My Mom Is Dying

by minimus 124 Replies latest jw friends

  • millie210

    Minimus, you are the little red dot who brings us so much joy...

    I am so sorry to hear of this hard time for you and your dear mom.

    That you consider her one of your best friends in life says volumes about her.

    I know she sure raised a good man.

    Much love coming your way and you will be in my thoughts today.


  • Bangalore

    Sorry to hear about your mom,Minimus.


  • gma-tired2
    sorry to hear about your mom Minimus. It so sad in they were promised a life without end. it hasn't happened for all of our elderly.
  • Magwitch
    Minimus....Hugs to you!
  • Stealth
    So sorry Minimus. It's good that she has you during this time. Stay strong!
  • SimonSays

    I’m glad to read the majority of you have set aside any critical thinking in this time of pain of having to endure the hardship of seeing a love one pass. The process if not equal is more to bear than the solemn thought of having a suffering loved one receive final peace and tranquility through eternal sleep.

    For those of us that still believe in God’s promise will have comfort of resurrection. Those of us that have lost that faith can simply sympathize to those with our individual lose. Human empathy is a desired aspect of human nature to be achieved at this time.

  • Pistoff

    Sorry to hear it Min.

  • talesin
    Sorry to hear your mom is dying. It's good you can be with her, and you've always remained close. You will have good memories to cherish. I hope she passes quickly, without too much pain. xx
  • blondie
    Sorry to hear this minimus. Glad she has you and others to be by her side.
  • GrreatTeacher
    My sympathies, Minimus.

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