The Governing Body / Jehovah`s Witnesses and the Sin Of Omission ,How guilty are they ? Can you give an example ?

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  • Searril

    Reading the contortions of someone trying to pretend that their leader has done nothing wrong is truly an amazing and sad sight.

    Really, it is EXACTLY the same as political sycophants. You see the people online that, no matter what is presented, will absolutely refuse to admit that Trump/Obama/Hillary/Bush/whoever ever did anything wrong. It's the exact same thing.

    It strikes me as how they always claim that the GB is just made up of "imperfect men", yet you can never get one of them to admit that the GB has done anything wrong.

  • StephaneLaliberte
    It strikes me as how they always claim that the GB is just made up of "imperfect men", yet you can never get one of them to admit that the GB has done anything wrong.


  • Nevuela

    Why did 3 people downvote Doubter? His comment was not controversial at all and he backed it up with solid proof that the UN's library is not, in fact, open to the public. What the heck is your problem, people?

  • TD

    How guilty are they ? Can you give an example ?

    I have not read through all fourteen pages, so I apologize if this example has been given already.

    The JW stance on transfusion medicine was born out of a misunderstanding of what blood does in the body.

    The original idea was that our bodies convert the food we eat directly into blood, which then serves as the food upon which our bodies are internally sustained.

    When blood is viewed in this light, it is perfectly understandable how transfusion could be mistakenly viewed as a form of intravenous feeding.

    --Problem is, this is completely wrong.

    Eventually, the leaders and policy makers within the JW faith realized this error, but instead of rescinding the blood doctrine as they should have, they continued to teach it via equivocation, false analogy, grammatical misconstruction and various other forms of semantic legerdemain. (I can elaborate)

    They have known for years and years that the teaching is wrong. To their credit, they have tried to lesson the human cost of the doctrine in various ways, but that's not enough.

    Lives have been lost and are continuing to be lost.

    That translates into an enormous amount of guilt.

  • NeedToKnow

    TD they will never change the blood doctrine. The amount of people who would sue them for the wrongful deaths of their loved ones would be astounding.

    Aside from your perfect explanation, let's also look at Pauls' words when he said (I apologise for not quoting the scripture exactly as I have a headache and cannot be bothered to look it up right now) that the law exists for the sake of man and not man for the sake of the law.

    The blood stance puts the law ahead of that which it's supposed to represent which is utterly ridiculous. Considering a transfusion will likely save a life, yet a life is supposed to be sacrificed for the sake of that which represents it.

  • Searril
    Nevuela 13 hours ago

    Why did 3 people downvote Doubter? His comment was not controversial at all and he backed it up with solid proof that the UN's library is not, in fact, open to the public. What the heck is your problem, people?

    "In a letter to the Branches, membership was explained away as the Watchtower's research department requiring access to United Nations library, claiming that in 1991 it became necessary to register as an NGO to have continued access. It also claimed it left on learning the "criteria for association as an NGO's" had changed. A similar letter was sent to the Guardian."

    The letter to the Guardian and to the Branches is quite untruthful. There was no change requiring NGO's to become associated in order to gain a library card. There are over 400 UN libraries worldwide that can be accessed by anyone. Since 1946, these libraries have had the same access rules, with no change in access requirements in 1991.

    "Since 1946, the Dag Hammarskjold Library of the United Nations Secretariat in New York has arranged for the distribution of United Nations documents and publications to users around the world through its depository library system. At present, there are more than 400 depository libraries in over 140 countries maintaining United Nations material from the date of designation as depository to the present. The general public can consult the material free of charge at any depository library."

    Witnesses writing to the United Nations for clarification regarding library access have received replies such as the following letter. This letter explains that NGO status is not required in order to access the library.

    ***The letter from the UN states, and I quote below***

    "The issuance of a library pass is independent of NGO status or any other status. There has been no change in the library pass policy in general"

  • menrov

    funny, If I go with a prostitute, according to Doubter, I just agree with her objectives but not with her beliefs/actions. UN is, according WT, a prostitute. Draw you own conclusion here.

    Being a member of a political organization is a no-go situation for a JW. NGO membership with he UN is equal to being a member of the UN political organization. Not the same right as all others (oh how sad, as WT is soooo important) but still a member. Why else apply for a card? One drop of ink in clear water pollutes the entire glas of water.

    Becoming a member of the soccer / football club is a no go for a JW as it might seem you support the objectives (competition) of that club. Being a member of the UN has exactly the same impact on people who see this. It means you support the UN, little or big, it does not matter. leaving a house of a single woman in the morning is immediate judgment, no matter if something happened.

    point is that WT is obsessed to be recognized as being important. UN membership was one way to get that. Same with the OBSE in Europe. Why join? To feel important. WT is not important in the world at all. Actually nobody cares. If they would stop tomorrow, it would care nobody except for the current members.

    Doubter is a typical JW. Blind and follows those who pretend to be angels but are actually wolves disguised as sheep. How can you recognize the wolves? Only if you open your eyes. Do I care if Doubter ever opens his eyes? No. His viewpoints? Useless. Same as JW's. they believe they are important and that their work are of major importance, with global impact etc.

    I suggest to just ignore Doubter and treat him as the WT would treat anyone who disagrees with them. He is used to that.

  • nmthinker

    The "Shepherd" book says that joining a non-neutral organization is a DF'ing offense (see below)

    So you CAN get DF'ed for joining GreenPeace, the UN, or similar. The boys club in Brooklyn, however, gets to make up their own rules because they think they are appointed by God. They take this as permission to PLAY God and they do so, ruining the lives of thousands of "little ones". Truly Pharisaical. A double standard.

    Matthew 23:13 applies to them in full

    The fact that they never apologize demonstrates their spiritual arrogance.

    Page 112 of the 2017 version

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS leaders who joined the UN shown unremitting arrogance and deceitful hypocrisy because they condemned all JWS members from participating in worldly governmental affairs, then secretly joined the UN to supposedly gain access to its library. .........BS

    That's not the reason why the WTS joined the OBSE in Europe .

    They have been using that organization to promote themselves in countries where they have gain opposition.

  • Splash

    I'll not comment on the UN discussion but on a different sin of omission.

    WT quote the book written by Justus Lipsius to add weight to their stake Vs cross teaching. In the book, Justus has a diagram of an upright stake as something used for executions. What WT omit is the books diagram of the typical cross which Justus says the Lord died on.

    It's so much easier to deceive when you are a scheming and determined liar, and do not permit your victims to research for themselves.

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