Teen puts a frog in a potato gun. Frog exacts revenge.

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  • unclebruce

    Jesus Christ Englishman!!!!!

    we never had them as kids! lol

    out of touch unc


    sorry maverick - .. I thought the kid was 17 (i'll go check)

  • Satanus

    Hey people, stop beating on yizuman. Maybe he was born w a foot in his mouth, so it's not his fault, ok? I don't think he goes around looking for frogs and bugs to jump on. He just likes wierd stories. Who knows, he could be the next stephen king. People here don't beat on stephen king, now, do they?

    Ok, yizuman, you owe me

    SS the lawyer class

  • unclebruce

    Stephen King sucks :)


    This has been a good thread, i've actually learned something - Englishman has shown me what a modern spud gun looks like (or was it some plumbing pipe the cheeky bugger duct taped together in his back yard .. )

    Hey Maverick - The "little kid" was 17 years old! - That's old enough to fire weapons of mass destruction at Iraq - I take back none of what i said about the little shit.

  • Satanus


    Says you. A lot of people are crazy about his books.


  • unclebruce

    just joking SS

    I've heard the guy can write a bit.


  • Abaddon

    This is a great thread. My reading of it is the kid wasn’t the frog gunner but a bystander who went to have a closer look and didn’t think of the stupidity of looking down the barrel of a malfunctioning gun. Silly and tragic. If he was involved it’s still silly and tragic. Whoever was involved was a bit sick; animals are animals, but cruelty is not necessary.

    We are animals too. We are omnivores. We are at the top of the food pyramid, unless we are very unlucky whilst swimming (durh-duh… durh-duh… ). We are also sapient. This means we really aren’t the same as creatures that are not self-aware, in scientific terms. You’re welcome to have a different opinion, but the facts are that we are self aware and there is a huge chasm between self-aware creatures and other animals.

    The great apes, whales, dolphins, elephants and maybe one or two other species are far too bright to treat as animals. They have names, culture, communication, some can show what looks uncannily like bereavement.

    Anything else is an animal. We might get attached to certain species; I don’t really like eating horse or dog (haven’t tried dog) as I have had friends who were horses or dogs. Given a choice between my family starving and the family pets, well, it isn't even a choice, is it? Cat Soup anyone? In the normal run of events other people might regard these animals as food items; fine, don’t eat mine.

    As we are omnivores, to have an unnatural diet like vegans or vegetarians is not that comprehensible to me. It is as illogical and supersticious as cutting little boys foreskins off to make god happy. Look at the panda; an omnivore with a vegetarian diet. Yeah, I wanna be like a panda… low sex drive and extinction for me!! Again, if that makes you happy, good luck to you!

    “I think it's ok to eat animals, as long as you use the entire animal. I have no problem wearing leather, but fur is another matter, as the entire animal is not being used.”

    So, hands up who last ate tripe? Tongue? Brains? Use all the animal? In a pig's ear! I think trapping mink et. al. in the wild is potentially cruel and therefore bad outside of survival situations… but farmed mink? Why is it okay to farm chickens and not mink? ‘Cause mink are furry and have cute little beady eyes? Or because their skinned remains probably get used as fertiliser or animal food, instead of getting vaccum packed and sold in Safeway? I can’t see any difference in morality there really, but would not dream of asking anyone who felt that way to wear fur.

    Teenyuck; I am a girl. I pee sitting down.

    I am a boy. I pee sitting down. If I pee standing up it is hard to read and I can’t aim at the same time.

    Vivamus; if I'd had to choose between the life of a frog and the life of a human being, the frog is toast.

    Don’t you mean the frog is ON toast? The First Law of Frogodynamics states that frogs do not randomly turn into toasted bread products.

    aFairy; I think we are all created equally, and only human arrogance puts us above, lets say, frogs(or dogs for that matter)

    Unfortunately this theory of irreducible value of life falls apart. Why aren’t bacteria and vegetables special too? You are totally free to chose to believe what you want and let is influence your diet, but in the absence of any logic or proof behind it, it’s a belief system you have chosen, and to condemn others for not agreeing with you is as arrogant as, say, a Catholic condemning someone for eating red meat on a Friday.

    Ravyn; But ask that frog's mother how she feels!

    Reporter; Mrs. Frog, how do you feel over the tragic loss of your son?

    Mrs. Frog; Rivet. Croak. Rivet. (translation “I am a female frog”)

    I believe the life force is the same--equal in everything that has it.

    Ah, a scientific argument! Life force? Is that like The Force? See comments to aFairy.

    Is it just possible that even insects have some form of communication and family-like(or religious or political if you will) structure that humans do not understand?

    Ants communicate about environmental threats or opportunities. Most animals do. If you think that even far more advanced creatures like say most mammals have anything comparable to religion or politics, I would love to see the evidence for this. Rabbit elections? Chicken anti-war marches? Look at the size of the brains for pete's sake!

    So if a physical body is only ours temporarily while we live in the material realm, it is even more of a crime to destroy the life force of another creature who ONLY has this realm of existence! We are disrupting the 'Prime Directive'! oh-oh baaaaaaad karma............

    Ah, so you KNOW a) humans have an after life, and b) animals don’t. Fine, it’s a lovely belief structure, you’re welcome to it, BUT THAT IS ALL IT IS. You can no more prove humans have an after life than you can prove animals don’t!

    I have not met another human who I value more than my dog.

    So, say, just say, you’re walking Rover, and he starts ripping the face of a four-year-old. I don’t care if your Rover would never do that, or would only do that if provoked. I want you to think about how you would feel watching your dog maim or possibly kill a child. I love dogs. Dogs like me too; I’m the guy the dog that always barks at people (or runs away from people) comes up and says hello to. But in the above scenario if the only way I could get Rover of the kid is by killing it, I would not hesitate for a second. I honestly can’t understand it if you would, but maybe I am speciesist.

    To kill an animal for the thrill of killing something is a crime against nature.

    And to put another species above your own is what? So, when you going to tell this to animals that do this? They are part of nature, I don’t see no 'nature police' booking cats for playing with mice after they’ve caught them, or in any other examples of animals obviously having what passes for fun when they kill. Maybe it is because elephants look silly with blue light on their head?

  • xjw_b12

    Just amazing, how a stupid joke thread, gets turned into a heated debate.

    BTW I give Abaddon an A++ for his post, ( man that must have taken some time, and I thought I was bored ) , and I give myself a D - for even posting on this thread, but I'm suffering from insomnia, and ........

  • unclebruce

    Quote: "Daniel Berry, 17, was looking down the barrel of a "potato gun" when it went off,...."

    heated debate b12? yeah this thread is bubbling away nicely ... like a JW "heating a frog on the stove.*"


    *See WBTS CD - Frog

  • Maverick

    Hey unclebruce, unless the US Military lowered the age regs since I was drafted, a kid has to 18 to be taught by Uncle Sam to kill people he doesn't know. Maybe I'm getting old but 17 is young, dumb, and you know the rest to THAT tune! I stand by what I said. Maverick

  • teenyuck

    Great post Abanddon (as usual)


    I am a boy. I pee sitting down. If I pee standing up it is hard to read and I can’t aim at the same time.

    How do you do that?! I am going to have to tell my husband....

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