Mass disassociation pact...

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  • pronomono
    This is a really bad idea. The best way to work against the machinations of the Watchtower is to always have agents of truth within.

    The sad truth is no matter what tactic we use, the Watchtower will probably never change. Change will never come from within. Raymond Franz tried that. It didn't work. If you had 4 or 5 Raymond Franz's reach GB Pope level, then you'd have the possibility of change, but that's a crap shoot. Our main effort here should be raising public awareness so that the public sees the JW religion for what it truly is. If the organization changed a few destructive policies, I'd be fine with them believing what they want about God, 1914, this generation, etc. It's their right to believe what they want in this regard. However, it isn't their right to divide families because someone decides they no longer believe those very things. It isn't right to cut people off from their closest friends.

    If these harmful policies receive enough negative publicity, maybe they will change, but probably not. The best we can hope for is that the general public will become aware of these policies before it is to late and they find themselves in the same position that many of us were/are in.

  • freemindfade


    Try to look at the positive side pronomono, even if they never change, the people inside are! The more sound reasons and people's examples that are out there of waking up, the better the chances are thinking ones will leave. This can work on many levels, which I hoped to capture with preamble and mission, that this is to draw attention to the human rights violation, and the allow US to express ourselves. For those of us dying to DA, it could give us some relief, just writing and sending the letter, even if its only symbolic for now, for others it could be a test run, and for some it may be the moment they get the courage to do it! It has potential

  • freddo

    If you are staying anonymous you need to send five letters - real letters - not emails.

    1 letter to an elder - any elder. Saying you disassociate/don't play by their rules and why etc.

    4 letters to rank and file members of yours and/or a nearby congregation adding the sentences "hundreds of these letters are being sent in the area. (Don't tell them "the area" is the whole country!) Do not pass them to the elders."

    They likely will immediately show one of their elders who will contact fellow elders, the branch or CO.

    So only 4 or 5 letters will likely be handed in but they will think that there are loads of letters still out there not being handed in. It will send them crazy. They may even announce that if you have received a letter then hand it in.

    If you are really cool post a letter to yourself and hand it in saying you received it in the mail - which of course you did!

  • Searril

    A mass exodus will be interpreted as a sign that the wheat and the weeds have been fully separated and now they are definitely "the truth" and a spiritual paradise.

    You have to think like them. This will help them.

  • freemindfade
    Nope, we are done thinking like them, that is the beauty. It doesn't matter what you do they twist it into that thinking, more come in, Armageddon is coming, more are leaving, Armageddon is coming!
  • TheWonderofYou
    someone already mentioned we should concentrate on three main arguments, at the moment reading all former comments . .i reached page 27.. pooh.
  • tim3l0rd
    This is a really bad idea. The best way to work against the machinations of the Watchtower is to always have agents of truth within.

    Not everyone is outing themselves. Many will symbolically DA themselves by sending the letter(s), but not sign it with their real name.

  • clarity

    Just to say ........if there had been a campaign like this & I heard about it while in my confusion from all the changing doctrines & rules, and being ignored by the cliques .........this would have saved my sanity! I would have been encouraged & woken-up a lot faster!

    Glad we are doing this that we have organized persons onboard.. good luck to all of us who ....."are crying and sighing over all the detestable things" ...................


  • sparrowdown

    Come on naysayers, nothing ventured nothing gained.

    There are far more reasons to do this than there are reasons not to.

  • fredPotato

    Hello to all,

    Long time since I last posted to the forums.

    I have read through this entire thread... gotta say it is getting too long.

    I'd like to stress that it would be awesome to have it promoted to regional ex-JW forums (other languages).

    I speak Portuguese and could promote it to some PT speaking forums. For that to work, the date must be rendered Dec/10 and not 12/10 as that would cause confusion in other countries.

    Quick comments on the idea:

    • This can be taken to the next level by properly promoting it to regional ex-JW forums (other languages). Imagine elders everywhere around the world getting these letters, the paranoia it would create? (people will start saying that Jehovah is cleaning his organization before the end comes)
    • Not sure but, should it be written on the actual envelope that it is a DA letter? Do elders have to read it before forwarding it to the local branch? Cause if we did, there is a chance some other people would see it as well, adding to the effect of these letters.
    • If an anonymous letter is sent, I think it is important to mention that the person would not longer be a JW if the unfair, inhumane and anti-biblical shunning practice was not in place.
    • Have the likes of Cedars and others been engaged on this? Gotta get as many activists engaged on this as possible.
    • Can we by any chance have some way of counting how many letters have been sent? Would love to know how big the dissidence is. Maybe an anonymous Google Forms form would do it?


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