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    Sword of jah,one more hypocrate who can`t follow his own religions rules....Technicalities? ....God will kill you if you don`t join the WBTS religion?..Just a technicalitie....God will kill you for being an inactive dub at armagedddon?..Just a technicalitie...God will kill you at armageddon for not following WBTS rules?..Just a technicalitie...By your own religions rules you are a deadman....Sword of jah,I don`t think so..More like Stick of Stupid..Dumb-ass!..LOL!...OUTLAW

  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    Before I go any further I'd like to say somethig to IntheTruth, or whatever your forum name is. While I'm not usually one to jump into a thread when people like you get started mouthing your programed mantra, I really do have to wonder how it is your conscience can apparently remain intact after the horror stories you read here? Why are you here? I'm always at a loss to understand those who sit in judgement of the entire planet population, yet associate with the like of us. Ya now what I mean,eh. Those nasty apostates; those who have turned our back on JWism...

    Well I recently sent a letter of disassociation to my fence-riding, wannbe JW sister (who by the way has been on prozac for 12 years), and I felt good. After 30 some years out of that cult, nothing has changed with the mentality of those people. I'd like to say, why not take your ***somewhere else, but then I remember how important people like you are. Each time you spiel your brand of self-righteousness, you speak very well for Jehovah's Witnesses. You help affirm my belief about the "troof."


  • SpunkyChick

    First of all Realness, kudos for the courage to leave the awful cult. I would have to agree with others on this chat; to leave quietly. They will blast your name all over the place.

    Secondly, SwordofJah, shame on you for even being on these chatboards! Reading this apostate material! You hypocritical-close-minded-numb-ass! You and people like you are one of the main reasons I left this cult! Bunch of judgemental people who are holier than thou! I've attended meetings in Chicago Illinois, Ft. Myers Florida, Denver Colorado, and Nevada. The people are all the same! I consider it a blessing William Bowan came forth with the sexual abuse stories and let me see how much hypocracy and scandels are being hidden! I am so happy to be freed from that thinking....I hope someday you will see it too!


  • onacruse

    SpunkyChick, welcome to the forum!

    Your name is well chosen, judging by your last post


  • czarofmischief

    Sword of Jah - you are a pretentious, self-serving prat with a severe messianic complex.

    You do not have the truth. That makes you a liar.


  • SpunkyChick

    LOL!! "severe messianic complex"

  • DanTheMan

    Congratulations Realness.

    Leaving the secure, mind-numbing confines of a cultic environment such as JWism to face the uncertainties and harsh realities of the real world takes guts, I applaud your courage.

  • dedalus
    its funny how i have consistantly noticed that most apostates only focus on technicalities.

    You like spending time with apostates, I guess. Could it be they're more interesting than your "like-minded" fellow worshippers? Or are you just counting time? Either way, I don't mind. The Organization, on the other hand ...

    yes... i do post on this site. but no since i am not an apostate, and i am in Jehovahs Organization Im not against him and his teachings.

    Can someone untangle the second sentence here? I use the word "sentence" loosely. Just trying to figure out Troof's justification for willfully interacting with apostates when the Organization he defends prohibits it.

    again i will mention that the people inside WTBS are not perfect. so of course they will say things that are not correct at times and untill we are in the new system of things no one will be able to run things perfectly. yet WTBS are the closest to the truth. thats why they back everything with the bible.

    Repeating yourself doesn't make you correct.


  • Robotnomore

    Congrats Realness,

    You have some hard times ahead of you but its worth every second of them. We wrote a letter of resignation at the end of last year. We have lots of family still in and are shunned by most of them but its still worth it in the end. We are happier now than we have ever been. We still have our ups and downs but overall its a blessing to know the truth about the troof. Hang in there. Robotnomore

  • Swan

    Congratulations Realness!

    Welcome SpunkyChick!

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