Posters that make an impact

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  • RandomTask

    I mainly have to give respects to AlanF and Farkel, JanH and other hard-core `apostates` who have the power to actually make a sincere dub think about something else than their trained thought process, I only hope they keep it up on those who continue to question this "religion".

  • TheOldHippie

    Imagine, I wasn't even mentioned in a negative way, I was simply ....... overlooked. And I who thought I was shaking the world with my profound wisdom.

  • pr_capone

    Wow.... I got mentioned twice!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!

    Alright... here is my list of the people I cam closest to here on this forum.

    Searcher - He and I have shared MANY MANY MANY conversations late into the night. He is a GREAT encouragement and an even better friend.

    Valis - Hey brudda, this man took a total stranger into his home and treated me like family. He is one of the most kind and honest people I have ever met in my life. That and he is insane and fun as hell to be around.

    Rayzorblade - Like Searcher, someone I talk to quite a bit via IM and one of the nicest people I have had the pleasure to know. I am honored that he calls me a friend.

    Jesika - You are an absolute sweetheart! You need to call me more often though.

    Email - Another one like Valis who when I went to Orlando on business, he took me out and bought me dinner. We hung out for 2 days and he even took me to see a live swing band. He is my fellow Boricua and my brudda.

    Chevy - Damn I love flirting with her! hehehehe Really though, she is a wonderful person who I love to talk to. Gonan go visit sometime soon.

    Lyineyes and Wild Turkey - They met me for all of 2 days and I already have a standing invitation to go visit them!!!! Dede and Denny are my favorite married couple of this forum. You can just tell how much in love they are with eachother just by looking at them. I want to be like them when its my turn. They also love to dance... just like yours truly. Gonna teach them how to swing dance when I make it down there.

    I am sure there are more but its 2 A.M here and I am getting quite tired now. Good night!

    Kansas District Overbeer

  • Englishman

    Ginny Tosken, Gedanken, Amazing.

    I wish that they were around more.



    I still like him(Farkel).

    The grounding wire.

  • greven

    *Sniff* it seems.. *sniff* I have *sniff* left no impact whatsoever. *sniff* *blows his nose*


  • Brummie


    I got mentioned several times.....OMG do I get an oscar?

    wednesday,naru razor, chevy, nowisee etc (and all those who so badly wanted to mention me but felt too shy), same back to you all, I would move you to the top of my list but like you are already there (I'm sounding chessy huh).

    As well as the above Dedalus makes me lol because she has an answer for everything and sometimes they are good ones

    m0nkey is hilarious, infact all of the drama queens are.

    Petty, Xena, Robdar & safe4kids get a mention because they are too cool and because I lurrrrv my bitches.

    Jennie & nelly1& mouthy are too angelic for words.

    I'd mention All the gay people here because they have a great sense of humour, infact the best.

    Gumby for being a bastard.

    Outlaw and Valis *LOL*

    Onac & biker, Cruz & BT Beckmelbourne Prisca, xjw_b12...fer sure

    Farkel, jst2laws Amazing, definately amongst the A++++ posters

    Scoobysnax & reaness, because they are so NOT JWs.

    teenytuck, teejay, email, joannadandy, heaven, xw, mrmoe, lyin&wt, wildhorses, syn, ashavie, shakitas, mulan, infact the whole crew are in my book.

    All the newbies seem to be a good blend.

    And ALL the british crew

    I'd better stop or i'll mention the whole board....

    oh and greven

    OK so its so easy to have an impact on me...big deal huh

    Brummie (knowing I've missed some vips class)

  • SYN

    Ray, you're my favourite Canadian!

  • SpannerintheWorks

    Posters that make an impact?

    Well everybody does in their own way, but those who stand out in my mind are:







    Focus (where is Focus?)





    Tom Talley




  • berylblue

    I realize when I posted how wrong it was to just single out a few, but since I did, I must add the Shakitas. Great, loving persons.

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