Mass disassociation pact...

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  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    How does this sound? There are Elders and MS that don't beleive the GB is

    directed by Holy Spirit (we know this is true because we have them here).

    The only reason they stay is because of family.

  • Defianttruth
    24 hours of exjws trying to work on something together and no one has insulted anyone, tried to take over the project and appoint themselves the master of the Universe leader, not even one crossed word. That right there folks is a record.
  • Defianttruth
    I have high hopes for this.
  • sherah

    This is great idea and I will participate by sending an anonymous DA letters to my local KH's. For those who are able, I like Rebel's suggestion of sending out a tweet/insagram post on 8/8 with corresponding hastags & links. This could be big!

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I'm all for sending anonymous or open DA or *SANS letters as a group to a specific address on a specific date. Among other issues, my letter would highlight in detail the horrific and unnecessary death that occurred in my family due to the "no blood" policy, just before they made it OK to accept blood fractions.

    But just so I'm clear....what is the main goal...what are we hoping will happen?

    * SANS = Still Attending / No longer $upporting (A JW who appears to be on board because he or she has to be but who will no longer be monetarily or in any other way supporting the organization)

  • freemindfade
    Pete I'll give a run down tomorrow of the goals. Maybe we can put a mission to this little uprising.
  • OneGenTwoGroups

    This is a great idea.

    I'm a former elder stuck mid-fade due to my believing wife.

    I would love to send in a letter to Bethel, perhaps hand written, but still anonymous, telling the governing body that I go door to door once per month and am a complete atheist. Why? Because my mother couldn't be seen with me in public if JWs knew what I believe now.

    All these letters getting stamped from various towns across the country would be an awesome "witness" to the pain and suffering put upon people by their policies.

    We just need to set a date, and get it promoted on all the XJW sites. JWN, JWR, Reddit, etc.

  • Diogenesister

    I am in !

    Petezahut like the "sans" term, never heard it before - of course sans means without in french a negative word so a good acronym.

    I am deeply sorry about your family member & I feel the blood issue should take precedence when listing grievences. It seems to me its easy for the brooklyn 7 & their ilk to issue blood legalisms given that, in the main,its young women giving birth & kids (who have low blood volume & likely to have lukaemia & haemaphillia)who are most likely to suffer. Like all watchtowers obsessions the young come off worse.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut
    Diogenesister 19 minutes ago

    I am in !

    Petezahut like the "sans" term, never heard it before - of course sans means without in french a negative word so a good acronym.

    Yeah...I was trying to think of an acronym that would fit for people who are "in" for now yet want to have a voice even if it is anonymously.

    I am deeply sorry about your family member & I feel the blood issue should take precedence when listing grievences

    We were in the hospital room at the moment of death and it was horrible and undeserved and completely unnecessary. It happened in a state-of-the-art hospital with capable doctors and equipment at the ready. It happened as a result of those anonymous men in the Ivory Watch- tower and they had no idea of the suffering they caused and I'll be happy to clue them in.

  • Island Man
    Island Man
    "Also the not given of names that Eden suggested is a good idea although they will use this & call us cowards " Unlike us who stand in full view & do not hide our faces, these cowards haven't even the courage to write their names. They do these things in secret because they are untrue"

    Yes they will likely say this. It is a good idea to think of as many of the common JW rebuttals as possible and address them in the letter. Make it as hard as possible for Watchtower to find something original to say in response. Regarding the allegation of cowardice it can be addressed in the letter by stating the reason why, maybe with something like this:

    "No doubt, you or others may be tempted to discredit what is stated in this letter by virtue of my anonymity, calling me a lying coward who refuses to give his name. I would not have to be a "coward" if this organization was truly benign - if this organization did not withhold a disassociating member's Jehovah's Witness family from him through the cruel and manipulative practice of shunning, as taught by Watchtower. It is precisely because this organization cruelly punishes those who leave, that I feel coerced to withhold my identity.

    My anonymity is thus an indictment of this organization as it exposes it as the real coward; the coward who is afraid to give members the freedom to disassociate without punishment; the coward who uses the threat of family shunning to coerce unwilling members into remaining as captives on its membership roll because it is afraid of losing many members if members are given true freedom of membership without the undue influence in the form of the threat of family shunning."

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