Teen puts a frog in a potato gun. Frog exacts revenge.

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  • Realist

    I'm just trying to say that a lot ot people seem to think that humans have more value than other living creatures.
    i am impressed. i tried to live as vegetarian (not vagan since i really can'T see why using eggs or milk is wrong) but gave up after 6 month. 
    To kill animals is a bit problematic I think. However with a few exceptions animals do not possess self awareness and do not have family ties as we do. Therefore they are not in the same category as humans.
    Also the smaller an animal the less complex its nervous system. That is something to consider. Insects are not much more than biorobots.

    Teenyuck, You are a girl???
  • PurpleV
    . A frog's life is just as important as your own

    Is a cockroach's life just as important too?

  • teenyuck

    Realist....I am looking down...I see breasts...Let me open my pants

    Yep, I am a girl. I pee sitting down.

    Is that bad?

    Teenyuck aka Tina

  • dubla

    i am amazed that there are people who actually put the life of a frog on the same plane as the life of a small child. are you guys serious? comments like this baffle me:

    of course humans do not think a frog's life is more important than a human life! DUH! But ask that frog's mother how she feels!

    this is preposterous. first off, this particular frog (and im speculating without knowing the exact species) more than likely came into existance without ever even coming into contact with its mother. more likely than not, the mother depostited her eggs in a breeding pond, where the male frog then fertilized the eggs, and both parents proceeded to abandon the eggs, which were left to hatch into tadpoles, etc......for anyone to compare the feelings of a mother frog to her baby, to a human mothers feelings about her son, is just beyond my comprehension.

    I think we are all created equally, and only human arrogance puts us above, lets say, frogs(or dogs for that matter).

    every living thing is not created equal! frogs/dogs/mosquitos/etc are not our equal.......how can anyone claim they are? human arrogance? does the frog think this too? do you thing the frog yearns to have the sames rights as humans? voting rights perhaps? lol.


  • Valis


    Uh, what? How can a frog's body inflict "facial fractures" on a human's face? A frog?

    I may be wrong about this and if I am then one of you old biker types is more than welcome to correct me..

    Farkeis, potato guns were originally created by biker gangs in a effort to find a way to kill a rival biker by shooting him/her without using a firearm. Potato guns have a massive velocity when fired...which you can see a potato fired here...Anything that has such velocity is going to do damage, especially right in the face.


    They are not toys and IMO the parents who let their child play w/such a deadly weapon should be thrown in jail.

    As far as animals are concern...it is obvious the parents of this child have no love for living things on any scale, nor did they try to teach this to dipstick...At least I have my mother to thank for teaching me to love animals of all kinds...When people look at it that way you don't have to quantify the worth of an animal or insect..I swat mosqiotos because they are sucking my blood and pose certain health risks and if I were in the ocean and a shark decided to have a nibble I would do my best to kill the hungry bastard post haste...it doesn't mean I don't respect mosquitos or sharks...it simply means that yes for the most part I love animals and appreciate the part each one plays in our ecosystem, but I will kill your ass if you try to hurt me. Its simmilar to the ethical hunter's creed where they don't shoot anything they won't eat IMO.


    District Overbeer

  • Ravyn

    if sarcasm(and the understanding of it) is one thing that sets humans apart from animals then obviously some people on this board are more animal than they might like to think.....

    I believe the life force is the same--equal in everything that has it. Of course some creatures have other attributes that set them apart. Is it just possible that even insects have some form of communication and family-like(or religious or political if you will) structure that humans do not understand? That frog's life was important to him! In fact it was the MOST important thing to him. Humans seem to be the only ones who devalue their own life force and therefore disrespect the life force of other less significant (in human eyes)creatures.

    For the comment about killing a million frogs for one child...well there's a human comment if ever I heard one! Most religions believe in some form of after life--so why would the loss of one human life be of more impact to this planet's ecosystem than a million other ones? If humans go to 'heaven'--why fight so hard to stay on earth? And if a million frogs disappeared right here right now--do you even have a clue what changes it would make on this delicate balance? It could very well end up being the end of life here--all life! I don't believe the life force in humans belongs to this planet. I don't think we are indigenous species...otherwise why is life such a struggle? Animals accept the survival ratio on a hostile planet and adapt---humans refuse to accept nature and try to change it(usually to the detriment of some life force). We are the parasites, intruders to this environment. We prove it when we speak of 'getting back to nature' and separate it from ourselves!

    So if a physical body is only ours temporarily while we live in the material realm, it is even more of a crime to destroy the life force of another creature who ONLY has this realm of existence! We are disrupting the 'Prime Directive'! oh-oh baaaaaaad karma............


  • Englishman

    I believe this story is true.

    My middle son built a potato gun similar to the pic below, he fired it using compressed air from a tyre pump. It's phenomenal, and can fire a potato the length of 2 football pitches. A frog would leave the barrel at around 250 miles an hour, the damage would be horrendous to both frog and recipient. Think of how even a small bird can damage a plane if the speed is high enough.



  • dubla


    if youre trying to say that your "frogs mother" comment was simply sarcasm that i cannot grasp, then i apologize for my biology lesson. i am the most sarcastic person i know, and normally i can spot it a mile away.......that comment in context with the rest of your post certainly didnt sound like sarcasm in any way shape or form, and the fact that you follow up by talking about insects possibly having family ties makes me suspect that this might just be a bit of backtracking, but if im incorrect, and you were indeed only being sarcastic, then i apologize for the implication.

    Humans seem to be the only ones who devalue their own life force and therefore disrespect the life force of other less significant (in human eyes)creatures.

    i dont disrespect the value of less significant creatures....but like valis, i would certainly choose a human life over an animals if i had to make the choice. if anyone would have a hard time choosing, again, this would be completely baffling to me.


  • xjw_b12

    Teenyuck. Yup, I guess that makes you a girl !

    You said :

    I think animals are precious. However, no where near as precious as a person. I have no problem eating them.

    Egads....you're a cannibal. Are you a member of P.E.T.P. ? People who Enjoy Tasty People

  • teenyuck

    LOL!! Let me clarify: While I do enjoy a tasty steak, I really enjoy a tasty weiner....(I am from Chicago afterall)--

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