Teen puts a frog in a potato gun. Frog exacts revenge.

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  • Farkel

    : Daniel Berry walked over to see if he could help," Patton said. "Curiosity got to him, I guess. The frog hit him square in the face. He suffered several facial fractures."

    Uh, what? How can a frog's body inflict "facial fractures" on a human's face? A frog?

    I smell bullshit


  • unclebruce
    That absolutely sickens me. I don't like frogs much, but I wouldn't ever considering harming them like that. Ugh.

    Billygoat might not like frogs but she hugs (((((rocks))))


    We had a spud gun as kids but mainly shot lumps of dirt with it. (hey potatoes were scarce - it's not like we lived in Ireland) Even loaded with a piece of potato you'd be lucky to inflict more than a small bruise .. or do American spud guns shoot whole potatoes?

    .. like farkle .. i smell a rat

    unc who'd like a carrot gun

    edit: we also had a blunderbuss kinda air gun with a one inch barrel - a bloke could shoot small amphibians with that but even at very close range i don't think it had enough power to either injure the frog or the human. (it was a scarey looking toy though lol

  • JamesThomas

    I feel like I walked into


  • Scully

    Yizuman writes:

    Quote: "Daniel Berry told his parents he wants to continue his college education."

    Comment: So is he gonna take up Marine Biology?

    Coming from someone who claims to be disabled himself, I find Yizuman's lack of compassion to be utterly disgusting.

    Yizuman, I hope you'll remember what you said the next time you come here looking for a handout or sympathy.

    Love, Scully

  • unclebruce

    But scully this guy shot a frog into his face ..

    hey yman - did you blow yourself up with a penguin or what?


    ps: where i come from we get no sympathy for self-inflicted injuries.

  • Satanus

    What about the frog? Has anyone even thought about it? Noooo. It's probably in hundreds of pieces, and the pieces are probably in bad shape.

    Uncle bruce, you better get an ambulance going right away.

    SS of the sick bastard frog club

  • Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.
    Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.

    I think you will find that the kid was a glory hunter attempting and failing pitifully to win a Darwin Award. In case you do not know what a Darwin Award is, to quote its charter -

    "The Darwin Awards honor those who improve our gene pool by removing themselves from it."

    Most likely his attempt would achieve an honorable mention, but he would have to improve with any further efforts.

    Check the site out at www.darwinawards.com and you will see that JWs do not have patent on stupidity.

    Walk hand in hand with cheeses.

  • Vivamus
    Humans are NOT superior to any other living creature. A frog's life is just as important as your own.

    I happen to disagree. I find my life extremely more important than any frog's life. And if I'd had to choose between the life of a frog and the life of a human being, the frog is toast.

  • unclebruce

    but vivamus, were not comparing your life with a frogs but some low life creep that gets off of cruelty to animals.

    shoot the creep into a buffalos face i say


  • Vivamus

    Oh come on! How many of you have been cruel to animals when you were a child? How many of you have dissected a frog in biology class?

    Children make studpid mistakes, but that does not mean they deserve such a fate as this kid!

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