Mass disassociation pact...

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  • fulano
    Great idea, I will particpate
  • freemindfade


    Cappy and I are conceptualizing a video, that will have simple elements highlighting the date "8/8/16" and that something is going to happen without saying what.

    I believe this should be our first viral wave to go through the apostate world to start to create hype about the date

    As we refine the details this should be the main marketing tool. Get people curious and familiar with the idea 8/8 something is going to happen. Something historical.

  • cappytan
    Do any of the long-timer apostates know if this has ever been tried before?
  • thedepressedsoul

    I started a post that maybe we could combined. Anyone who can't disassociate themselves. We could reach a ton of people this way. This post inspired me!

  • EdenOne

    Freemindfade, Cappy .. Count me in for any help I can give.


  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Once a good scheme is devised, it might be a good thing to let all anglophone ex JW sites know and welcome as many as possible to join in together. Including contacting those who are SANS in the congos but don't come on the sites. Further than that, how about going to foreign language ex JW groups as well and make it world-wide?

    Assuming the press will be informed of the protest, I do like the idea of stressing the human rights angle to them so that the unchristian and hurtful shunning can be exposed to the public

  • freemindfade
    keep in mind any of this is subject to change, I am just trying to keep the core pieces in order for all of us.
    All letters will be date 8-8-16, all letters must be dated the same day.
    4 Letter Types:
    1. Actual DA letter (for those ready to go)2. Anonymous DA Letter (for those needing to stay in on paper, but wanting to take a test run)3. Renew DA letter (for those completely out who want to add to the revolution)4. Those raised or influenced by association who want to contribute. Letter pledging their assistance to any wanting to leave
    Return address should be local hallSend address should be to local kingdom hall, and CC HQ and single source for media outlet. (media outlet TBD)
    There should be a certain amount of uniformity to the message, but not too much so there is variety, there should be
    • Standard section stating necessary language
    • We should come up with a simple bullet point all encompassing list about why we leave. Ie doctrinal lies, historical dishonesty, child abuse cover-ups, etc.
    • Personal section to give you voice to the DA, this can be anything and everything you want to say, get it all out.
    • Any legal language (whether it works or not)
    • Manifesto if desired to include
    We want to make a viral video that adds anticipation and mystery around the date of 8/8/16. This video should be used to promote the campaign to other apostate channels until all details are refinedWe all have this site in common, but many of us know others (exjw) that are on other sites, Facebook forums, etc. once we get the details right we can each make a point to send this out and make it viral. Those who we contact can be asked to do the same. Reach into other audiences and spread the idea.
    Mission Statement
    The mission of “8/8 world wide disassociate” is to push back at the totalitarian religion and leadership of Jehovah’s witnesses through a campaign of mass dissension. The campaign will be a visual demonstration of the lies and captive nature of the organization and its governing body.
    For those who disassociate anonymous

    This is the Manifesto of the Silenced

    We know one of your strongest tools is the idea we don’t exist. We understand that you have created a perception amongst YOUR followers that when someone disagrees with you or becomes “apostate” as you say, they leave the religion completely and go mentally mad. But this is not true, many normal and healthy people are waking up to your lies everyday, some leave at great cost but many cannot.
    The sheer number of captive free thinkers is largely ignored by you and misrepresented by you as “weak” ones who need to return to Jehovah. But we both know this is simply not true. The ranks of your kingdom halls are rife with those who have left, they do not believe, but they are held captive by your policies of religious hate and years of indoctrination. Those days are beginning their end.
    This is to officially put you on notice we are everywhere. We ARE NO LONGER ONE OF JEHOVAH”S WITNESSES. On paper we may be to protect spouses, friends and family. But we are NOT one of you. And since you have decided to keep us captive in your walls of undue control, we are going to fight from the inside out. Every time someone starts to open their eyes, we will be there to escort them out, every chance we get to air your dirty laundry we will, your youth are growing up in the information age and we will reach them. There would have been no fight if your religion/corporation was not this way, enforcing policies of religious hate, but you have made us rebels, you have created an army of enemies that is now out numbering your members. You have created gorilla anti-theocratic warfare in your own house…
    It’s time for our silence to make noise. It’s time for you, your congregations, and your members to know we sit side by side with them at the meetings.
    The silent will speakThe sleeping will awake…
  • EdenOne

    There's no need for an actual DA letter to be any different than an anonymous letter, except that the name, congregation and address of the sender will be disclosed. In just about everything else, it can be identical.


  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    My simple statement, are you proud to know that you have destroyed thousand or

    maybe millions of families. Do you realize that is what your religion in known for.

    The recent event Australia is a concern for many, causing many to question their faith.They are not a afraid of Jehovah, it's the GB that is making this organization burdensome.

    Once a member, an ex-elder, missionary and 9 years serving where the need is great.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon
    Freemindfade: Beautiful..I'm so excited

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