I'm Done With This Site

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  • gumby
    umm guys, I thought we were trying to get LB to stay!!!!


    OK you warmonging bastards.....listen to Ven ...or I'll have her paddle all your asses! ( gumby tries to switch from the LB/war thread to Ven slapping asses)

  • teejay
    In return we got insulted and accused of acting like 'elders'... -- Elder King Simon

    You mean you're not an elder?

  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    But what if I listen. Will she still give me a paddling??????????????????

    (Gumby, ya can't say that to us old dirty bastards....although I probably could use a good paddling)

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  • VeniceIT

    I don't think you want to find out!!!!! NOW BEHAVE!!!!!


  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    Yes dear. I've been a bad boy

  • unclebruce

    LB, we haven't comunicated much this past couple of years, i get the feeling you recon i'm a bloody lunatic (join the que bro lol) but i enjoy all of your posts, you're always upbeat and a gentleman (and you have a love of the ocean too :)

    You are such a familiar face and steadying influence on jwd, if you go, you'll be sorely missed by most.


    ps: i just love that hat!

  • ozziepost
    i enjoy all of your posts, you're always upbeat and a gentleman ... You are such a familiar face and steadying influence on jwd, if you go, you'll be sorely missed by most.

    I agree with that so much that I'm gonna repeat Unc's words:

    i enjoy all of your posts, you're always upbeat and a gentleman ...You are such a familiar face and steadying influence on jwd, if you go, you'll be sorely missed by most.

    Couldn't put it better.

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • unclebruce

    Hey admit it ozzie, you love TR's hat too!!!

    If he goes, I got first bags on it I tell ya! (maybe we oughta settle this this old fashioned way - cast lots for it :)

    unc who has seen ozzie under a 1940's press hat.

  • dubla


    this is the last ill say on this, because after all, it is lbs farewell thread (and i apologize to lb and the rest of the board for "hijacking" this thread....it was never my intention). personally, i dont believe i misrepresented anything, but you are entitled to your opinion. you did get your point proved for you on the ribbon issue, but as ive pointed out, theres a real good chance it wouldve never been an issue had you not made it one. again, just my opinion, and we dont have to agree of course. and no, i dont expect you to keep repeating yourself ad naseum. i can voice my opinion without expecting a reply, and you certainly shouldnt feel obligated to say something in return every time.

    im sorry that pointing out the whole joke thread differences offended you so, but it is there plain to see. one got a remider on too many war topics, the other got a laugh. do i care which one you found funny? not really (and i dont think either one said "nuke iraq"). personally, i feel they were both just "fluff" threads anyhow, and not really "war topics".

    you did post a suggestion about too many war topics, to which i replied, "maybe some feel the need to discuss the chopper that went down this morning." do you know what you said to that? "this is not a news channel". okay, fine. but personally, to me, a couple of missles falling harmlessly in the turkish desert isnt a "major event" either. its all relative to the person who wishes to start a discussion i guess.

    I think you are so biased in your opinions and beliefs that you believe that 'centre ground' is some compaign against you.

    no, i dont think theres any campaign against me, none whatsoever. im not sure how any opinions ive voiced on the topic could be construed as any more "biased" than anyone elses, including yours, but okay. its pretty common when youre feeling accused/attacked to simply come right back with the same accusation, so again, i dont blame you for this.

    The bottom line is, don't accuse me of being 'biased' if your arguments are biased themselves and not instantly accepted.

    fair enough......most of the involved are somewhat "biased" on the topic (um, thats true of most topics of disagreements btw). to me, the difference is we arent all moderators.....but its a moot point really, because as you and i have both pointed out, the threads continue and arent "locked", which shows youve let both sides have a voice.

    You have to accept the fact that just as there are a lot of people in the world who do not agree with the USA and UK on this issue, there will be a lot of people on the board who also feel the same. Allowing them their say is not being biased.

    i do accept that, fully, and i think both sides should be allowed to have their say...in fact, i never implied anything different! i actually enjoy reading the other side of the issue, and some posters have conveyed their views in a way that actually make me pause and consider my own views. thats whats so great about a db.

    BTW: For the record (again). Being dritical of the USA and the UK does not make me "Anti" American or "Anti" British !

    this comment must have been for the benefit of everyone else, as ive backed this statement up time and time again. i personally think its ridiculous for anyone to label a poster "antiamerican" for simply being critical of the u.s. governments actions or policies.

    again, sorry lb......and hope you come back.


  • LuckyLucy

    Finally, someone with enough nerve to say the REAL reason why LB left.

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