Ever have an affair????????????????

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  • truthseeker1

    If you are in need of some sexual excitement, star in a porno. Get a web cam and make your own.

  • Billygoat
    I DON'T live in California, I live in Colorado. Our cabin is near Grand Lake.

    I love Grand Lake! Beautiful country! Drove by it a few years ago. I say pack up and get yourself there. Too many times I find my answers amidst the peacefulness of nature.


  • JT
    I agree with you, JT, that he may not have loved me. However, he was not married. I was.


    my BAD-

    NOT TO dog you, but it just hurts my wife and i so much when we see GOOD WOMEN, HARD WORKING WOMEN, end up looking for companionship- AND RIGHTLY SO, but TOO, TOO many times getting involved with someone who is either married or they are married--

    we have had so many sisters sit on this sofa and relate thier story till you would not believe it and they all share some many things in common-

    the org literally takes away a woman self worth

    MY WIFE HATED IT - Lady "C" is smart and sharp, she would go to work as a consultant and folks valued her views and thoughts , recommending how to spend $10s of 1000s of dollars on software and technology issues

    then she would come to the Hall and if she told a MS that the toilet stopped up and was over flowing it was like- "Sister don't you know a BROTHER needs to inspect it to see if it is REALLY STOPPED UP"

    so for women in general it is hard to find companion ship the most recent info i saw on washington dc is the ratio is 14 to 1 and in the org it is even worst for sisters-

    my wife had a girl friend a black sister who was 33 and she married a 68 yr old white bro, who had been married for over 40yrs- the race in and of itself was not the issue, it was the OVERALL THING-

    myself and another elder pulled him to the side cause he was going thru the Hall asking sister did they want to get married, he was hearing voices of his dead wife downstairs - she would be calling out his name he told us

    we suggested that he see a dr to help him out, he still has all of his wifes pictures up in the house on the tables on the walls

    in fact the bookstudy was in his house and many of the friends felt uncomfortable with the old wife's pictures everywhere in the house still


    when he was asking all the sisters about getting married many realized that he was JUST LONELY and played it off, but this one sister wanted COMPANIONSHIP and Sex as she told my wife

    and she felt he could give it to her,

    Well this black sister is a "SISTA GIRL' AND my wife and i knew she didn't want this man, and he is a good man, but like so many marriages in wt THEY ARE MISMATCHED as long as they both sell books regularly they are to be considered a good mate in wt world

    my wife and i never bought into that mindset and my wife would often ask sisters:

    "Girl do you really want that bro??" and many many times they would admit NO, BUT HE IS THE ONLY BRO AROUND WHO SHOWS INTEREST

    so by force too many women settle for some "HalfA$$" man

    so sad



  • jillbedford

    I agree with Jes, if you are hard up, go get what you need to fix it (and the necessary batteries)

    Do not go outside the moral guidelines you have, as a JW or non-JW.

    Do not go on the new business without finishing you current business.

    We do not live in a third world country. Divource is cheap, legal and fairly inexpensive. If your husband is an S.O.B. Get rid of him.

    Set yourself free. (see 50 ways to leave your lover)

    You will only make yourself more miserable by doing the affair thing. You will make yourself the S.O.B. And you are better than that.

    Have the self confidence to do the right thing. Say to yourself, "I deserve better!!!!"


    Interesting thread.....

    Ravyn said:

    I was single, he was married. he came to me with lots of pain and issues and I hope I sent him home to her a little better than I found him.

    This happened to me once or twice. I have a commitment with myself never and I mean NEVER to let myself get involved with a married man. I listen when they talk, and in the end, I send them home to their wife. I feel wonderful afterward. I don't want to ever be a marriage-wrecker.


    Once upon a time, when I was married in a previous lifetime....I had an opportunity to have an affair. My husband's best friend pursued me relentlessly for a very lo-o-o-ong time. He was very insistent. I told him, "No. The price is too high." It is a choice that I feel proud about. For one thing, I did not want to damage my own marriage. Also my ex's best friend was married and his wife was my best girlfriend. I would not be able to look myself in the mirror for all the betrayal, if I let myself submit to an affair.

    My husband was an abusive alcoholic and he did cheat on me, I learned. When I learned of his unfaithfulness, I divorced him. Even since my divorce, I am still proud of myself for being faithful to my own promises...namely to be faithful to my mate. Being faithful to my promises meant that I was faithful to me. I'm important.

    Now that I'm divorced and free, I'm truly happy...with myself first. I'm choosing healthier men to become friends with. And I will never jump into bed with a man I'm not in love with. That's just who I am. I'm true to meeee first!!! 'Cuz I love meee first!!!!

    Yup, I still drop in here once in awhile....between dances!!!

    Just my two Canadian cents.


  • calamityjane

    Hey ((((Estee)))))) nice to hear from you.

    And good for you for your standards. You should be proud of yourself.

    Love c.j.

  • jillbedford

    There is a tendancy, or at least I have found, for former JW's to be like springs, compressed for so long, finally set free.

    You must establish a firm moral code after JW's to live by. One that you believe in and makes you happy and with a clear educated mind.

  • teejay


    Samantha Mumba sings a song. _I Don’t Need You to Tell Me I'm Pretty_. If you haven’t heard it, you should.

  • Jesika
    I agree with Jes, if you are hard up, go get what you need to fix it (and the necessary batteries)

    I said NOTHING ABOUT batteries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hate batteries!!!!!!!!!!!!! They suck, no pun intended!!!!!!!!

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    Go to the sex store/shop

    Oh I think you did! It's obvious you are being quoted here and what you're talking about.

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