My Mom Is Dying

by minimus 124 Replies latest jw friends

  • stillin
    That's bad news Minimus. My thoughts are with you. My mom is 89 too...
  • cognac
    I'm so sorry Min...
  • carla
    So sorry to hear that min, wish there was something we could do to ease the pain.
  • wannaexit
    Sad news and very sorry for you and your mom. I hope that she is comfortable and not in any pain.
  • OnTheWayOut
    So sorry to read your sad news. My mother is still healthy in her young 70's and still a JW, but has not shunned me. Thanks for the advice, Min.
  • The Searcher
    The Searcher
    Minimus - Words can't express the genuine sorrow I feel for you at this time. I truly know what you are experiencing, and I hope your impending sense of loss is greatly eased by the many happy memories your dear mother has given you. She is, and always will be, very special.
  • minimus
    What beautiful comments. Thank you all, so much
  • Truthexplorer
    sorry to hear about your mother minimus. my thoughts are with you. TE
  • Heaven
    Minimus... my heart goes out to you and your family. It sounds like your Mom didn't let the Borg poison her love for you. She's a good lady. I hope she does not suffer too much.
  • GodZoo

    This is really very sad, I went through the exact same thing a few years back. Heart felt feelings and sympathy towards you Minimus.

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