Teen puts a frog in a potato gun. Frog exacts revenge.

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  • Ravyn

    hey Abaddon! very nice post!

    everything I ever post is just my opinion, I don't expect to convert anyone. I think someone said I sounded 'preachy'--that was not evangelizing---just passion. I don't knock on doors anymore--been there done that for 34 yrs!

    and my opinion IS based on my experiences and my belief system.

    ***Ravyn; But ask that frog's mother how she feels!

    Reporter; Mrs. Frog, how do you feel over the tragic loss of your son?

    Mrs. Frog; Rivet. Croak. Rivet. (translation “I am a female frog”) ***

    remember sarcasm?

    *** I believe the life force is the same--equal in everything that has it.

    Ah, a scientific argument! Life force? Is that like The Force? See comments to aFairy.***

    there is something that makes us 'living' ---yes? I called it Life Force for lack of a better term.

    *** Is it just possible that even insects have some form of communication and family-like(or religious or political if you will) structure that humans do not understand?

    Ants communicate about environmental threats or opportunities. Most animals do. If you think that even far more advanced creatures like say most mammals have anything comparable to religion or politics, I would love to see the evidence for this. Rabbit elections? Chicken anti-war marches? Look at the size of the brains for pete's sake! ***

    ah...exactly! as humans we don't know just how other living things 'think' ---- how presumptuous to assume that because we are at the top of the food chain that we are also the only ones with any kind of 'civilization'! remember Brontosaurus Rex?

    *** So if a physical body is only ours temporarily while we live in the material realm, it is even more of a crime to destroy the life force of another creature who ONLY has this realm of existence! We are disrupting the 'Prime Directive'! oh-oh baaaaaaad karma............

    Ah, so you KNOW a) humans have an after life, and b) animals don’t. Fine, it’s a lovely belief structure, you’re welcome to it, BUT THAT IS ALL IT IS. You can no more prove humans have an after life than you can prove animals don’t! ***

    true. but I do base my opinions on what I believe. Just like you do. just because I say something does not mean I present it as empirical fact. I am not a fundy anymore. I don't believe in ONE TRUTH. In fact I don't believe ONE TRUTH even exists.

    *** I have not met another human who I value more than my dog.

    So, say, just say, you’re walking Rover, and he starts ripping the face of a four-year-old. I don’t care if your Rover would never do that, or would only do that if provoked. I want you to think about how you would feel watching your dog maim or possibly kill a child. I love dogs. Dogs like me too; I’m the guy the dog that always barks at people (or runs away from people) comes up and says hello to. But in the above scenario if the only way I could get Rover of the kid is by killing it, I would not hesitate for a second. I honestly can’t understand it if you would, but maybe I am speciesist. ***

    I said MY dog. and I have not met anyone YET--does not mean I won't, or that I feel that way about ALL dogs. And my dog is an Akita, she is very capable of tearing the face off a grown man. She is usually very maternal toward anything that is young. She loves her three cats, but she did kill a chicken that got too close to her food bowl outside. But I have seen my kitten sleeping IN her food bowl on the kibble and all Samantha does is look at me like Charlie Brown when he is worried. Samantha is a trained Seizure Dog. She is my disabled companion animal. She has already accomplished more in her lifetime of only 6 years than I have in mine of 41 years. I respect her for that.

    *** To kill an animal for the thrill of killing something is a crime against nature.

    And to put another species above your own is what? So, when you going to tell this to animals that do this? They are part of nature, I don’t see no 'nature police' booking cats for playing with mice after they’ve caught them, or in any other examples of animals obviously having what passes for fun when they kill. Maybe it is because elephants look silly with blue light on their head?***

    talk about generalizing! sheesh! I did not put a whole species above my own! I put MY dog and MY cats above those examples of humanity that I have encountered so far. dang man! one of the characteristics of animals that I see as being superior to humans is the control animals have over emotions! (I know I know--emotions in animals??? just because you can't find the gene in a lab or grow it in a petry dish or bottle it for sale to third world countries does not mean it does not exist!) although if my cats had thumbs they would probably be typing this post in their own defense. (That's my idea for the sequel to Cats and Dogs---Mr Tinkle is trying to hire a scientist to create artificial thumbs so cats can open their own cans of cat food....)

    I have a very specific belief system that makes sense to me(otherwise why would I have it?) I am not trying to proselytize, just sharing opinions. That is how I add to my belief system. I don't think this planet was 'created' for humans. I think humans were 'created' in response to a need. And I think we screw with other life forms' evolution here. And shooting frogs out of potato guns is an example of that.


    edits:sorry just me being the perfectionist.

  • asortafairytale


    For the record, I never condemned anybody. I just said how I felt. It is MY opinion, and MY personal choice. As I said, 98% of the people in my life don't feel the way I do. Hell, if I condemned them all, who would I have to debate with?


  • Abaddon

    teeny, it's easy. I sit down and pee. Obviously if I'm in a hurry or whatever (like where there are urinals) I'll stand up, but normally I sit, I read, and I contemplate the infinate, doesn't matter what I have to 'do' there. Hey, girls can pee standing up you know, it's the 21st Century!

    Rayvn, ah come on, the Mrs. Frog thing was sarcasm, in full spirit of what I assumed was a deliberate funny on your part. Now you can believe there is something that makes us 'living', but I don't go in for supernatural explainations to natural phenomena. Life is a biological process.

    Brain size is related to intelligence. I'm quite happy to concede some animals should have extended 'rights', but only the ones who due to the size of their brains are close to us. Me thinks that Watership Down, Babe, The Rats of NIHM and Chicken Run have overly influenced you. Ever lived next to a field of sheep? They are stupid. Don't be cruel to them, fine, but they are a food source (with mint sauce). To over estimate intelligence of animals on quasi-mystical unscientific flights of fancy is your absolute right. I índulge my daughter in this. But I'm not going to go "Yes Rayvn, animals with tiny brains have high intelligence and civilisation", when I think that is a silly arguement, as I dont have to indulge you, and this is just light hearted reparte with give and take and a bit of a tickle and a poke here and there...

    And what in the name of sauropods is Brontosaurus Rex?

    Essentially, I'm a bit of a stick in the mud regarding proofs. Spent too long believing in nice ideas and fairy stories. If your belief structure gives you happiness (and you pull your dog off 4 year olds (which you'd do, no doubt, I can smell hyperbole when I see it (mixed metaphor)), then good for you. It's nice to see how others see, even if one don't agree.

    I would also be fanatical in my devotion to a caring dog such as yours, or a dog that saved my kids from something nasty.

    Sadly, humans have been wiping out animals since pre-history, at least if the extinctions of horse, numerous felines, etc. from the Americas is connected with the simultaneous expansion of man into the Americas.


    "if my cats had thumbs they would probably be typing this post in their own defense"...

    ... only after they'd figured out to use the can opner...

  • Yizuman
    Hey people, stop beating on yizuman. Maybe he was born w a foot in his mouth, so it's not his fault, ok? I don't think he goes around looking for frogs and bugs to jump on. He just likes wierd stories. Who knows, he could be the next stephen king. People here don't beat on stephen king, now, do they?

    Ok, yizuman, you owe me

    SS the lawyer class

    Uh ok... Chapter One "It was a rainy and stormy night...." "BOO!" Yizuman

  • Ravyn

    sorry Abaddon--my mistake---I am making PEEP nests today and am on sugar over-load---Rex was not a Bronto....he was T-Rex.

    well all I am off to the IN LAWS(ugggggggggggggggg) for the week end. Samantha is in the baording kennel(I miss her already!) and I am leaving three cats home alone for the first time in a new house....wish I had surveillance cams set up.......

    hey Abaddon(and anyone else)check out all my babies!


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  • funkyderek
    Sadly, humans have been wiping out animals since pre-history, at least if the extinctions of horse, numerous felines, etc. from the Americas is connected with the simultaneous expansion of man into the Americas.

    It's funny how the typical view of American history is that Native Americans were living in perfect harmony with nature until the evil Europeans arrived and started killing everything, when in reality the reason they were living in such harmony with nature was apparently because they had already wiped out most large animals on the continent, and managed to effect a balance with whatever was left.

  • Soledad

    my only question is why those parents would let that kid posses such a "toy"..........

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