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  • sparrowdown

    You're right, it all makes sense, it's all part of the plan, of course (slaps head) stop preaching and withdraw into your interior rooms until the denunciation passes over.

    So that's why the GB are so intent on getting rid of all non-essential bethelites and getting Warwick Mansion completed. It's so they have luxury interior rooms to withdraw into! Duh!

  • Poztate

    I see that even bethel knows it's insanely close. Maybe weeks or months.

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  • JW_Rogue
    Remember when they tell all of you to cease preaching, it's for a reason, the only reason this would happen is when bethel knows it's time.

    When they say that I'll know they have run out of money to print WTs and I'll be very happy.

  • Half banana
    Half banana
    Get a grip on yourself's our own death that is inevitable not the end of the world.
  • sparky1

    'It's deja vu all over again.' - Yogi Berra


  • Dunedain
    EJ257 - Welcome! One thing you may not be aware of, yet, but the "down sizing" in Bethel, and reduction in literature, is NOT because the WTS is "aware" of the impending end, but is because the WTS is experiencing huge FINANCIAL DIFFICULTIES. They are on, or at the brink of financial collapse. Its been about 20 years in the making, and its now come to "critical mass". These are the ONLY reason for them decreasing ANYTHING.
  • Finkelstein

    Today I made the choice of monitoring a JW thread, and from being here just 5 minutes I see that even bethel knows it's insanely close. Maybe weeks or months. I saw a couple threads that interested me, one of bethel downsizing, another of not leaving lose magazines behind. Something I remember we would do at laundromats. As well as not leaving magazines with people who wouldn't show interest. Think about it.

    Sounds like your still inundated with the fear mongering mis-informative indoctrination you've acquired being JWS and elsewhere. You may have removed your body from the Kingdom Hall but you certainly left your mind there unfortunately.

    First off whatever was written in the book of Revelation was fictional, it was done with the intent to create power and relevance to a specific God by people who self imagined what "Their" god to be.

    Secondly all those certain signs of the end times written in the bible actually happen before and during those words were written.

    Regarding the recent instruction to JWS to not leaving tracts or literature randomly is mostly concerning about the cost of those pieces of literature which is had grown exponentially over the years.

    Brainwashing is a bitch when your being indiscriminately sold by religious charlatans.

    Take care EJ257

  • JWdaughter

    5 years!

    I saw attempted assassination of Reagan and pope j.p. I personally have been affected by two big eruptions in two parts of the world, several earthquakes and hurricanes, a revolution, a near shut down of Seattle in the 70s with years long unemployment while we went hunting, fishing and gardening to eat, not hobbies. I watched Challenger blow up and the wall fall. Iran, Iraq, gulf wars and huge tensions with IrAn while my family lived across the Persian gulf and husband worked on military base. 2008 financial meltdown, dude, I lived in the Bronx and was in a subway car that had a gunman in it-1987-it didn't make the news, even

    Humanity muddled through while individuals don't always. Try paying attention for 50 years and you will have a more realistic perspective.

  • NVR2L8

    Thanks for the WARNING...😉

  • Bonsai
    I mean, I get it. Nobody likes seeing a proxy war in the middle east that has sucked in most of the dominating world powers. A jet gets shot down and some people are edgy about it. Fine. I recommend your new hobby should be picking up a history book and dig into it. Study our past. All these recent events are just a repeating cycle of things that have happened over and over throughout history. The world and the people on it are still here! Deal with it man!

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