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  • StinkyPantz

    I don't like these threads because people that don't get mentioned might be hurt by that. I was happy to see that at least 2 people mentioned me, but my happiness only lastest about two seconds, because then I saw:

    the kindest people to me have been razorblade and big tex...oh, also stinkypantz

    Idiotic fluff.

    Anyways the posters that have made a huge impact on me are AlanF simply because he's a genius. Funkyderek, I respect because even when he disagrees with you he does so tactfully. Francois has made a BIG impact because I disagree with almost everything he says and I've gotten in big arguments w/him, and Farkel because he's a huge smartass (I mean that in a good way).

    But those are people that impacted ME personally. As for the board, people like Minimus are excellent for newbies. AlanF is also good for this board because he educates those that need to be educated. Mulan seems to often see 'the other side' when someone is pissed off, or in other words takes the side of the underdog.

    That's all I gotta say I guess.

  • unclebruce

    minimus I don't know those other people you're trying to insult Farkel with, (we have our own 'stars' downunder) but Phil Donahue? Farkel ain't no Philandering Donahue man - unlike yourself and Phil, Farkel actually writes his own material.


    btw that post of yours made about as much impact as hotair on iceburg.

  • StinkyPantz
    btw that post of yours made about as much impact as hotair on iceburg.

    UncleBruce, don't be mad because no one mentioned you and yet several mentioned Minimus.

  • Jourles

    In alphabetical order:


  • ApagaLaLuz

    Here's my list:

    I admire Mulan's class and straight-forwardness

    Mouthy's wisdom and straight-forwardness :)

    Windchaser's sweetness, and sendong me treat emails to brighten my day

    My homies Mattnoel and Ignoredone for keeping it real :)

    Xenawarrior's all around friendliness

    Joannadandy's loopy insane comments sometimes and keeping me on my toes with comebacks

    Lyineye's goodheartedness

    SlipinSlide and JH for crackin me up

    Valis' wit and obsession with the female form and his diplomacey

    The Silence for dropping everything to lend a listening ear to someone who needed it in chat one night

    Cruzanheart and Jgnat for being so upbuilding (dont shoot me for using a JW term)

    Francois for going out of his way to offer advice or track down good advice

    Granny Linda for reaching out offline to complete strangers.

    Trauma Hound for keeping things interesting

    Outlaw Brummie and Ozziepost for responding when no one else does, and keeping the jokes coming

    PR Capone and Email for being so damn beautiful

    Teenyuck for being on the 'same page' as me most of the time

    Simon for not deleting me even though I curse waaaaaay more than you should on here

    I'm sure I forgot some, but let's face it guys, there's a helluva lot of us on here. Luv Ya'll

    I hate "popularity" contests but I thinks there's nothing wrong with giving people a little credit where credit is due sometimes............. Now how about a what posters do you hate the most thread


  • Francois

    "Francois, you are too cute. I think that I would surprise you."

    OK, SLIPPY, SURPRISE ME, SURPRISE ME (You think my heart could stand it?)

    I'm ready. My Will has been made out and signed by three witnesses. I'm ready to go. Get to it girl.


  • Francois

    Stinky, that's not fair. I've also agreed with you when I felt you were right; and I've done my best to give you really good advice about your upcoming trip to Florida. How come you can only remember, (choose to remember) the times when we've not seen eye-to-eye. Do you really think that's honest?


  • Prisca

    Those that have made the biggest impact are those I've met in real life:

    Ozziepost & Mrs Ozzie - two of the nicest, most hospitable and kindest people you could meet. They have helped me learn about myself, and learning that Babylon the Great isn't as demonised as the WTS would like us to think. They have suffered greatly in their exit, but they give love to those who need it.

    Stephanus and Mrs Steph - Stephanus wasn't a JW, but he understands the issues people from high-control religious groups can have. He and his wife are very down-to-earth, kind people, who live their lives as Christians as best they can, despite life's problems. True friends who have shown me a life completely away from the influence of the WTS.

    Beck_Melbourne - A woman of amazing energy and spirit. She reminds me of a good friend I used to have in the JWs.

    Refiners Fire - Largely misunderstood by many, yet is a person who has done research into WTS doctrines and those of other religions/cults for many years, information he's only started to post now. His knowledge on these issues would rival, if not exceed, JanH or NormH. However, I know him as a very good friend, and his approach to life makes him unique.

    I also like StinkyPantz and Farkel - SP becos she's got spirit, and won't be intimidated by arrogant men, and Farkel because he reminds me of what can happen to you if you don't get over your bitterness 30 years after leaving the WTS.

  • StinkyPantz
    Stinky, that's not fair.


    You're right it's not fair, I'm sorry. But, you really piss me off sometimes. I'm sure if we ever meet though, we'll be best buds.

  • MoeJoJoJo

    lol Joanna, you are too funny

    Everyone's posts have all worked together to make an impact on my life. I have read so many stories of what the watchtower has done to people's lives. Also, I've seen proof of the Watchtower's deception and lies in many, many threads on this forum. And I like the fact that noone dances for anyone here and people here are real , that's its okay to be your own self and that you can express yourself & how to accept others viewpoints as their own. I've learned so much about people, life, its really been a wakeup call.

    I'm grateful.

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