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  • Fisherman
    Believe whatever you like. What is the matter? What I post is too bitter your taste? My money is on the WT. Shall I make fun of you now to make my post more valid? Who cares about what you admire or views as to who has more patience, as if you were some authority here.
    100 year of marching victoriously, every day, through the Court streets of Kings County, proclaiming victory against all failed legal efforts to stop the WT. And like it.
  • Fisherman

    Some years ago, I bought a chess book with a dust cover that had an illustration of a chess game. The picture showed advancing opponent chess pieces with sadistic expressions on their faces, ( more so on the opponent's queen) surrounding an evidently doomed king. The funny thing about the illustration is that the seemingly doomed king had a big red mustache and a grin on his face, and behind his back, unseen to his opponents, his hand was armed with a massive fire weapon, cocked and ready.

    I think that the illustration meant that, (of course you do not win at chess using illegal chess moves) he knew that victory was at hand.

  • wizzstick

    There is a push to complete Warwick; WT wants to get out of Kings county ASAP before all hell breaks loose, they want to direct the work from Warwick.

    True, they also believed this to be the case in the past, but WT is expecting something big to hit soon by 2017 and they want to be in Warwick when they believe it will.

    WT 1915 January 15th p.29 - And now we realize that we stand on the threshold of the Kingdom, and that possibly our next report will not be to Brooklyn, but to Headquarters beyond the veil.

    Ooh look! A prophecy! Maybe Warwick is beyond the veil? Wow and they said that....almost 100 years ago. A 100 years of being on the threshold...

  • Fisherman
    A 100 years of being on the threshold...

    "Lo, I come quickly; ......." Rev 22:7 Young's Literal Translation

    That was more than 2000 years ago, spoken by Jesus himself

    "The great day of Jehovah is near, it is near and hasteth greatly, even the voice of the day of Jehovah; the mighty man crieth there bitterly." Zeph 1:14 American Standard Version 2,400 + years ago

    "For the day is near, Even the day of the LORD is near, A day of clouds, it shall be the time of the nations." Eze 30:3 JPS Tanakh 1917 2,600+ years ago

    "Howl; for the day of the LORD is at hand; it shall come as destruction from the Almighty" Is 13:6 Jubilee Bible 2000 2600+ years ago

    "Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in my holy mountain: let all the inhabitants of the land tremble: for the day of the LORD cometh, for it is nigh at hand; "Joel 2:1 King James Bible 2600+ years ago

  • wizzstick

    Fair point well made.

    The WT is simply carrying on the Bible's track history of grandiose statements that never got fulfilled.

    As long as you realise that one day you'll be on your death bed looking back over a life spent waiting for the Big A, like many generations of Bible believers before you, then that's fine.

    I'll try to remember to dig out this 2017 nonsense in January 2018!

  • flipper

    DEPRESSED SOUL- Thanks for supplying all this information- it's very telling.

    Questions for you- Do you think the WT Society is in bad enough shape that they'll have to file some form of bankruptcy in the next two years ? And if they declare bankruptcy wouldn't that just infuriate many of the JW's who have given personal loans to the WT Society because of course - these folks would not be able to get any returns on their money due to possible bankruptcies ?

    It's been my personal opinion for several years now since being out of the organization myself since 2003 - that we are dealing with a criminal organization at the top- an organization that is bilking millions of $$$$ from these congregations and causing individual JW's to "sit down, shut up - and eat the spiritual dishes fed to them " all the while deceiving JW's about where any of this money donated actually goes.

    I can't help but think of Jim Bakker from the 1980's and how he bilked millions out of his flock , got caught with his pants down literally ( although he with grown women, WT Society has a huge child abuse epidemic ) and he even served prison time as well. However I've noticed recently he re-formed some other church in which he's probably doing the same shit to the people there now.

    So do you think if some financial fall happened with the WT Society that they would re-form into some other group after paying the piper ( or the law ) and continue trying to fleece some other flock down the road ? It's all really intriguing to me and I think there are possibly several ways this thing might go- none of them good for anybody concerned - but I'm interested in your thoughts. Sorry for my length and I'll take your answers off the air. LOL

  • notsurewheretogo

    Interesting comments that Bethel are all bumbling fools who can't manage a project or their finances.

    I find this strange, I worked in Bethel in the UK for a few years and went over to NY and if anything they were more prudent and project managed every little thing to make sure nothing is wasted including time and especially money.

    So how they have gone from being that to this is very strange in my opinion...I'll also add they have sold a billion dollars worth of property in the last ten years...the cost of Warwick and UK Bethel combined is not even 200 million so just how the money has dried up I don't get.

    I don't think they are in trouble in the immediate future, I work in a publishing firm and all round the world publishing firms are cutting costs and looking at expenditure to try and survive in a digital age.

    The WT are doing no different to all other publishing companies so in my opinion they will not fail or go bankrupt in the next year, they are actually thinking about their long term survival as a publishing company by cutting costs now.

    It may seem sudden to us exjws but we are seeing the same thing in publishing firms where they "panic" and start to make drastic changes.

    Just my two cents...

    If they do start to struggle and get lawsuits beyond what they can handle nothing would give me more joy!

  • jwfacts
    The economy is in crisis. And IT IS NOT GROWING.

    This is an important point. The world is in a technical depression. And whilst there is some growth in the US at the moment due to money printing, it is not real growth. The US economy could quick slip back into a recession. If Watchtower is barely treading water now, then another recession could quickly deplete their bank balances. They may be worrying more about what will happen in the next couple of years than how bad things are right now.

  • SecretSlaveClass
    We have driven past the Wallkill property a few times (we pass it when we go to Mohonk). It used to be a hive of activity but we've noticed it's almost dead quiet there lately.
  • cognac
    Aren't they getting another 350 million next year with the sell of properties?

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