect your life to go to hell in a hand basket and when they see that you are enjoying life it just confuses them so much, for all a jw life one is told that those who leave become morally bankrupt yet when folks see my wife and i we are still together smiling and LAUGHING AT THIER SILLY A$$ one old former bethel buddy ran into us on the street in DC on day and we were all smiling and happy and he asked: "How can you all be so happy, YOU DON'T EVEN ATTEND THE MEETINGS NO MORE!!!" I told him THAT IS WHY WE ARE HAPPY AND HE JUST WALKED AWAY as he was walking away i told him TO GIVE OUR LOVE TO ALL THE FRIENDS- he was PISSSSSSSSSSSSSSED "How cay

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