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  • sparky1

    EJ257, Is that you Harold? I thought you died back in 2013.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    I'm always baffled by doomsday folks constant insistence that the world is going to hell

    in a hand-basket, no matter what the facts you present. The more you take their argument

    apart the more they stubbornly cling to there belief.

    Why do they react to good news as it was the plague. A rational person who is confronted

    by a life threatening possibility would welcome ANY evidence showing the situation is

    for less dangerous than first believed. But not the Armageddists. In fact the doomsday not being

    true is their biggest nightmare.

  • kaik

    Big yawn

    everything that is happening around the world at THIS moment

    every moment was one point THIS moment.

    his religion is completely correct on the context of the bible

    On what level? The religion I left 22 years ago prior overlapping generation doctrine and growing up that generation of 1914 will never die?

    it's always in my mind of the end being near

    If is something like this stuck in your mind, it is time to see a shrink and get medicated. Every generation since the time of Apostles through that there were the last generation. Eventually Catholic church forbade doomsday beliefs in medieval times until they were brought up in the 19th century by crazy Northern American cults popular among pioneers.

    Nature is even making a call, an insanely abornaml amount of earthquakes recorded daily by USGS.

    Do you know that nature does not make any calls regarding earthquakes? Plate tectonics is vital process in recycling the Earth crust necessary for life on this planet. Earthquakes were also recorded on Mars... poor Martians.

    Start to stock food

    If WT would do it since 1878, I am certainly not interested on digesting food that is over 100 years old.

  • Crazyguy
    Yes he is correct, the zombie apocalypse is about to happen, get your guns and knives ready.....
  • RubaDub

    Every time I think about hoarding things for doomsday, toilet paper ends up at the top of my list.

    Rub a Dub

  • truthseeker100

    Rub a dub There is nothing wrong with making sure that you have the necessities of life on hand. A 100 dollars in cash a battery powered radio, ect ., ect You have a great attitude!

    It proved so true to me and my family with the ice storm of 98 in the US North East and Southern Ontario! LOL

  • sowhatnow

    No one with the idea that the worlds governments are out to eliminate all the useless human beings, like Hitler started out thinking, can tell me what the end result is supposed to be.

    have a world full of prison camps, and only the wealthy can own all the land, and eat of its fruit, and live happily ever after?

    who will do all the labor for al l those wealthy land owners?

    all the poor people in huge camps, treated like livestock, used as slaves to do all the work of harvesting and making products and serving the rich, and the elite people rule with the world and enjoy all the fun stuff?

    oh wait, that's already here. what is the whole point? it seems pointless to me to spend a whole life scheming to harm people. what a waste.

    any government office, who thinks that their plan of actions are limited to 'those other people' who they think are disposable, are sadly mistaken. you cant escape the world you make.. or its outcome.

    Global warming and the 6th extinction should be more of a concern than a world domination theory. theyll never make it, the environment will revolt way before.

  • Tenacious
    I believe the OP is a current Witness who's gone rogue or bat s**t mad and is now here to torture us with his JW rhetoric on purpose.
  • Simon

    100 years ago the world was in the middle of what would become known as the first world war. As well as the many millions slaughtered by the new warfare technology of machine guns and tanks and planes, even more would die from the pandemic of Spanish Flu.

    Just over two decades later there would be an even bigger conflict, this time involving many more countries and lands.

    Another few decades and people feared nuclear war and then saw their president assassinated and another drawn out war begin in Vietnam.

    I don't think the world is a worse place than it was then by a long, long way. Anyone who thinks the end is nigh or things are tough is an absolute grade A whiny little pussy. It's never been a better time to be alive with cheap energy, money and healthcare and fewer deaths from war than the world has possibly ever seen.

    If this is the end of the world then let's have more of it.


    Look I'm not here to instill fear, I'm here to tell you to prepare.....EJ257

    .My Beer Fridge and I are Ready for Absolute Disaster!..

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