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  • thedepressedsoul

    Millions for a structure permit?

    I would guess, millions spent in order to make the structure compliant enough to get the permit.

    Correct, to comply with the inspection was a large, costly reworking. I type fast and don't word things properly at times.

  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence
    This is all very interesting.
  • Fisherman

    Wake up! It does not cost 850+ millions to build Warwick.

    They may be worrying more about what will happen in the next couple of years than how bad things are right now

    It is a concern.

    They should not have to use the money from the sale of the properties to operate the WT. Also, they need as much $ as they can possibly get now to prepare for the financial hard times ahead. People are not donating as much as they did in the past because they cannot afford to and if the economy follows the same pattern, people will not be able to afford to donate. Besides that, the cost of doing business has almost tripled withing the last few years, and you need to have at least a minimum of double the amount of capital to operate than before. Everything costs double the price or more, so money does not buy much, also, the more financially strong, the more power to buy, to negotiate, to invest, to grow, to exist.... Wt must put itself in an extremely powerful financial position to operate with plenty of room, They will have plenty of $ left over to operate after Warwick, but that money should be used to generate more money and not to spend it.

    Today's financial situation is not like years ago when someone went into McDonald's for a burger and took took loads of napkins, etc... Everything adds up and WT is saving every penny. And they need to get as much $ now that they can.

  • steve2

    Having a team of volunteers can be unexpectedly costly, given the overall deficits in qualifications and experience.

    My view is, if you are really competent and skilled at what you are doing, you would not be spending your poroductive work life volunteering. You'd be in paid employment or running your own business.

    Unfortunately, as many organizations have discovered to their detriment, having a volunteer "work force" is no guarantee you have successfully cut costs. In fact, given that you are "freed" from paying wages, you are more inclined to "over" spend elsewhere. It's a rule of the game.

  • sir82

    Today's financial situation is not like years ago when someone went into McDonald's for a burger and took took loads of napkins, etc

    What the fruitcake?

    Fishmonger, you need to up the dosage. You are even more incoherent than usual.

  • Dagney


    I know a lot of the assholes who ran the RBC and the assembly hall build in my area. These were almost uniformly low-level grunts who maybe took a CAD or project management class or two and worked at the very lowest levels of construction/engineering firms. Yet they acted like they were gods among men when around their fellow believers.

    I "still" have a friend who is a state building inspector. RBC called him in to review the assembly hall project. He told them what to do and they brushed him off and did it their way. It was disrespectful and a waste of time for him. And of course, he can't get over it. **sigh**

    I've always thought the RBC, quick builds and the like was a nice idea in theory, but worried in the long run how it would pan out.

    Since the "end" hasn't come, the WBTS is scrambling to make changes they should have made years ago. They can put lipstick on the pig, but it's still a pig.

  • thedepressedsoul

    Yea I've witnessed a lot of RBC nightmares. Halls where the doors were slanted, the bathroom stalls were out a few inches, the ceiling tile went on a slant across the hall.

    One hall in the US they had to re-dig half the foundation and re-pour it because one of the brothers "missed" something.

    This is the exact reason they are hiring outside help and re-did the whole RBC into the LDC, a more controlled environment before the chaos that was going on before.

  • Fisherman

    My analogy is valid. Resorting to insults is the only thing left for you because you do not have the thinking ability (deficit) )to respond to my posts. WT will win again.

  • Half banana
    Half banana
    Fisherman, the Watchtower have already lost; for eighty years they promised that the 1914 generation would see the end of the system. God is clearly not the slightest bit interested in this cult. The men at the top are a bunch of deluded bug-eyed loons.
  • freemindfade


    Watchtower is a pig... pigs get slaughtered.

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