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  • xjw_b12

    Valis and OUTLAW

    Yeah let im have it.

  • Valis

    Dammit OUTLAW, 'm going to have to get a restraining order if you don't quit following me! *LOL* BTW, can you send me beer please? I'm running low and Brother Beans has apparently forsaken me...You're my only hope OUTLAW Kanobi....*signal cuts out"


    District Overbeer

  • BadJerry

    Valis, where is that Beans anyway?

    from Imanaliento

    edited to add to the Trolls, Remember JESUS saying "get away from me you workers of lawlessness (the WTS) who also has massed her sins clear up to heaven which means" get out of her my people"


    Hey Valis,a restraining order? Where are you going to find a moose this early in the morning to deliver it? LOL! When I get back from the general store.I`ll send my best team of huskies out with a case of Molson Canadian for you,LOL!...OUTLAW

  • SpunkyChick

    Thank you all for your warm welcome to the chat board! **Feeling the luv, and giving it right back at ya**

    CalamityJane, I would love to do target practice with ya! Bring it on gurl! Awww yeah! Outlaw, LMAO! You crack me up!

    SwordofJa, to quote the words of Limp Bizket and Method Man, "Just shut the f * *k up!*

  • obiwan

    Sword you remind me of the boogyman, when your young you believe, when you get older you kick it's ass!

  • TheTRUTH

    hey just got back into work and i am checking out all of the post - and alot of what i was reading was that according to WTBS we shouldnt be on this website. ---------- and why are we on here posting and "hanging out" with apostates if according to our religion it is not allowed -------------- now this confuses me though........ because one of EX-JW's arguements against the WTBS is that they control all witnesses and that they dont let us thinking freely.---------- well now that me and swordofjah are thinking for ourselfs and coming onto these discussions-----------(NOT LISTENING TO WTBS ACCORDING TO MOST ON THIS DISCUSSION)---------- now your going to ridicule us for doing it? so make up your minds----either you want us to be on these sites and see the "LIGHT" or you dont want us on here because your affraid of what we might say that will make you think twice about the choice you have made about leaving the TRUTH. and for SPUNKYCHICK yeah ill give you a warm welcome too.---------------------CalamityJane, I would love to do target practice with ya! Bring it on gurl! Awww yeah! Outlaw, LMAO! You crack me up! SwordofJa, to quote the words of Limp Bizket and Method Man, "Just shut the f * *k up!* ------------------- ok you and others who post on this site surprise me because another one of the claims you make about WTBS is that they judge people and that they actually hate hate towards any non-witness -------- and again and again all i hear is hateful words towards us JW's - so whats going on? why if you have left the WTBS why havent you learned anybetter. becuase according to what everyone hear says..... WTBS is the one who has all this hate towards others. yet i only see hateful words coming from your post - ---------- and further more. see what the WTBS gives me that i wouldnt get from the world of so-called freedom that you guys speak of, is manners, eduacation, morals, yes morals. i havnt seen neither me nor sword of jah say one BAD word in any of our post. ------ but i can see that most of you have extended somewhat your vocabulary since you have left the truth. again. give more and more reassurance to me and swordofjah that we really are defending the truth.

  • obiwan

    Just like a newbie! Blah,Blah.

  • xjw_b12

    The term " Verbal Diarrahea "

    Defination: See TheTroof's latest post.


    Hey the Truth,it`s not that we mind you coming to this site.What we mind is you telling everyone to follow WBTS rules that you don`t follow yourself..In WBTS world you either follow the rules or you don`t.There`s no such thing as technicalities..Those who don`t follow WBTS rules will be killed at armageddon..At least thats what WBTS says,and WBTS claims that came directly from god,just like the rest of the crap they peddle..So either follow WBTS rules or don`t..But don`t preach to us about rules you don`t follow yourself...OUTLAW

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