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  • millie210

    I like your approach very much thedepressedsoul.

    You are being very smart - too bad the Org doesnt play their hand that way.

  • sir82

    I have it on good word that all halls are being looked at currently to be sold and to merge congregation into "super congregations".

    I've heard this is already going on in some European countries.

  • DesirousOfChange

    P.S. - I have it on good word that all halls are being looked at currently to be sold and to merge congregation into "super congregations". Gives a more full look and hides the decrease. When that happens, that's when I make my exit. If you merge two halls of 90+ publishers, I'll be a blimp on the radar before they even notice I didn't "merge" with them.

    And it will likely all be done with the "promise" of building a new style KHall where all these Congs can meet. Of course, the new KHall will be just like all the other promises from the WTS GOD (Guardians of Doctrine). False promises.



  • WireRider
    Was this the impetus to "forgive" mortgage loans in favor of committed donation rates? To plan mass sales?
  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i like reading posts like this one--from guys who are active members of their congregation.

    just adds proof that this is not gods chosen religion.

  • Londo111
    It would be ironic if there were JW mega-churches formed.
  • Tenacious

    The OP makes some very good points. The more notable and worth close scrutiny are the project management, the internet, and education;

    Project management - clearly the org tried using in-house engineers, architects, project managers, foreman's, etc. What they fail to realize is if these imbeciles DO NOT HAVE ANY REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE ASIDE FROM BASIC SCHOOLING, they have gambled BIG and lost. Their imbecilic thinking have cost them millions in initiating, planning, executing, monitor and control, and closing (basic tenets of project management). I can tell you that if the first two phases of PM were done incongruously, I can certainly see the money bleeding.

    The internet - the proliferation of the internet TODAY exposing what the organization truly is can only be detrimental and will continue for many more years to come. The current, ex, and non-members that have come forward to propagate the Truth as it should be, are applauded and have done a loving service to their listeners and audience. It is a shocking day when a faithful Christian witness has to secretly and covertly view information critical of the organization yet truthful in all regards.

    No Education - this is perhaps one of the more damning teachings that continues to reverberate today and will continue to do so many more years into the future. Can brothers who have family's in city's like Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Chicago, and other major metropolitan areas truly afford NOT TO BE EDUCATED? Can they sustain their families AND contribute to the organization every month? Today more so with the new arrangement.

    I can only surmise that the WTS is now receiving divine justice and it will only accelerate as the months and years go by until the GB realizes their troubles are not of human origin or their stupidities but rather from Jehovah who said himself he would start the cleansing of his people with his people being first in line. If not, how does one explain these troubles without God putting a stop to it?

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro
    I'm certain the change in the way KHs are financed is directly related. Perhaps they didn't get as much money as they had hoped although the loot from Britain seemed pretty good. The problem for them is that's a one-time bump in revenues. I know locally, the first few months the donations were in line with the pledge but the last several months it's been short by at least $1,000. Multiply this across the US (where the largest number of wealthy JWs live) and you've got a serious cashflow problem. Really interesting developments.
  • neverendingjourney
    They believe their own BS. If the top hand guys actually believed their own BS, that Jah would provide, the end was so close, that their was going to be huge growth at Jah's hand, they are in deep, deep trouble. It could be panic mode up there. People's heads spinning as to how their financials are falling apart, how Jah hasn't stepped in. They could have made huge financial decisions based on their interpretation of the bible. They are a doomsday cult, they could have been heavily invested in OIL or Gold thinking currency would die or that oil would always go up because of greed and other things. Who knows what big decisions they made based off of their interpretation of scriptures.

    This point cannot be overstated.

  • thedepressedsoul
    Was this the impetus to "forgive" mortgage loans in favor of committed donation rates? To plan mass sales?

    That was actually a genius move and had a lot of positive gains for the Borg. In the past, the congregation kept their money with the branch but the congregation could always move it back and it went into the congregations account again and they'd have to pay it back. Now, it's 100% theirs and the congregation can't transfer it back or use it how they please. It's 100% the branches money. With just $3,000+ the congregation is limited in ANY work they want to do. It forces them to go through the branch and to not spend their money without the branch giving the approval, if at all.

    2ndly, having a loan gave the impression that the congregation owned the hall and they were paying it back. Now, it's 100% the branches, paid in full, no questions asked.

    The biggest gain, halls that had no mortgage are now giving money to the branch. Think of each hall being a franchise with them each paying the franchise owner a fee for the rights to worship. Every hall is now in this never ending mortgage. It was spun as them not being on the hook for future remodels. Let's face it, they aren't getting a remodel and when that time comes it will most likely be sold in favor of the new commercial hall.

    I know a lot of elders who are business men that saw right through this money grab for what it's worth. More than many on here would think.

    Another huge point is that they pride themselves on not passing a plate or tithing it's members. How do you get around that without the members noticing? You tithe the place of worship and make it appear to your average Joe that you forgave the loan. It's really deceitful and is actually more expensive than the previous method.

    I have to give them props, it was a brilliant move, a move that your average, uneducated Joe publisher will never pick up on.

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