Mass disassociation pact...

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  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    One thing to keep in mind, if you mail your letter to the KH in your area the US

    postage stamp will show it was mailed from the same area. In other words, there

    may be someone in that KH who wants out. This will create a big problem for

    the elders.

  • EdenOne

    The way I see it the letter should contain:

    • A common letterhead making reference to a world-wide campaign.
    • All letters should be dated of the same day
    • Letters should be adressed to a) the country Bethel; and b) optionally, one local random Kingdom Hall (not necessarily your congregation, just to confound the elders).
    • Letters should be written in your local language, translated from a standard letter in English.
    • The introduction should mention that it is a letter of dissociation from a JW, baptized for over xx years, currently active/inactive, serving as publisher/reg pioneer/ MS/ Elder/ CO. (This paragraph is personalized)
    • The next paragraphs should be bullet points detailing why we feel we should dissociate from the Organization.
    • The final paragraph should address why we are sending this letter anonymously (fear of shunning - remember this is key for the media);
    • The letter should be "signed" either with your real name (if you got nothing to lose), initials, bogus initials or an alias, and with a hand-written signature.
    • The envelope, handwritten, should contain a bogus return address - perhaps of a national newspaper. Perhaps they make the mistake of replying to the letter thinking its meant for who sent it.


  • fukitol

    Conversely, why doesn't the Watchtower announce an amnesty on all former dubs (except paedophiles, who should be shot).

    "All is forgiven if you come back. No humiliating treatment just instant full reinstatement. Just sign here to tithe oops pledge $40 a month and you're welcomed back with open arms."

  • Zoos
  • Zoos

    While we can send to ANY media outlet, unless a single national news agency gets inundated by hundreds of letters it will have ZERO impact.

    An isolated letter here and there to a local news agency will fall on deaf (and confused) ears. No problem sending to these local agencies, but we should arrange to send a mass mailing to a dozen or so NATIONAL, BIG NAME newsies. I think it would have an additional impact if, for example, CNN or The New York Post in the United States also received letters from Europeans, Africans, South Americans, etc... in addition to North Americans . And vice-versa.

  • Zoos
    I also like Island Man's suggestion about including the reason for the necessity of anonymity but it needs to be VERY condensed.
  • purrpurr
    I'm in! How many of us does that make now? The mischievous part of me would love to write a letter for some of the jw's still attending like the cobe or the queen elderettes maybe! I know I know not allowed still I can fantasize can't I?
  • freemindfade
    i'll add all the latest to the ungoing collection and add later. All amazing ideas. I will also try to draft a mission so we can keep our intention and evolution focused. I'll also begin drafting the standard parts of the 8/8 world wide disassociate letter. Thanks everyone for working together so well. Stay tuned
  • Mephis
    I was intending to formally DA as a result of other stuff. But will hold til a date is decided, or at least see whether the idea takes off some :)
  • Witness 007
    Witness 007
    My mum is alive and wife still has some ties. We all have reasons. But can we all turn up nude at Bethel in protest!! I think that would be a cool statement. Brothers could wear just a tie and beards!

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