My Mom Is Dying

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  • LV101
    Minimus - I'm so sorry. May all your loving memories of your Mom comfort you during this difficult time.
  • Simon

    So sorry to hear about your news minimus, I know the WTS affected circumstances probably make things more difficult to deal with.

    To get to say our goodbyes and be with family is probably the best any of us can hope for though. I know it's not really much comfort but a rapid deterioration in condition at the very end is better than a long and slow decline and years of discomfort.

    She'll live on in the memories you keep of her and the recollections you share with others.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Thinking of you Min.


  • Giordano

    Sorry minimus.

    My Mom passed at ninety......... she was ready. This is the nature of life except we can help someone along without the tremendous pain.

    I haven't gone through the whole 7 pages this is up to........ I didn't want to relive my own experience of becoming an orphan....doesn't that sound strange at our age.....I was a lost cause so no one including my mom would have 'encouraged me to return'.

    Your a tough feisty guy, maybe not right now, but your going to bounce back and reevaluate what everyone has been putting you through in JW ville, They obviously don't know who they have been shitting with. Go easy on them they've really got nothing to believe in except WT B.S.

    Glad you could be there for your Mom, hold you head up proudly your probably the only guy in that hospital room who's got a pair.

    Your there for her............. that's all that matters.

  • Gayle
    Wonderful for you to be there with your mom. Shows her love and your love remained, through everything. Love conquers all.

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