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  • StinkyPantz

    Wow, I was wondering why you just let the debate end, I was kind of offended. I just hope you are for "REAL".

  • Gamaliel

    Well that sure took all the fun out of the debate.

    Just kidding. I hope you know what you are doing. Hope you really have thought about it for a long time. You might wish to reconsider just how much trouble you wish to cause for yourself with a formal announcement. You've probably seen the advice on trying to leave quietly. It's a little easier on all your former friends that way.

    Keep us informed.


  • Gopher

    Wow, that's all I can say. This post of yours took me by surprise, Realness.

    But if it's really real, then your nickname is about to take on a whole new meaning.

    Are you sure you want to go out with a splash? We did have one poster on here who did so -- Little Toe announced his exit from the organization during a talk. Others just slowly fade away, gradually dropping out of sight. Do whatever is right for you.

    I don't know if the congregation would respond much to the UN scandal/fiasco, disgusting as it is. Maybe that other part you mentioned, the "emotional torture" inflicted by uncaring organizational leaders -- would at least give them something solid and true to think about (and probably go on denying).

    Anyway please do let us know how things go.



    ..We`ll see.....OUTLAW

  • JamesThomas
  • dmouse

    I really hope you're not yanking our chain Realness. But like others I'm prepared to give you the benefit of the doubt.

    So...congratulations on taking the red pill! (Matrix)

    Please be careful, like others have said, about how you chose to leave, think about the long term especially if you have family that may shun you. If you have it's better to simply fade then you can still speak to them, leaving the JWs doesn't HAVE to be dramatic involving DF or DA.

    Again, welcome to the real world.

  • Matty

    I know that many will find his change hard to swallow in the light of his recent posts, but Realness' statement here reflects my change except I didn't post at any forum before I had my Crisis of Conscience. If I decided to post here at the beginning of last year I would have similarly defended the Watchtower society to the hilt, just like the SwordOfJah - all of you have only known me after I'd made the decision.

    Realness - how can you quit just like this? Due to your general phraseology I always perceived you to be quite a young person, so you being the School Overseer of your congregation is quite a surprise for me. Do you have family "in the truth"? Perhaps you should fade rather than go out in such a impulsive fashion - it will be a shock for the people around you - I hope you are prepared for the repercussions.

  • anti-absolutist

    Realness....... I can only give you advice based on my and my friends' experiences. Don't go out with a bang or a big announcement. Take all of the energy you have (about leaving) and redirect it into how great you can become outside. If you are being truly honest about what you are saying, you will be able to remember the people who have been shunned by the org. and realize that you don't want to be there. The people in this forum are caring for YOU as an individual, not as a member of a religion or group.

    Trust those that have no hidden agendas. They are HERE for you. I am here for you. E-mail me if you wish. [email protected] Brad

  • anglise

    I hope it all goes as you plan Realness.

    If you have family/close friends still in this might be a bit drastic unless you know how they would feel about such an announcement from the platform.

    Remember how you would have felt over a DF announcment from the platform that you knew nothing about, especially if it was someone you where close to or even related to. I have seen the effects of such things.

    I am not to deter you from leaving the org, far from it. I am just hoping that you have prepared your ground well.

    We where in for 18 years and other half was an elder when we started fading, but we had our children to consider and these had been brought up in the org.

    I hope you get what you want.

    Please keep us posted.


  • Pleasuredome


    welcome to freedom in christ, brother!

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