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  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Simonsays: The difference between a JW and a hypocrite is that one lies for his religion, the other by it. You are soooo full of sh---t.......Go preach it somewhere else....

  • flipper

    Hey - let's stick to the subject!

    As for Simonsays - and why he comes on this apostate forum against wt rules. He is exempt from the rules because he is an undercover superhero - the Watchtower's own Batman. (if only in his own mind) Fighting evil of course. Let him rant, consider it an annoying commercial break. Ignore it.

    So any new ideas?

    Mrs. F

  • Simon
    SimonSays: you are a disgrace to the not very secret society of people called Simon.
  • SimonSays

    Simon, I disagree with your interpretation, but your the boss!

    Also, the majority of those that leave the cult become better people, less judgmental, more tolerant and contribute more to society. Bonsai

    Simonsays: The difference between a JW and a hypocrite is that one lies for his religion, the other by it. You are soooo full of sh---t.......Go preach it somewhere else....James Nixon

    For all the posturing here, that’s all you people have. Making derogatory connotations and insults. You want to voice a mass disassociation, yet you’re accomplishing nothing. Not that it will really matter but the hatred rendered here will only get your brilliant idea tossed in the trash. Show some initiative with intelligence.

    You people claim, anyone can come in this forum with freedom, while you insult, belittle them and yet you call it less judgmental and tolerant. Do you people read what you’re shoveling? But you are correct, there’s no need for none of you to reform, just take your hypocrite friends that are still inside with you. That was my point. Voice yourselves loud and clear so not just the WTS will take notice, but God himself will. Now there’s the rub.

    You people have the last word, enjoy feeling good about putting a negative in my comments. That should show real people lurking here your true colors and distortions, remember you speak volumes, but of what? That’s the jest of it.

  • freemindfade

    Jehovah hates you. We think your funny. Like a clown.

    Apostates 1 jehovah 0

    You are so righteous tell us your name oh holy one? No? Tell me why not, other wise take my earlier advice and FOAD.

    You see we don't have to do anything to take down your precious church. They are tearing it to the ground by themselves. We just want to wave to them on the way down.

  • Island Man
    Island Man
    I just thought of something else that might be interesting to do. When discussing shunning of those who disassociate, the letter can also mention the United Nation's human rights article that deals with freedom of religion, to make the point that shunning violates the spirit of that human rights article. It would also present a good opportunity to mention the JWs' teaching that the U.N. is the wild beast of Revelation that will attack all the world's religions in the future. That bit will help the media to understand what a truly kooky and delusional cult, Watchtower is. Some might even contact the U.N. for comment. lol.
  • freemindfade
    Yes the religious intolerance/hatred aspect needs to be communicated effectively.
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    SimonsSays: ""that's one of the reasons I join in when I need a good laugh".

    I think you have that wrong, we are laughing at you. I will say no more on the matter.

  • rebel8

    While it may be cathartic and funny to sign DA letters with other people's names, it could be dangerous. People have committed suicide because they were shunned. It destroys some people's lives.

    You will also fulfill their persecution fantasies, pushing them back to Mommie Borg for safety.

    No good can come of that except the jokester getting a few moments of fun. It's not right.

  • flipper

    On 8/8 next year I'm willing to do this only anonymously as I have JW family still inside the org. I feel this would have the element of surprise to the WT Society in seeing just how MANY JW's or ex-JW's are massing as one voice of dissent against the WT Society's policies and practices . If Freemindfade and others of you can get this organized enough to get public media attention then it just might accomplish something positive in a bigger way giving access to information to the public.

    It will get WT headquarters stirred up to the point of trying to give directions to the congregations. I like the idea of sending out MANY letters of disassociation not only to the WT headquarters but in all of our local areas. Believe me- it would have an effect.

    About 8 years ago as I was leaving lots of child abuse lawsuit printouts anonymously under car windshields at Kingdom Halls - the elders in my area got worked up after these were found in car windshields at the congregation and they thought it was some unbaptized publisher in their congregation leaving them - instead it was me ! Who never attended there and who they didn't even know ! LOL. So they got on the unbaptized publishers case I was told- took him to the backroom and counseled him sternly accusing him of leaving these printouts.

    Point I'm making is it causes confusion, paranoia, fear within the leadership within congregations and possibly at Bethel. They already HAVE those traits anyway being in a cult - a mass disassociating may push that fear and paranoia to the breaking point - and that would be a good thing. Might even make some JW's wake up on the inside if rank & file publishers get wind of it happening. Time will tell. It's worth a shot. Good luck everybody, count me in on any help you need within reason. Not going to fall on my sword, but I'll help

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